"Comments On the Times"
No Skateboards, No Responsibility

    I noticed another sign which brought
    to mind an interesting Comment On
    the Times.

    In today’s world, at least in the United
    States, businesses, schools, cities
    and even individuals have to take
    precautions against lawsuits because
    someone hurts themselves on your

    There are, perhaps, a few situations
    where the truly dangerousness of
    someone’s property would make them
    liable for someone else’s injury but I
    find that a stretch of the imagination.

    Whatever happened to a person
    being responsible for their own

If I walk into the store and slip, did the store cause me to do this? NO!

I did it.

No Responsibility

    There was a case where someone
    bought coffee, then spilled it on their
    own body and sued in a court and
    won damages against the business
    that sold them the coffee!

    Now anytime I buy a cup of coffee, I
    very well expect it to be hot! I’d be
    dissatisfied if it was not.

    So if I spill it on myself, how does that
    make the merchant responsible for my
    actions? There is no way the
    merchant could know I would be that
    incompetent or that I would not expect
    it to be hot and take reasonable
    precautions to prevent myself from
    harming my own body. And even if
    they did think I was incompetent and
    wouldn’t take precautions, should you
    ask the clerk to decide who can buy a
    cup of coffee and who can’t?

If they could make that choice, I’m sure attorneys would never be served
anything anywhere. They could bite their tongue and sue!

I figure, once I paid for the product, it’s my product and my responsibility.

But today, with so many attorneys stalking anyone with anything of value and
courts that do not dispense justice, children become criminals by skating.

Now I’m not saying that they should be given permission to skate everywhere.
Unfortunately, they lack responsibility and damage other's property. They also
skate where good sense would tell them it’s dangerous and they shouldn't.
That doesn't make you and I responsible for they lack of knowledge or
judgment. The parents perhaps but kids can't be caged!

You Are Responsible for Your Own Condition!

My point is that a person is responsible for their own actions.

I recommend that the courts examine the habit of not holding the consumer
responsible, of not holding the incompetent person responsible for being

I don’t believe criminals that get injured while committing a crime on your
have any right to sue, nor do visitors. If they are responsible, stay

I believe that for the courts to allow irresponsibility to happen encourages

When the election of judges comes up, the question of responsibility should

be brought up.

Failure to hold the injured person responsible is like communism where
works for the state and no one can get ahead without the
government taking it away
and giving it to someone who doesn’t work. Only
this form of social illness is done
by the courts and fed by greedy attorneys.

This area is broad. It extends to every area of business. Doctors, contractors,
insurance agents, anyone with some income or something of value must carry
insurance to guard against tremendously expensive litigation.

A man’s house is no longer his castle. It is a thing he has to protect from the
courts, attorneys, the government and other rip-off artists!

So if you are ever in a spot to sue someone, stop and think! Who’s really

The answer almost one hundred percent of the time is “You are!”

If it’s a criminal matter, go ahead and stand up for your rights but don’t tread
on someone else’s right.

But change has to start somewhere. Make that change start with you. You do
make a difference. Every one of us who steps up a little in being responsible
helps and if enough people do this, the world would be safer for all of us.

By the way, skateboarding is not a crime!

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