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Citizen Second Edition

This is my second article on the police. Click here to read the first one.

April 5, 2008, I was driving home and got off the freeway in Sun
Valley, CA.

I saw a site that brought back childhood memories from the early 1960s.

I was living in Birmingham, Alabama and I was around 15 years old. I wanted
to earn some extra income, so I took a job selling magazine subscriptions
door to door.

Now mind you, with no experience, no training and being shy to the point of
terror, I didn't do too well.

But I persisted against all odds until one day, we went to a small town
outside of Birmingham and the four of us were going door to door. I wasn't
selling as usual.

Next thing I knew, I was arrested for not having a license! The law
enforcement officers scored big that day, four young people all put in jail.

Bail was posted by the company and I was free. I never went back and just
forfeited the company’s $50.00.

So the city scored big by arresting a criminal ring of people not for stealing,
selling drugs, breaking and entering, but for working.

That was my last day on that job.

I know there must have a local law we failed to find out about and observe.
But my point is “Where were the priorities of the police?!?!?”

Hours were spent on us. Mean while, I am sure some real criminals were out
there free to do their will unwatched and untroubled by the alert officers! Or
maybe there were no criminals and the officers were trying to justify their
existence by making us into “criminals!”

What I saw today was a couple people, young, being cited by the
police for selling balloons!  I’ll bet that made Sun Valley safe!

Enforcing rules for the purpose of collecting money only is a wrong use of
law enforcement and it really makes them unpopular and disliked.

Let me relay one other story about “Organized Crime”

Some friends of mine were in a pub, playing darts. They bet a dollar on the
game, yes, only one dollar.

They were arrested and taken to the police station. Of course this bit of
lunacy was noticed and got into the papers.

For some reason, the charges were dropped. Perhaps it was lack of
evidence? No as the CRIME was directly observed by the alert officers.
Perhaps it was because the officers were not able to come to court to convict
these hardened criminals. No.

It was because it got into the papers and was clearly, incredibly, the wrong
use of public servant's time!

So here are my suggestions.

Remove the laws which make it a criminal action to earn a living.

Direct the police and sheriff to pursue people committing crimes where
people are harmed or stand to be harmed.

Direct the law enforcement officers to leave motorists alone unless drunk or
racing; stop the speed traps.

Have the Park Rangers help people, be a Park Ranger, not stand at the
edge of the national forest on the roadside with a radar gun (yes, I personally
observed this on Big Tujunga Canyon Rd, Tujunga, CA).

I think that the police should be renamed "Peace Officers" and do just that,
keep the peace by making the neighborhoods safe.

The Highway Patrol should be patrolling the highways and giving assistance
to motorists that need it, not stopping, as fast as they can write the ticket,
every motorist going down hill too fast.

The Sheriff should be a "Peace Officer," doing the Court’s bidding and
helping with Criminal investigations.

Overall, the people who are hired to serve the public by protecting us need
to do that, need to greatly improve their image, and I believe improve their
viewpoint of the public in some cases.

The governments should stop abusing the public by using Peace Officers to
collect revenue!

See my Comment of The Times article entitled “
Glendale Parking.”

Carl Watts

ps: I also recently added an article
"The Citizen and The Police, Good News"
which tells of a few of the many good deeds done by our peace officers.

3/14/08. Modified 3/29/08, 7/4/08, 9/15/08, 11/8/08 042116

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