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I counted 81 positive notables in December!
12/29/10 Successes from Twitter:
  1. @Yueesei, Desire, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts my deepest thanks to you too, Carl"
  2. O@penSubnet said "@Poet_Carl_Watts OK, so your article is fantastic! It really made me realize just how much control we
    have over our own lives! Thank you!!!"
  3. @stuartvernon, Stuart Vernon, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts I will be sure to do just that...again much respect and humble thanks
    as always...plz do enjoy the rest of your day"  #81 for Dec 2010

12/27/10 Successes from Twitter:
  1. My Divine Arts Daily
  2. The Current.     

Successes from Twitter:
  1. Friday was a big #FollowFriday day! Last week, I was 71st in America, this week I am 60th in the nation!
    But I dropped internationally: last week I was 468th globally and this week I am 661st out of 11 million! Click to see capture
    of that page. I took half the day on Friday to work on my daughters house. That lack of attention cost me on the international
    statistics. But I believe I can make that up this coming week!
  2. @OpenSubnet said "@Poet_Carl_Watts Absolutely! And thankfully you post some really great pieces! #Awesome Day2U2! :-

Successes from Twitter:
  1. @suevanfleet, Sue Van Fleet, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts A pleasure. I appreciate your untiring efforts to inform people on
    important issues."
  2. @parkstepp, Stephen Parker, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts Happy Holidays to you to Carl....Your a light shining brightly on the
    twitter stream......Be Happy this day...."
  3. The Earth & Environment News.

Successes from Twitter:
  1. The ArtWave Daily.
  2. @moondustwriter, Leslie Moon, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts Hugs and thanks - it's good info - always Carl"
  3. @ArtWave, Aline Ohannessian, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts: Y♡U R Appreciated & Loved !! Highly recommend 2
    #FollowAnyDay - full of #Gratitude, great tweets & my special #FF of 2Day"
  4. @parkstepp, Stephen Parker, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts Happy Holidays to you to Carl....Your a light shining brightly on the
    twitter stream......Be Happy this day...."

Successes from Twitter:
  1. @kaijuisme, Kaiju, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts Cool! I enjoy your tweets. Very informative! #Awesome"
  2. @POCHO_CHOLO, Emilio, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts Oh man! Thanks for fixing and reposting. This is the type of wake up
    I've been looking for! Thanks again!"

Successes from Twitter:
  2. The ArtWave Daily
  3. The My Divine Arts Daily.

Successes from Twitter:
  1. The Salon DiplomatiKa Daily
  2. @IAmMsDeannah, Deborah Deannah, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts Carl, U R my goto man. what happens 2 twitter at times...
    like with not being able 2 rt or 2 follow?

Successes from Twitter:
Yesterday was a big
#FollowFriday day! Last week, I was 96th in America, this week I am 71st in the nation. More
impressive is
last week I was 596th globally and this week I am 468th out of 11 million! Click to see capture of that page.

Successes from Twitter:
@GNRTG4gifts GoodNReadyToGosaid "@Poet_Carl_Watts Thx for the acetaminophen info1. I can alway count on you
for valuable info and commentary. regards, Lenore"    

Successes from Twitter:
  1. @moondustwriter, Leslie Moon, said "my friend @Poet_Carl_Watts manages to keep his ear to the ground and assimilate
    info a fine #WW (web Wednesday). appreciate what you do :)
  2. @DianeTate said "@Poet_Carl_Watts: @DianeTate good night! Everything will be alright! :-)* <even the precious music
    students trying to make music. :)) thx!!" *My original message sent to her, she RT and added the ending)
  3. One Stop Poetry Daily.

Successes from Twitter:
  1. @DanielStoicaTax, Daniel Stoica, said "I appreciate You and your Kindness @Poet_Carl_Watts"
  2. @SilentAintEasy, Laugh√Love√Live√©®™, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts Thank you for all of your exuberance and RT's with
    @rfamovie I'm glad we met. Thank you again for the poem U R #Awesome !"
  3. @bioismypassion, jyothi menon, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts yes I do. We had fantastic communication. I have rarely met
    people wth the same wavelength"

Successes from Twitter:
  2. The Julian Volpianski  Daily           

Successes from Twitter:
  1. @PippinPotter11, Carol Potter, said "#SaturdaySensation You're what twitter legends are made of @Poet_Carl_Watts! You're
    a deep thinker & mentor to many here. #welcometomyworld"
  2. @sivaparvati said "@Poet_Carl_Watts missed #ff :-( but everyone should follow you anyway :-)"
  3. #FollowFriday statistics
  4. The Champion in Training Daily                        

