The Poet, The Poem

I was considering “why write poems?”
and it came to me. So here it is.

I write to expand man visions to greater heights.
I write to bring beauty and make hearts delight!
I write to lead where no man has gone before.
I write to point the way for man to open the door.

There are lights dimmed, heights unseen.
Over Earth, Nay, throughout the Universe, a darkness rolls
Not a darkness of night, but a darkness of unseen sights
Visions not blind but dimmed by darkness of mental night

The child sees the light, he notices beautiful sights
The child’s imagination goes where mans never knows
The child, but a man not grown yet,

stands tall against the darkness in the light
The child once grown sees no more but darkness through the door.

But man, look inside. Where is that child, that sight?
But man, where is the rose, the color, the twinkle of her nose?
But man, you can expand

You can expand
beyond the roll of darkness to greater heights!
Come man, here’s the door to brightness and vision ever more.

Look beyond the toil and turmoil of the news, they want you inside.
Listen not to the ills of the irresponsible, they want you with them.
Be not troubled by the deceptions of the day, withdraw, they say.
Of your political leaders, put your faith in them not,
for they but want you to stay in line and let the darkness roll

Go where no man has gone but every child has been!
Here’s the door, darkness, never more! Expand your vision,
Come to greater heights! Look at the beauty! There is hope!
Hello! I will help and listen to you. I’m your coach, your guide!

Carl Watts ©2008


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Created12/9/08, modified 1/22/09
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