"government" Humor

Well I looked up humor in the dictionary
All the definitions seemed extraordinary
But with the government driving me broke
I thought I might just as well tell a joke

I heard the government is giving money to their friends
Well I pay their salaries and voted too, I must be their friend
So I asked for some money for my landlord, I wrote them a letter
The Repo man wanted money; I decided a fast call was even better

I was told the IRS would be my salvation
I was hoping for enough money to take a vacation
I was looking for my wind fall of money in the mail
Well, I kept checking but I knew our government would fail

Everyday, I kept going and checking the US mail
Well, I fell down several times while going to get the mail
The wind blew like….many times while I was checking the mail
But try as I could, I couldn’t find my promised money in the mail.

Someone must understand, so I called my local congressman,
While gruffly he spoke on the phone, he turned out was a “woman”
I asked her from my heart, where is my bailout money?
She said are you a corporate president or CEO Honey?

I said no! I was beginning to thinks this was all a joke on me
She said that’s right Honey, your money, I decided to keep for me.
But isn’t there a plan to save the economy?
Sure Honey, just keep voting for me,
I’ll make everything free.

Well, that the government’s idea of economy.
They take everyone’s money, all the money
Then they keep some and give the rest to their friends
Sure looks like the government economy is coming to its end!

I think I’m going to congress I hear they get a raise whenever they want
Seems the public doesn’t have a say, or doesn’t care or just won't
Well this started as humor expecting the government to save the day
No saving. The rumor is government is expecting to have its way!

Pretty soon, we’ll all have two numbers, on that you can count
One will be your name, the other, a “zero” balance bank account
You know if it works, the government will stop it.
If they can’t stop it, then by gosh, they tax it.

If it doesn’t work at all, they throw money and fix its ailing.
They helped the schools with their money, they’re failing
They pumped billions into what? I don’t see it recovering, or doing well.
Really, I can’t see anything they dump $ into that hasn’t gone to ….

This humor is just a bad joke on us.
Hurry up and pay your taxes, it is only just.
Laugh all the way to the post office, Arrrrr!
You have to walk, they took your car

This is so bad, I’m going to cry
Better to cry than to die
But there’s one thing left I really want to give a good try
I’m going to find me a congressman and punch them in the eye.

©2009 Carl Watts www.carlwattsartist.com
Page created 1/11/09
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts http://www.carlwattsartist.com/updates.html  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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