Successes from Twitter:@lurainpenny, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts Teaches us to think about health #FF thanks
for your info & questions xx"

Successes from Twitter:
  1. @mixedmessaging, Nicholas*3*, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts Thank you so much. A stable light i see working through you"
  2. @cathorio, Dr. Kate Riordan, said "#FF:@Poet_Carl_Watts •*¨*•.¸♥TWINKLING: ♥THURSDAY ♥ TREASURE ♥•*¨*•.¸♥(.◕‿◕)
    ՏӎíӀҽs :♥•*¨*•.¸♥Շɧαɳӄ ўσʊ ♥•*¨*•.¸♥"
  3. @milwaukeewriter< said "@Poet_Carl_Watts THANK YOU!! Feeling blah this week, forgot what's important. Always nice to get
    a reminder! :D"

Successes from Twitter:
  1. @gagasgarden, Gaga, said "#shoutout You are the best Poet Carl! Thank-you! What the world & Wednesday followers need is
    more like--->>> @Poet_Carl_Watts"
  2. @OpenSubnet said "@Poet_Carl_Watts :) Love it! I am going to try and have unpredicted fun!!! Thanks!" and shortly later said
    "@Poet_Carl_Watts You've made my day! Thanks! And and #Awesome day to you too!"
  3. @carolyncjjones, Carolyn CJ Jones, said "@poet_carl_watts That's a wonderful thing to do, Carl. Thanks for including me in
    that. How special. :)"
  4. @impo_condiang, Mia, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts Thank you. May your day be as awesome as you are. :) Blessings and Love
    to you! :)"
  5. @gdan, Dan Gabriel, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts Thank you and I am learning a lot from your website"
  6. The Environment Daily. #40 Dec

12/7/10 Success from Twitter:
@jheathern, johnny heathern, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts thankyou Carl. appreciate it!. i always enjoy your tweets. full of useful
information"  and he also said"@Poet_Carl_Watts thanks carl.. you are a cool guy! your tweets are always very informative"

Successes from Twitter:
  1. #FollowFriday ranking...impressive. Click to view
  2. @cathorio, Dr. Kate Riordan, said "Gratitude:@Poet_Carl_Watts ♥•*¨*•.¸ вєαυтιƒυℓ ƒяιєηժ ¨*•♥ вєαυтιƒυℓ♥•* CαяԼ•:*:•
    WαՇՇֆ ¨*•.¸♥ Շɧαɳӄ ўσʊ ♥•*¨*•.¸♥.(.◕‿◕)•*¨*•.¸♥"
  3. @UArainbow, Olga, said "Poet_Carl_Watts Thank you Carl for being #Awesome! Love your ways& poetry! Have a great week!
    Have a wonderful week! Hugs love blessings!"
  4. @UArainbow, Olga, Posted this message: "Amazing Poem by @Poet_Carl_Watts ~ "Life, What a Marvelous Game!" about
    starting life and growing #soul #life #poetry"
  5. @JediPD, PDara, Said about the above poem "@Poet_Carl_Watts "Life.." Uplifting. "I'm proud to know you in my heart" The
    joy of selfless love. Well Done"
  6. The Cendrine Marrouat Daily
  7. The Dr. Kate Riordan Daily
  8. The Creative World Daily
  9. TheSolid Peeps Daily
  10. The Tfit Inc Daily

12/5/10 Successes from Twitter:
  1. The Daily Cloudville Review
  2. The PoeticHeart34 Daily
  3. The Tfit Daily
  4. The Desert Fox Daily
  5. The Craig Walker Daily
  6. The @Littlebytesnewsr Daily Twitter Report
  7. The Michael Gallops  Daily
  8. The Thomas Power  Daily
  9. The Twitterati.

