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These are three pictures of my upper cabinet, the counter
below it and the bottom cabinet in my kitchen. I didn't
photo the drawer as it just wouldn't come out clear.

For years I have been interested in nutrition and have
tried to stay up with current knowledge on supplements.

I've actually done pretty good but it was still ineffective.

While I have been analyzing and purchasing many
nutrients, I failed to detect and handle the actual source
of most of my physical difficulties.

Until I was tested using Nutrition Response Testing, no
one detected that I have a weak prostrate (just weak) and
that is directly related by my back pains.

I have been adjusted many times to handle the pains but
never before was the actual cause located.

Now, with Nutrition Response Testing, I am using three
supplements to strengthen the prostrate and thus handle
the symptoms caused by the weak gland.

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Nutritionist, Artist, Designer, Problem Solver, Author, Publisher, Philosopher
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Tujunga, CA 91042

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