Glendale Parking  Revenuing

Today, I observed two things both of which I have written before.

First was the fact that today was street sweeping day on one side of the

This creates a jamming of already crowded parking.

I couldn’t find a space so I parked in a two hour spot and then had to
take time off work to go down and move the car.

While I was doing this, I noticed the street on the south side, where there
is no parking on Wednesday had not been swept.

Next, I notice a vehicle parked a little bit up the way with a parking ticket.
This was for parking where they were going to sweep.

This type of revenuing by parking enforcement is a criminal type action
committed against the citizens of the area for the government’s profit.

This type action makes Glendale, Ca. not well liked. It’s unfriendly and
creates antagonism towards the parking enforcement vultures and
towards the city.

I wrote a Comment on the Times article on
Glendale Parking.

A bit more data is the next day, Thursday, there was no parking 8am to
10am for street sweeping. Again, there was no street sweeping done.

Fortunately, the citizens were only inconvenienced by this
bit of harassment. No one I noticed was given a citation
for parking where they didn’t sweep!

"Comments On the Times"
Parking Revenuing & Glendale Department of Traffic Obstruction

After observing Glendale's street sweeping
program, I have concluded that there is very little
sweeping but a lot of revenuing.

In the past two month, with street sweeping on
Wednesday on one side and on Thursday on
the others, only once did one side get swept.
But never was there a day they didn't give out
multiple tickets.

It is a government rip off!

Next lets talk about zealots
in the traffic congestion department!

Next, while I’ve been meaning to do this for
some time, today, I wrote down the odometer
reading and counted the stop signs and speed

I started off on Mountain at Brand at 0.0 and
headed east.

I want list all the mileages but will sum it up.

How many stop signs and speed bumps do you
think you would need to have traffic move safely
down a 1.3 mile stretch of two lane road? It’s a
bit curvy and hilly which slows down a lot of

I’ll give you a hint, there are 7 speed bumps that
about one every two tens of a mile.

So how many stop sign do you think there
should be?

Glendale though 13 would be perfect until they
can get around to putting in a few more!

So in 1.3 miles (about 6840 feet) there are 20
barriers to traffic moving down the road. So
about the length of a soccer field or football
field, there’s a barrier.

Walking a football or soccer field is a small bit
of effort. But to drive it is nothing.  

In a vehicle it is insane to stop, bump, stop,
bump, stop…20 times in 1.3 miles.

This is the worse case of protecting us from
ourselves I have every seen.

Glendale’s “Department of Traffic Congestion”
or is it “Department of Traffic Obstruction” has to
win the award of the most excessive use of

Earlier I wrote an article “
Traffic Jam By
Design.” This is the continuing story.

The section of road reference in
"Traffic Jam by
Design", with the stop sign, was in Tujunga. The
stop sign there, over 0.7 miles of road, had only
7 stop signs and NO Speed Bumps! So
Tujunga is not in the running for the
award for
jamming the flow of traffic!

I took several pictures. The first set shows a
stop sign on one side of the intersection and a
warning of bumps on the other side.

I then turned around and a short distance away,
a stop sign on this side of the intersection and a
warning of bumps on the other side.

Really seems to be overkill by some very well
skilled overstuffed “traffic engineers”. Again, I
believe the term should be
“Head Jammers of
Traffic Department.”

Please speak to your political leader and tell
him to de-power the traffic congestion
department and stop the stop sign epidemic.

I invite comments or your own story about how it
should be.

Comments are welcome!

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