Successes from Twitter:
  1. @UArainbow, Olga, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts A single rose can be my garden..a single friend, my world.~ Leo Buscaglia
    ~Thank you! Have a magic weekend! Love&Blessings!"
  2. @KnightChills, Nomar Knight, said "Want to read a talented poet? Read @Poet_Carl_Watts Check out his profile and blog."
  3. @JohnLClose. John L Close, said "I like all ur posts Carl & mineHaHa Awesome day back to you"

Successes from Twitter:
  1. @Calicomeezer, Melissa McGinnis, said "#ff @Poet_Carl_Watts He knows stuff man… :D"
  2. @mixedmessaging, Nicholas*3*, said "The Folk Spirit speaks the truth #ff ☀☃☀ . @Poet_Carl_Watts great , informative ,
    fear busting facts."
  3. @Lauraann1061, Laura-ann Mc Donnell, said "#FF @poet_carl_watts a talented tweep you should get to know :0)"
  4. @cobrajesus, David Giordano, said "FF Everyone follow @Poet_Carl_Watts for excellent tweets on health and wellness! Great
    source of information!"
  5. @birdify, Bevan Bird, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts Thanks Carl, you're a saint."
  6. The Dan Gabriel Daily
  7. The PoeticHeart34 Daily
  8. The Desert Fox Daily

12/2/10 Successes from Twitter:
The Hadel S. Ma'ayeh Daily

I counted 97 positive notables in November!
11/30/10 Successes from Twitter:
  1. @KJOffice, Marcy Mathews, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts :) Yes, yes it is! Have a great week Carl #Awesome! THank you for all
    you do!"
  2. The Green Economy News Daily
  3. The Manure Tea Gardening Daily
  4. The J Daily
  5. The Michael Daily

11/29/10 From Twitter:
  1. @HomerWhite, Anna Teresa Arnold, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts thanks Carl!...admire your spirituality & health"
    wholesomeness to life in all aspects!
  2. The Sofitel Montreal Daily
  3. The Sofitel SF Bay Daily
  4. The Sir_Templar Daily
  5. The Darla a.k.a. Missy Daily
  6. The Daily Digital Kite

11/28/10 From Twitter:
  1. @HomerWhite, Anna Teresa Arnold, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts Passing good word to fellow Americans staying together for
    better country always!"
  2. @IKMKMS, Ruby, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts Wow!! You're awesome, beyond words. I'm sure you do capture your audience, no
    doubt about it.Every1 z proud of u ++"
  3. The Cendrine Marrouat Daily
  4. The L. M. Stull Daily
  5. The Tfit Inc Daily
  6. The Tracy Daily
  7. The Ida Horner Daily
  8. The One Stop Poetry Daily
  9. he PriorityMGT Daily
  10. The Newt Livesay Daily
  11. TheChris Treece Daily
  12. The Creative World Daily

11/26/10 From Twitter:
  1. @IAmMsDeannah, Deborah Deannah, said@"Poet_Carl_Watts i will always hold you in my heart... love 2 you and yours... let
    me be the 1st 2 say.... JINGLE BELLS!"
  2. @DianeTate said "@Poet_Carl_Watts Thank you for being honest and real. :))"
  3. @waynemcevilly, Wayne McEvilly, said "I learned how to do this short url via @Poet_Carl_Watts - another
    cool moment on twitter! Thanks!"
  4. @JohnLClose, JohnLClose, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts Thanks Carl, Your always right on & a #FF back."
  5. @DianeTate said "@Poet_Carl_Watts Carl, TY much for your FF! Honored and humbled by ur mention, my friend."

From Twitter:
  1. @TheFitness_Guru said "great mashup of Twitter heavyweights @Poet_Carl_Watts & @tfitinc"
  2. @DaviesWriter, Jessica de la Davies, said "♥Giant hugs ((( @poeticamber @Poet_Carl_Watts @writes4movies ))) from
    @DaviesWriter to YOU!♥"
  3. @jack_writes, Jack Thompson, said "Tks @Poet_Carl_Watts for all the great links and info! Happy Tksgiving"
  4. @SPDT4CANCERUSA Gab~Safe Cancer Care said "RT for @jack_writes "Thanks @Poet_Carl_Watts for all the great links
    and info! Happy Thanksgiving" [I'll second that! Thank You Carl, Gab)"
  5. @RANDZ, Randy Quickfall, saidP"oet_Carl_Watts tђคภк¥☼ü my friend! ✽♥∗ღƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ ☼♥∗✽"
  6. @PippinPotter11, Carol Potter, said "I still say @Poet_Carl_Watts is the way to go on twitter! Other than being his usual
    #AWESOME self,well...What else can I say? #Knowledge"

From Twitter:
  1. @whoamitome, juliana mullan, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts Sleeep well Carl, for towmorrow everyone will be waiting for your
    wonderful views. -Juliana"
  2. The Jorge Oliveira Daily.
  3. The Eric Swensson Daily.

