This page contains updates for 2006:

11/11/06 For the last month, I've been doing construction to support myself and family. We moved our shop down two doors to allow the cabinet shop
to take our space and the vacant space beside it. It was an expansion for him and a lot of extra motion for us. I haven't worked on the frames or
anything else lately.

We are also making an offer on a larger home with a lot of land not too far from here. I'm about to purchase a truck to make doing construction work
more efficient. All these activities have helped keep me from doing any projects in the shop.

More data to follow in the near future. Have a great Holiday Season!

10/17/06 I updated the links to other artist to post websites and additional data. I started some more recycled
wood frames. These are all made out of crate wood. Pictures to follow shortly.

10/16/06 I've completed a new pendulum clock. It is made out of recycled Douglas Fir. It is similar to the one I
posted a picture of on 10/8.
Click here to see a shot of it.

Mitchell has a new metal art piece. He's not done with it yet but I may post a couple pictures of it in
progress shortly.

I have a couple Exoticwood Art pieces almost done that will be clocks. I maybe able to finish them this week. I'll keep you posted.

Robert Smith, renowned wood carver from Virginia, has submitted a new photo.
Click here to see his work. Also, he has a website and
that data is listed for contacting him!

I added some
clocks to my Art Pieces, Page Two, as they are truly art pieces.

10/10/06 I added another Exoticwood Art piece. This one was done after the Delphi students did their pieces. I had cut some triangles
for them to work on. No one selected these. So I decided to use a couple and do a piece using two of the triangles put together. I also
linked that piece to a close up photograph of the knots. It shows the woods very well. I hope you enjoy it. By the way this piece is not
available, my wife claimed it for her office!
Click here to see the piece.

10/9/06 I added four new frames all made from recycled wood. Three were made of crate wood and one was redwood fencing material.
By the way, I will create a custom frame for you!
Contact me!

10/8/06 Today, I added an abstract named "The Walled City." I was inspired to do this by some of the art pieces done by the
Elementary Class at the
Delphi Academy of Los Angeles. To view their work, click here.  

I also added a
clock made from recycled Douglas Fir.

10/4/06 Yesterday, I started remodeling my site. I removed most of the text from the
Home page and merged it into the About Us page.
I hope this is an improvement.
Let me know!

10/3/06 I added another artist, Miranda Baaska. She draws, carves and writes. Check out her first poem. More to come from here.

10/1/06 I'm getting out a newsletter to all. I sent out an introduction picture of
Dylan, my newest
grandson. I've added several
clocks. The holidays are coming. Think ART! Enjoy.

Evening update. I finished a table today that I built with my sister in mind. She liked it so I gave her an
early Christmas present.
To see pictures, chick here.

9/20/06 Such is life. Since my last entry, I've been working. That's good. But it also has slowed my

A light has shown through! Earlier this month, I provided exotic woods and backing material for a class
of elementary students at the
Delphi Academy of Los Angeles so they could create some Exoticwood
Art. The art was completed today. I was really impressed with the final pieces. This afternoon, I assisted the teacher by spraying the
pieces with a clear lacquer finish.
Click here to view the Exoticwood Art pieces!

While I was there to take pictures, a student asked me to take pictures of her painting! Click here to see her wonderful painting!

I also added another clock that is in progress. It is made of recycled crate materials from around the world.

Last is the
abstract oak piece I created. Originally in September 2006, when I was planning out the table mentioned at the time, I had
wanted to do legs something like this but for the table to be functional, I didn't see how I could do it given the limited recycled materials I
had available. Check out the
Oak Tree.

9/11/06 Evening update: I've finished three of the four
clocks. The last one lacks a face and hands which I have ordered. You should
check these out. I've posted pictures of all four.

9/11/06 Morning: Progress on my clocks is proceeding. I applied a sealer to the three I have made so far. I'll be posting pictures shortly.

Also, I want to put my two cents in on the fact today is "9/11". From my viewpoint, we need to move forward and out create the insanity.
Have a great day today. Try skipping the "news" that is constantly bad on TV and the newspapers, just don't listen or read it. Do some
art! List your art with me. Go for a walk and observe the beauty that is all around. Create some more and enjoy your creations and the
beauty of life!

