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The above is part of a limited production entitled the "Stakebed Set." (An additional photo is below.)
This is a medium table.  The material used for this is a wood called apitong. This wood is used for
truck decking and railings. The shop owner next to our shop was purchasing new slats and stakes
from his stakebed truck. He was discarding the old damaged and weathered stakes and slats. He
asked me if I wanted them and I took them in and dismantled them. From this I was able to make one
step stool, one footstool, two medium tables and one larger table. The step stool went to my wife as
she can't reach the taller cabinets in our home. One of the medium tables went to my daughter,
Monique, for her birthday present. You may notice the holes in the wood. This was from the bolts
that attached the slats to the stakes. The white you see is the paint that remained after planing and
sanding the slats. The stakes are used for legs and the slats are used for all other parts. The
remaining items are the footstool, a medium table and a larger table. Those will be on display on this
site shortly.
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