From Twitter:
  1. @moondustwriter, Leslie Moon , said "my friend @Poet_Carl_Watts is perfect to #FF or anyday - lots of great info - when do
    you have time to write???"
  2. The Richard Field Daily.
  3. @baysidebetty Said "@Poet_Carl_Watts < You're such a good Man - We appreciate you so ! xox"
  4. @Eric_Halsey, Eric Halsey, said "TY Carl; you are the MAN! Glad to have u as a Friend ;-) " (TY=Thank you)

From Twitter:
@baysidebetty Said "@Poet_Carl_Watts < You're such a good Man - We appreciate you so ! xox"

From Twitter:
The Magic of Twitter (Article). Click to view!

From Twitter:
Sofitel SF Bay Daily.
The Cary D Conover Daily.

From Twitter:
@IKMKMS, Ruby, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts Thnx a million times♥♥ u're a star from the sky, a precious diamond.We're all blessed
2hav u on twitter, and a preciate u!☺"

From Twitter:
  1. The Gianni Fontana Daily.
  2. The RockyII Daily.
  3. The Great Daily Paper.
  4. The Social Media Scientist Daily.
  5. The Mike Johanasson Daily.
  6. The Julian Volpianski Daily.
  7. The Dan Gabriel Daily.
  8. The PriorityMGT Daily.
  9. One Stop Poetry Daily.
  10. The AndrewW486  Daily.
  11. The Top Endorsers Daily.
  12. The Sin2Go. Daily.
  13. @GaryAdmitOne, Gary Chase, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts Preach my brother preach!! We listenin!!"

From Twitter:
  1. @SPDT4CANCERUSA said "~ #FFVIP @Poet_Carl_Watts Carl makes us think about life from a different perspective.
    Valuable/informative tweets & a great friend 2 Follow" (FFVIP is Follow Friday VIP)
  2. @oobareiji, Reiji Ooba, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts I really thank you!(^_^)/ You must take care of yourself always! You are
    #awesome and nice #FF !!(^_^)v"
  3. @oobareiji, Reiji Ooba, said further "@Poet_Carl_Watts \(^o^)/((Many thanks!))\(^o^)/感謝★感謝★感謝★感謝★ You
    are so great kind nice wonderful person!"
  4. @oobareiji, Reiji Ooba, later said further "@Poet_Carl_Watts Oh, you are Superman! You are Batman! You are Spiderman!
    You are Super Hero to me! I do my best! Thanks for your kindheart!" (He's an artist and I forward his links to my followers and
    he is grateful.)
  5. @TheReal_KDubb said "@Poet_Carl_Watts Thank you for the #FF luv my friend! You are a true inspiration-keep sharing
    the knowledge!"
  6. The AndrewW486  Daily.
  7. The Michael Gallops  Daily.

From Twitter: @definitelydiane, Diane, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts Thanks so much for your support Carl!!! It's always
appreciated every year!!"

From Twitter:
  1. 11/9/10 The PoeticHeart34 Daily!
  2. @PoeticHeart34, April, said "@poet_carl_watts =))) you are more than welcome!!! and another #gratitude #awesome for YOU
  3. @whoamitome, juliana mullan, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts I am sure you are rearing & ready to save the world Carl, had a nice
    reply to my verse Rediscover who you really are,Nice." (I promoted her poems)

From Twitter:
  1. 11/8/10 The Onlinepreneur Daily.
  2. 11/8/10 Daniel Stoica's Daily.
  3. @Whiskeyaryry4, Mariah Ry Wilson , said "@Poet_Carl_Watts thanks so much, you did a lot for me today. Any way I can
    help you today?"