9/9/06 I've been working a lot making money helping
Delphi Santa Monica ready its new site.

Just for information over the last month, the following are some of the things I did to help:

I have installed a laminated floor in the office and trimmed it in oak molding which I cut, rounded one edge with a router and applied a
clear coat to protect the surface. I did the flooring for about 1/3 the cost of a well know outlet.

I installed electrical outlets and re-wired two rooms where the overhead lights didn't work. This was done for less than half normal rates
for electrical work. Additionally, all the light covers were cleaned and all lights replaced or made functional!

I replaced locks, door handles, and door stops. I did this for less than half cost of the other quotes received. Also, many of the school
doors didn't close well or the locks didn't catch. I repaired all these. We added kick plates to all doors. These I made from plate steel at
less than half the cost of anything on the market.

I refinished 97 cabinet doors and put new hinges on all. Some of the hinges were not available so I had the old ones sandblasted and
powder coated (good as new at half the price)!

I put new surfaces over 150 feet of cubbies.

I also did some removal of plumbing, installing of hot and cold valves for a future sink, braced up a sink that had dropped and
re-caulked it and others. There was a lot of other demolition that I also did.

I inspected playground equipment, tightened existing bolts and screw, replaced missing screws and nuts. I also observed a missing
wooden brace and replaced it.

I'll be doing more but this is a summary of the major projects I've done recently.

This week, my wife and I also went to Las Vegas for 3 days for fun.

Yesterday, I got the clock motors and hands delivered in the mail. Tomorrow, I will work on putting the
parts into the clock and making a finished product.

8/30/06 Evening update: I have three clocks in progress. Two are round. Well, they are perfectly round as I made the edges irregular.
The last one is made of some old carved pieces that were part of the jam on a door. I'm using mahogany and create materials to finish
this one. I've ordered clock movements and hands. I'll have pictures shortly.

By the way, I tried using an epoxy on one of the clock structures. It bubbled up on the padauk wood! I'm glad I tested it on the back side.
Now, I'll get busy sanding it all off and put a different finish on the front. The epoxy on the backside was to lend strength as the clock is
two feet in diameter!

8/21/06 Evening update: I took the finishing of my art to a new level. The surface is reflective on the table. The a very successful cabinet
maker, a couple doors down, wanted to know what I had done to get that kind of finish. Of course I explained it in detail as I wanted him to
know how to do the same. Send me an
email if you'd like the data.

The walkway, ramp, I mentioned this morning is ready to install. It is 5/16th inch thick aluminum plate. I used 4 inch anti skid tape and it
looks great! I'll install it on Monday.

Morning update: Today, I will give a final finish to the
table I made. I will use paste wax. I am also going to start a project on making
clocks with exotic wood faces and frames.

I also edited the text of the
email sent 7/24/06.

Also today, I will construct a walkway out of aluminum and put anti-slip tape on it. This is for the future location of
Delphi Santa Monica.
They plan to start the fall term at their new leased location on September 11, 2006! Yesterday, with the help of my grandson, we
installed about 500 sq feet of new laminated hardwood flooring at the new location.

8/20/06 Evening entry: I've posted a picture of
Dylan, my newest grandson. I've posted pictures of the latest large cutting board made of
multiple types of hardwood, and the very recent table I made. Check them out!

8/19/06 Morning entry: I've fallen prey to the demands of my need to have money. The table I mentioned last week has not been
touched this week. I've been getting up and leaving home between 5:30 and 6. I return home around 5 pm. So I haven't been to my
shop to work on the table or anything else. I'm taking tomorrow off and will hopefully finish the table and get some pictures on line. I wish
you all well and hope you flourish and prosper.

