Pressure, Heat and Atomic Theory

Pressure is created by particles coming in or striking objects or other particles with the resulting transfer of energy proportional to the
resistance of the object to the striking particles and the speed and mass of the striking particles.

Resistance and density are the same thing.

Or pressure is the slow pushing of mass together.

These are my definitions.

Interesting related thought that came up is regarding how pressure creates heat.

I believe the accepted theory is that it’s due to friction. In part, this maybe true. But, for example, the center of the earth is not moving
enough to create a lot of “friction”.

What I postulate to be happening is that the closer you put matter together, the more the energy in them is shared. This shared energy,
motion, which creates more random motion, not the organized motion found in a normal atom or molecule.

Energy can be shared on a molecular level or atomic level.  With enough pressure, atomic energy starts to move into the molecular level.

Given enough pressure and the atomic energy starts to react creating more pressure and heat and you have a self feeding atomic
reactor, the sun.

Comment: It seems to me that the scientist is researching with a microscope, meters, all sorts of testing apparatus but that he is failing
to look and actually see what’s there.

What keeps and atom from collapsing or blowing apart?

In an atomic bomb, we can get them to blow apart. And in atomic fusion, we collapse them together. In either case, there is a
tremendous amount of energy released.

How does that work? What puts them together and holds them distinct? Where does all this energy come from?

I don't think normal physics is on track.  

I’m looking for some electronically inclined individuals to help me to put the theories and ideas I have into physical structures and action!

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