From Twitter:
  1. @mediatrustpete, Peter Bordes said "@Poet_Carl_Watts (no problem) Carl. Keep up the #amazing " Knowledge is
    power "#Twitter content stream." (I had thanked him for mentioning my article in his daily newspaper: The Peter Bordes Daily
  2. @Whiskeyaryry4, Mariah Ry Wilson , said "@Poet_Carl_Watts You're on my site now, tell me if you're pleased. www.rywilson. :)" (view here:
  3. @MuseInks, Ami Hendrickson, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts ... Ya puts the sun in my Sunday! :)"
  4. @DianeTate,  Diane Tate, said "@Poet_Carl_Watts And you do=generate hope. Keep the positive stream flowing. Best,

From Twitter:
  1. @PippinPotter11, Carol Potter , said "***TY! @Poet_Carl_Watts Yes,of course! You give so much of yourself to us in the
    twitter family. The Best Possible Gift One Human Being Can Give To Another,Is The Gift Of Time.I admire,respect,& Thank
    You,Carl,for all that you give of yourself to others. You're a rare,& special person. The world needs more of YOU!" http://mtw.
  2. The Social Media Scientist Daily.
  3. The Champion in Training Daily.
  4. The Peter Bordes Daily.
  5. The Ida Horner Daily.
  6. Tfit Inc Daily.

From Twitter:
@goodeenuff said "A good person who wants to help All! Follow @Poet_Carl_Watts #FF" (FF means Friday Follow or friend follow)

From Twitter:
  1. Sofitel SF Bay Daily.
  2. Sir_Templar Daily.
  3. PriorityMGT Daily Daily.
  4. One Stop Poetry Daily.
  5. Ida Horner Daily.
  6. Tfit Inc Daily.
  7. LORI_SF Daily.
  8. @definitelydiane says "@Poet_Carl_Watts Please #follow my dear friend Carl. He will always support you and is amazing!"

From Twitter:
  1. Desert Fox Daily.
  2. Daniel Stoica's Daily.

From Twitter: Sofitel SF Bay Daily.

From Twitter:
@whoamitome, Juliana Mullan, says "@Poet_Carl_Watts Thanks Carl so much for what you have done for me, it is really so much

I counted 20 positive notable in October! (I was out of town about 10 days so posting was very little.
10/24/10 From Twitter:
  1. 10/24/10 PriorityMGT Daily Daily.
  2. 10/24/10 One Stop Poetry Daily.
  3. 10/24/10 Ida Horner Daily.
  4. 10/24/10 Oliver Schmid Daily.
  5. 10/24/10 Daniel Stoica's Daily.
  6. @TheReal_KDubb, K Dubb, says "@Poet_Carl_Watts No problem my friend-keep posting that great knowledge!"

From Twitter:
  1. @BIGGLES27, Tyronne Keep, says "#ff special shoutout @Poet_Carl_Watts please follow as he cares about us all :-)"
  2. @Ms_Lipps, Lisa, says "@Poet_Carl_Watts. You Sir are a vast wealth of knowledge and kindness in this alternate world!
    Thank you kindly!"
  3. @sha_x_sha, Shannon Youde , says "Big shout out to @Poet_Carl_Watts @Poet_Carl_Watts @Poet_Carl_Watts
    @Poet_Carl_Watts @Poet_Carl_Watts one of the best please follow <3 xxxx"
  4. @SPDT4CANCERUSA, Gab~Safe Cancer Care , says "Carl, how y'doing? @Poet_Carl_Watts << #FF my very
    knowledgeable & enlightened friend @Poet_Carl_Watts his tweets will keep you thinking!"

From Twitter:
  1. @sha_x_sha  says "@Poet_Carl_Watts I love your tweets =) xxxx"
  2. PoeticHeart34 Daily.

From Twitter: Desert Fox Daily.

From Twitter:
  1. @rona65 says "@Poet_Carl_Watts -- many thanks for the awesomeness of awesomeness!"
  2. From an Email from a Twitter Follower: @birdify says "Your words inspire me and others. Thank you! And thanks for
    your help with Twitter. ... You're a great man."

From Twitter:
  1. @birdify says "Thank you @Poet_Carl_Watts for the inspiration to contribute to humanity and for helping promote Dick Bird
    and me."
  2. @Hiqutipie says "#RedAlert ♥♥ºRIDING°♥♥º°THE°º♥¸♥º° LOVE °º♥♥º° WAVE •*★¸.•*★•*ⓕⓞⓛⓛⓞⓦ☞• ツツ
    #LoveWave #SuperHero ♥♥♥ @Poet_Carl_Watts"
  3. 10/02/10 Tfit Inc Daily.
  4. 10/04/10 Tfit Inc Daily.
  5. 10/04/10 Desert Fox Daily.

I counted 48 positive notables in September!
9/27/10 From Twitter:
  1. @RockyII  says ".@Poet_Carl_Watts Thanks, Carl, for your good work. Glad to support you."
  2. 09/29/10 Tfit Inc Daily.
  3. 09/29/10 RockyII Daily.

