Once I loved you as your mother!
Before I've played with you as my brother,
I've shared admiration with you as a lover,
It seems we can't stay away from each other!

You tend to attract those you're most like,
And often the same souls show up life after life,
You don't lose a loved one when somebody dies,
And, if you're instantly connected, it's not the first time!

But, we've all been intimately connected before,
There's just so many of us, and millenia galore,
Whom ever you next see, it's the gazillionth time you saw,
And, as we survive, there'll be a gazillion times once more!

So, be considerate in what you say, and all you do,
Be unto others as you would have them be unto you,
And, I know you certainly always would, if you only knew,
It is your long lost, best ever friend, standing in front of you.

Copyright Fraser Kee Scott 07

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Who's in Front of You?
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