Problem Solving/Success Tips

One of my purposes in life is to help others. See My

Often, I have found myself having to calm upset people and to
get them to take some responsibility and assume some cause
over the situation.

Sometimes just some information goes a long way.

The following links on my site are actual situations and how I
resolved them. The links also take you to other solutions to
various situations in life. These may be of some interest or
help to you in your life.

If you don't find an answer that helps you, contact me on the
form to the right above and let me know what general the
situation is.

I don't need specifics and when I ask a question, you don't
even need to answer, just let me know you have the answered
the question for yourself :-)

What is a Problem?

Considering Divorce?

The Warring Couple  

Communication Handles All Problems: Jane versus Sam

Communication Handles All Problems: Frank versus Renter

Consideration (Communicating with your Significant other)

How to Correct


How to Get Cooperation

How to Influence an Interview

Why People Divorce and How to Prevent It

"Who Has the RIGHT to INSULT You?"

"Editorial: So You have a Medical Condition"

Nutrition Response TestingSM

Nutrition Response Testing Testimonial


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I am a
Health Coach  and trained to do Nutrition Response
Testing. I can assist those that want to change their health.

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How to Be Cause
How to Solve Problems
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