From Twitter:
  1. @Stephen Parker says "@Poet_Carl_Watts And outside of the box ,is where I live Carl.....I watch you are a
    blessing in the stream.....know that."
  2. @practicing4 Min says"@poet_carl_watts Thank you for all your shares. You truly do inspire. Thank you!"
  3. @AllThingsGwen Gwen says "@Poet_Carl_Watts You're awesome! Let me know if I can help..."n the stream.....know that."

From Twitter:
  1. @PippinPotter11 says "An informative and great #follow! @Poet_Carl_Watts Good morning,and how are you?
  2. @PippinPotter11  says "@Poet_Carl_Watts I enjoy the info you share on twitter,and appreciate your time to do so."
  3. @PippinPotter11 says further "@Poet_Carl_Watts I love that you said Truth Pierces Darkness/ignorance I agree,it strikes a
    chord,& you're a poetic speaker.-Hence your name"
  4. 09/25/10 Debra Ulrich Daily.
  5. 09/25/10 Tfit Inc Daily.
  6. @SPDT4CANCERUSA Says "@Poet_Carl_Watts Thanks Carl 4 sharing & 4 continued effort to raise awareness. And thanks
    4 Twitter tips"

From Twitter: @BIGGLES27 says "Special #ff @Poet_Carl_Watts! Please follow as he cares about each and everyone
of us!"

From Twitter:
  1. @casper_rv from Portugal says "@Poet_Carl_Watts With more people like you all world would be better, no doubts about that.
    :). Second message: "maybe my friend. But I do not know many people like You trying to do the best and help other guys.
    Keep (up) the nice job" Third message "thats what I admire in people like You, always ready to help someone. Even fewer are
    able to achieve the goal"  Fourth exchange: "That's exactly waht you do: give hope, knowledge, respect and helping people.
    Hope I can learn a little bit with you. :)"
  2. @DebiKnowlesKewl says "@Poet_Carl_Watts awe amazing! Yes Reconize~key! I must accept they knowingly set-up to
    destroy! TYVM! 4insight-objectivety is priceless:)"  See what others are saying about Poet_Carl_Watts by clicking here!

9/20/10 People have been promoting me in their daily publication. I got behind on creating pages, so here are some of the recent
From Twitter:
  1. 09/20/10 @hesika says "@Poet_Carl_Watts thank YOU so much for YOUR support :-)"
  2. 09/02/10 Gianni Fontana Daily.
  3. 09/02/10 Tfit Inc Daily.
  4. 09/04/10 Tfit Inc Daily.
  5. 09/04/10 Anabel Daily.
  6. 09/05/10 Tfit Inc Daily.
  7. 09/05/10 Anabel Daily.
  8. 09/06/10 Tfit Inc Daily.
  9. 09/06/10 Gianni Fontana Daily.
  10. 09/07/10 Tfit Inc Daily.
  11. 09/07/10 Anabel Daily.
  12. 09/10/10 Tfit Inc Daily.
  13. 09/19/10 Ida Horner Daily.
  14. 09/19/10 Solveigh Calderin Daily.
  15. 09/19/10 Lori_SF Daily.

From Twitter:
  1. @BIGGLES27 says "@Poet_Carl_Watts always a pleasure! Keep up the good work and have a good weekend!"
  2. @8thWardAnimal88 says "#shouts to the guy himself @Poet_Carl_Watts ...thnx for the follow"
  3. @SashaKane says "@Poet_Carl_Watts Carl, we haven't spoken much, but I know you are well liked and widely read. Hope to
    talk more in the future. Be Blessed!"
  4. @AnnaPereiraEtsy says "@Poet_Carl_Watts TY for the #FF You have great information! I'm on board with you to save the
    world :) Blessings"
  5. USAShopper says"@Poet_Carl_Watts Yes! to read ur tweets"
  6. @HeidiBelle says "On #YomKippur I give thx 2...@Poet_Carl_Watts for making twitter worthwhile..."
  7. @KJOffice says "@Poet_Carl_Watts You're Welcome! I retweet things that I find important and worthy and you seem to have
    alot of those! :)"

  1. Via email "You are the absolute best!  Thanks!  Can you see it?" Jill Wallace. I helped her put an image on her email.
    Yes, she had the signature on her email and I could see it!
  2. From Twitter: @MyriadSolutions says "@Poet_Carl_Watts < Sending #FF to Carl: Who really does support his supporters:
    Wishing you a ˚°S•T☆A•R°˚˚˚°F°I•L☆L•E°D°˚ evening"

