The first week of April, 2006, I was working on a bench. I decided it is an "international bench"
because of the materials I was using. The bench was finished on 4/9/06 and is a truly beautiful work
of art.
Click here to see the finished bench.

I used natural slate tiles, Oak, Mahogany, and Zebrawood.

The following pictures and notes give a history of the project as I developed it:

The below shows the slate trimmed in oak and the area around filled in with Mahogany. The back of
the bench will have diamonds of Zebrawood trimmed in oak and boarded by Mahogany.

The structure will be made of Oak.

Just as information, the black marks that can be seen on the lower right hand are from clamps
sitting in glue. It appears that the glue pulls iron our of the clamps and leaves a black mark. This will
sand out and disappear.

The next set of pictures are shots of each slate tile. Click on any of the slate pictures to see an

The last update of the history and development was entered 4/6/07 with the final picture of the
assembled bench. The slate pieces are not in place as the sanding needs to be completed and a
finish applied. Click on any of the photo's for an enlargement.
The photo immediately below shows some of the character of the Mahogany. You can also see the
Oak legs.
The International Bench
Click on any of the below pictures of the tiles to enlarge.
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