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Nutrition Response Testing Practitioners List:

For info on Nutrition Response Testing, click here.

I am not stating this is a full list. If you would like to be added regardless of area, contact me! I'm sharing
what I have:

Mary Watts Mary, my wife, is no longer practicing but is working for Narconon!

*Dr. Pei Vuong. D.C. (near Beverly Center) 432 S. San Vicente Blvd. #250 Los Angeles, CA 90048
also located at  233 S. Euclid Ave.
Pasadena, Ca  91101 626-796-1201  626-475-8247

*Kay Curtis and Ron Saltman, DC. Universal Chiropractic 10628 Riverside Dr. #5 Toluca Lake, Ca. 91602    818-

*Anne Dunev, Burbank 818-729-9149  

Monica Hershaft,
 MLH Wellness 153 S. Doheny Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90211 evening & weekend appointments
are available
(310) 425-3045 office (323) 338-7938 fax
Shelbe Kaufman, Santa Monica 310-587-2150
Sara Pettitt, Hawthorne 310-536-9996
Doug Potter, San Marino 626-441-9908
Carl Schaefer, Camarillo 805-383-0636
Susan Starler, Malibu 310-589-9847
Jason A. Copping, Solana Beach 858 509-0800
Dr. Rona Thau 805-218-5351 Ventura, CA
Dr. Claudy-Ann Keasberry 310-586-0435 or 800-807-0502 Santa Monica, CA
Dr. Gary Gendron 239-947-1177 Bonita Springs/Naples, Fla
Dr. Mike Spearman
Spearman Better Health Center 323-663-1066 1279 Berendo St. Hollywood, CA 90029

    If you are a new practitioner or a well established one, living any place, please
    contact me and I'll add your data to the list. The more this technology is made
    known, the better we will all survive! Contact!

    Also, if you have testimonials from your patients and have authorization to
    publish them, send me text and pictures if you like or give the URL for the
    testimonial and I will promote that page for you at no cost.

    Check out these books:  

    Going Back to the Basics of Human Health by Mary Frost. (See below to order
    her book!) Her book is short and written in plain language. I had to look up one
    word in a dictionary. Her book explains the why we are deficient nutritionally so
    that you will realize what's been happening.

    The Great Health Heist by Paul J. Rosen. (See below to order his book!) His
    book gives many examples of what the result of several generation of
    malnutrition has been doing to this country and specifics on how and what he
    did to handle the problems. I'll give you a clue, Nutrition Response Testing and
    correct supplements for the exact problems!
For additional data contact:

Ulan Nutritional Systems Inc.
1170 NE Cleveland Street
Clearwater , FL 33755
Fax: 727-443-3190
Toll free: 866-418-4801 x 203
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