8/11/06 I'm currently working on a new table. Months ago, I purchase a pallet of old crate materials. This wood had been used as crating
material and wood from all around the world and shipped to Lumber Liquidators. Most of it was a light mahogany type wood. Some of
this was used to build a custom ordered
Mahogany Table. There were some exceptions. I cleaned up one piece and found it to be what
appears to be Bloodwood. It is worm eaten and even after cleaning up the wood pretty distressed. So I've used this to make a table. For
the legs, I'm using some of this piece and some other mahogany also for the same crate material. I'm doing an unusual design on the
legs, at least, I don't recall ever seeing anyone else with the same design. I'll post pictures tonight.

By the way, I have neglected to mention that  
Dylan Alexander Watts was born 8-3-06 at  9:55 pm. He entered the game of life at 7 lbs
6oz  and is 18 1/2 inches tall. My son, Mitchell, and his wife, Dynnel Watts, have produced a very artistic product. He's beautiful. I intend
to send a picture of him to everyone very shortly. Baby pictures are always fun!

8/8/06 evening update. See the picture of one of the contest winners with her cutting board,
click here.

8/8/06 The display mentioned earlier is going on at the Delphi Academy of Los Angeles campus. Some of my work and my son's are
on display. Stop by and visit: 11341 Brainard Avenue, Lake View Terrace, CA 91342.

The past week, I have been working pretty much exclusively for Delphi Academy of Santa Monica. There is a lot to do when you are
moving into an old structure.

8/2/06 I have been working to make money for the last few days. Last week I took a job helping to ready an new location for a
(Delphi Academy of Santa Monica)
. I'll be doing a variety of task. Over the weekend, I worked for my son, Mitchell. At night, I have been
putting together a story call "The Traveler's Log" which tell The Traveler's adventures and realizations while on old Earth.

I'll be displaying my art at
The Delphi Academy of Los Angeles from 8/7/06 to 8/11/06. I will be displaying my art on 8/19/06 at
Lanterman Auditorium where "Joan and Friends" will be preforming their variety show. Stop by if you can for both displays!

I also added a link to
Criminon. They help actually rehabilitate prison inmates rather that just punish them as the prison system does.
They publish on their
website art works done by the inmates. It is very good and I recommend viewing it. Just click on the link here or go
Criminon and clink on the link to their Art Gallery.

7/28/06 This morning I added the story
A Few Days of Life.

7/27/06 Today, I spent time working on the large cutting board & going to look at a job that I'll be
workingon for the next two weeks or so. It will not be art but I'll certainly add some aesthetics to the

7/26/06 This morning, I added another short story,
Recent History on Earth. This evening I added two poems and a story. They are
Spirits, The True Story, The Man and Life, The Man and The Pearl. The latter two are poems.

During the day, I worked on the cutting boards all day long.

7/25/06 Last night and this morning, I posted some short stories and a poem.
Click here to see Stories by Carl. The stories are   
Certainty and The Sparkle. I posted The Mismatched Stories which is an introduction to a trio of stories named The Image, Storm Gods

7/24/06 The cutting boards for the contest winners were shipped last week.
Click here to view the boards.

I've added pictures of a large cutting board I did. It is the current project. Click here to view.  

I'm also doing an email to all asking for email addresses to help spread the art.
Click here to see the text of that email.

7/19/06 I have closed the contest. There were two winners: Jennifer in Florida and  Pam in Ohio. Click here to view the boards.

I also posted pictures of the walnut table. Click here to view the table.

The new cutting boards are coming along nicely. Some are larger. One measures about 21 inches by 29 inches. I should have pictures
in the next couple days which I'll post.

7/17/06 I took a couple pictures of the slate in the bathroom. The walls still need painting and the tub needs cleaning but I wanted to
show off the slate.  
Click here to view.  

I have also added a new page showing some other tile work I have done.
Click here to view samples of other tile work.

7/16/06 For the last three weeks, I have been remodeling my basement.  It went from a dusty storage area to two bedrooms and a full
bath. The painting is almost done.  

Yesterday, I started a new set of cutting boards. I also completed assembly of a walnut table and applied a paste wax finish. It's
beautiful, I'm impressed! Pictures of the table will go on the Household Items page.
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