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Police and the Citizen, Fourth of July, 2008

Today, I drove my wife to work in Glendale, CA and observed a patrol car
parked at the edge of an intersection back from the traffic flow.

The officer appeared to be waiting.

To get to my wife’s office, I had to go up the street and turn around. I parked
and from there walked to our local coffee stop.

I notice the officer with his radar gun and he pulled off in hot pursuit of the
blatant criminal.

I could see the other car was going a bit faster than the others. The traffic
was light and the car was not going excessively fast unless you are

It was obvious that the office was not trying to protect the citizens but was
trying to collect fines for the city!

Why else would he be hidden from view with a radar gun.

I went on to get the coffee shop. With in the 5-10 minutes I was gone, he
returned and while I was walking back, he was off after another driver.

America was built on Freedom.

The police in this area, maybe not Glendale, have it written on their cars
“Protect and Serve”. That is a proper viewpoint and perspective for public

So where do the actions of entrapment and covert methods of collecting
fines come into this?

Whose idea was it to arm the police with radar so they could hide and catch
someone going a few miles per hour too fast?

Why is some many man hours devoted to levying fines instead of preventing

Have they caught all the murders, rapists, robbers? NO, they are too busy
catching the mother going to the grocery store, the student going to school,
you and me, not criminals but the citizens whose taxes pay for their wages!

I have no problem giving someone who is really speeding a fine. But too
many, far too many times, the fine is not for endangering others it is ONLY

I feel the practice by the police abusing the Citizens needs to

This needs to come from above from the police chief or mayor.

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Carl Watts

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