There were a yellow humming bird,
And a rich red man full of rage,
Who pinched himself - he thought he heard,
Bird compliment his shiny cage,
He growled and puffed and shook himself,
Blamed it on the end of day,
'Till on his shoulder the bird he felt,
"Sir, you've such a stunning cage!"
"What a perfect place to hide!,"
"Worth a pretty penny I would wage!,"
Red Man lost his footing; sighed -,
"But, Oh! The cost of such a cage!,"
"As it shines and glistens there,"
"I'm trapped to forever die and age,"
"It's curves and patterns are so rare,"
"Have to sell soul to settle cage,"
A flutter of wings were all he heard,
Bird said - "To know me would be sage,"
"I'm your soul - The Humming Bird!"
"Damn the fucking cage!"

copyright Fraser Kee Scott '08

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"The Red Man and The Humming Bird"
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