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12/26/07 Yesterday was a very pleasant day! The family was gathered around and old friends stopped by to visit. All my children and
their spouses were there along with many grandchildren.
Click to see pictures!

I really have a lot of super family and friends to be thankful for and appreciate. If I am ever asked what did you do in your life, I will
answer that I raised a fantastic family and enjoyed tremendous friends.

I recently realized the correct wording for my life long goal: To help put others at cause over their lives and futures!

I am entering a new career in financial services. I am joining a company with tremendous backing,
World Financial Group. I've been
involved since 2006 but took no actions to be part of the group until November 2007.

Before I was willing to take an active part, I investigated the actions of the group. I have determined that this is an ethical company
and there is no way I can see for anyone to loose anything or be harmed. The ONLY way to have any bad experience is to put time
into working with
WFG and then quitting before reaching success.

But I have a question for you, if you can make a million dollars in a few years, would you quit in a few months? Many people do for
they start listening to the negative people around then and the negative thoughts everyone has from time to time. For more data,
email me.

WFG is expanding. The office I am working from has only been in existence since about August 2007. WFG plans to open hundreds
more offices in Southern California in the next few years!
WFG is hiring!

With this company, I help people be at cause over their finances and their financial future.

As an Associate, basically a trainee, I have realized a few things. First the group is really there to support you. No matter who you are
or who recruited you, anyone is willing to help you. They are all positive. Another thing is they train you to help you stay up tone,
positive, and how to stay away from the negative.

The other thing I am doing is promoting proper nutrition and how to determine what each person personally needs. I would like to
recommend that you read two books, and read them in this order.

First read
Going Back to the Basics of Human Health by Mary Frost. Visit her website to order the book:

Next read The Great Health Heist by Paul J. Rosen. Visit his website to order the book:

Once you have read these, email me for address of someone to test you and make the personal recommendations for your
nutritional health! Without the testing mentioned in Mr Rosen's book, you will only be guessing about what nutrition you need.

I have no affiliation with Mary Frost, Paul Rosen, or the Nutrition Response Testing
SM sites I am sending you to for information. I will
be happy to refer you to someone who can help you with Nutrition Response Testing, just
email me!

Just for an example, please see my attempts to handle my nutrition though lacking effective knowledge, called guessing! Click here.

As I mentioned before, Mary and I did a seminar on Nutritional Response Testing, click here to see the three things I felt were most
remarkable about this.

There is one final thing I want to mention. I want to write a book and publish it in 2008. This book will be about helping others move to
a cause position in life and will be based on my observations, experiences, thoughts and good stories I've heard.

11/23/07 Another long time as passed. There has been some exciting new events.

First is I got married on September 7, 2007, to Mary Helen Andrews.
For a wedding shot, click here.

We immediately left town to go and visit my mother and family in Charlotte, NC and proceeded to Owensboro, KY to meet her
parents and family. We drove so we had a lot of time together.

Shortly later, my newest grandchild was born. Liam Nolan was born on October 5. You can visit him on
You Tube. He is doing great
and is a perfect young man.

In November, my wife and I did a two day seminar on Nutrition Response Testing
SM. For more information about this, click here. I
would like to tell you a few things I learned at the seminar. There were three things that stand out in my memory.
Click here to read.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. All my local family was here as well as some friends. We had a great day and enjoyed a lot of good

6/13/07 It's been a long time and much has happened.; much good, some sad, some things for the future.

Here is the most exciting news! I am going to do an individualized help section. If you read my history, you know that I spent eleven
years handling difficult parents and students. This is not a small feat! I also have the ability to make things go right in terms of
handling the physical universe. This includes new construction, repairs and upgrades of homes and physical structures. What I will
start off with is how I have helped others solve some problems successfully in the past. These will all be actual people and situations.
To see my first article,
example, click here. This one was a simple handling for a warring married couple.

To get the "sad news" out of the way, as I mentioned in January, my wife was ill. She is no longer ill and is no longer in existence as
my wife. Her body ceased to function on 4/27/07. We had a beautiful memorial service. She is survived by myself and her five
wonderful children, their spouses and many grandchildren. She was the most wonderful wife and is missed and remembered.

Now here is the good news and news for the future. My son, Mitchell and I have decided to incorporate and specialize in
custom deck furniture, pergolas, arbors, trellis, fences and other outdoor structures. Click to see some of the wonderful creations! The
new name will be announced shortly.

We did get the new house and moved into it the first of February, 2007. It's beautiful. We have
two dogs and four cats! The grand
children love it. I love it.

More news and pictures will be forth coming. Write me.

1/08/07 Many things have happened since I last updated. One of the major reasons for not updating, this was that my wife has been
ill since November 2006 up to this point. She's been out of work because of this since 12/16/06.

She's doing better for the last few days.

The house that is mentioned last update is approaching the close of escrow. Looks like we may be moving.  

I replied to a job offer and after consideration decided to not take it.

All in all, things have not been the same. I haven't worked much on my art. I did use a lot of it for Christmas gifts. Apparently my
children, family and friends appreciate my art but I haven't demonstrated much ability to get others to appreciate it. Mostly because I
love to create and don't enjoy promoting what I create or anything else much.

I've added a poem for anyone interested. It was inspired by a friend that I dearly love.
Click here to read.
There are additional updates and general communications from 2006. To read, click here!

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The purpose of this page is to give updates on what I am doing and to keep you informed.
To respond,
click here!
I also want to promote my two methods of helping other! They are Nutrition Response TestingSM and World
Financial Group. These are assisting me in putting others at cause!
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I endorse the following for common sense answers to the problems of life:

Dianetics.org   World Financial Group    Nutrition Response TestingSM       

Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR)     The Way to Happiness   Narconon (for drug rehabilitation that works)      
Applied Scholastics International    Delphi Academy Los Angeles    Delphi Academy Santa Monica   FairTax.org
Success Tutoring      "Criminon - effective criminal rehabilitation through restoring self-respect       Artists For A Better World
Youth For Human Rights International    Friends of Narconon    Bridge Publications Inc.     The Affinity Exchange

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