I recently realized that I was very interested in Science. Not the Science you
study in school where they tell you what to think. They tell you with great
uthority exactly how it is!

I happen to disagree and feel that a lot of the things taught in school are simply wrong but it's what has been agreed upon.
It's like the world is flat or there are only seven planets because seven is a prime number.

I want to create links and pages with new theories, ideas and inventions. Personally, I consider science fiction, either
memories of past or future items, theories, and states of existence.

I want to connect the theorist up with the mechanic, the electrical genus.

I personally plan to learn how to control
Gravity electronically. I know it can be done and I'm sure others know this too.
Let's pool our knowledge and once we have the truth, then we can put it to good use!

Contact me by clicking here to have your ideas, theories or science fiction posted!

"Cold Fusion Proven True by U.S. Navy Researchers - Will Oppression of this Science be
Repeated?" Check it out by Mike Adams, Natural News!

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Science & Scientific Ideas
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