Death's Window
On this new morning, in the window's light,
I see death as a long journeyed flight.
A journey through space, a journey through time,
Where any soul I take, is now a soul that is mine.
I see a light in the distance,
I move towards it with more persistence,
As it becomes closer I feel no hate,
I just float slowly, through Heaven's gate.
I am now in a bliss, I don't feel a thing,
As the light becomes closer a voice begins to sing.
It floats swiftly toward me, in a sweet, soft whisper,
It sounds so sweet to the ears of the listener.
The music slowly stops, so close is the light,
I feel I must continue, on my long journeyed flight.
I am still in a trance, in this state of bliss,
But suddenly I awake, to a soft, sweet kiss.
An angel giggled and ran, expecting me to chase
His transparent body, to an unknown place.
After him I followed, into a ball of light,
I knew then, that this was the end of my flight.   

Marcy Ann Eiben

Copyright ©2008  Marcy Ann Eiben  
page motified 9/17/08
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