From Twitter:
  1. @erics_h2002  says "@Poet_Carl_Watts Hi, Carl. Appreciate the article on supplements for preventing Alzheimer's."  See
    what others are saying about Poet_Carl_Watts by clicking here!
  2. @bear_nagata says "@Poet_Carl_Watts absolutely yes. impressed by thoses brave words from you mate, im raising my
    hopes & dreams everyday!! :^)"

From Twitter: @Yueesei says "@Poet_Carl_Watts you'll always have my support, Carl :)"

From Twitter: @Ms_Lipps  says"@Poet_Carl_Watts Thanks Carl, that means a lot coming from a man like yourself. :)"

From Twitter: @whoamitome says "@Poet_Carl_Watts Thanxs for that Carl, I didn't know that, will pass it onto others that
may not be aware you give such great inform Thanks"

From Twitter: First my follower repeats my message "@moondustwriter RT @Poet_Carl_Watts: ?Question ?ever hear
birds of a feather hang together? Who do you hang out with? Upbeat peeps or down toned drains"

Then she posts "@Poet_Carl_Watts you are definately a bird with a feather - lol and a smiles"

From Twitter today:
  1. Tfit Inc Daily 09/01/10
  2. Maria Muir Daily 09/01/10.
  3. @ghc8008 says "@Poet_Carl_Watts is the Champion!!! Watts Rules!! :~)"

I counted 73 positive notable comments in August!
8/31/10 I consider these positive responses huge SUCCESSES. After being suspended in error, since I was
reinstated by
Twitter in the last 16 hours, these are some of the specific positive responses from my followers. There were
many more, far too many to paste here, where people re-posted the fact I was back:
  1. @Brightonbelle says "@Poet_Carl_Watts Glad to hear it, I missed your tweets!"
  2. @baysidebetty "@Poet_Carl_Watts - OMG you're back ... from the dead - They can't keep a good man down can they? : )"
  3. @fanofrob "@Poet_Carl_Watts glad your back. "
  4. @MDW21 "@Poet_Carl_Watts welcome back brother..."
  5. @argentbeauquest "@Poet_Carl_Watts Welcome back!!"
  6. @ChrisZump "@Poet_Carl_Watts welcome back"
  7. @ToddWeissCFA "@Poet_Carl_Watts Good to see u back Carl."
  8. @elamar  "Welcome Back Poet!! "
  9. @MaryBeallAdler "@Poet_Carl_Watts welcome back Carl!"
  10. @pnkbutterfly819 "@Poet_Carl_Watts welcome back !"
  11. @YogaArmy "@Poet_Carl_Watts Carl is back in the mix!!"
  12. @swampy52 "@Poet_Carl_Watts Is back better than ever and ready to fight for the underdog."
  13. @cizAciz "@Poet_Carl_Watts hey welcome back sir! :)"
  14. @dHappywhore "@Poet_Carl_Watts Welcome back Poet"
  15. @shaanhaider  "Welcome back :)"
  16. @baysidebetty "@Poet_Carl_Watts - It's so nice to see you back Carl. : )
  17. @Allyinspirit "@Poet_Carl_Watts Wishing you beautiful Angel dreaming now Carl: To sooth away all effects of such a
    traumatic experience."
  18. @Dr_Keith_USA "@Poet_Carl_Watts glad yr back "
  19. @LIGHTFALLONME "@Poet_Carl_Watts u, too, am happy you're back!"
  20. @icpchad "@Poet_Carl_Watts Welcome back "
  21. @DaviesBooks "@Poet_Carl_Watts Welcome back-we missed you, Carl! XO, Jessica"
  22. @marcyeiben "@Poet_Carl_Watts Yay!!!"
  23. @HeidiBelle "SO GLAD!!! RT @Poet_Carl_Watts: Poet_Carl_Watt is back RT PLS!"
  24. @PeterParker74 "@Poet_Carl_Watts welcome back!"
  25. @AmbroseOnStage "@Poet_Carl_Watts ~ he is back..."
  26. @n0rtel "@Poet_Carl_Watts welcome back sir RT!"
  27. @millerfinch "RT @Poet_Carl_Watts: On a social netwk, peeps shld B social. twttr2! Before suspend, warning w/ reasons s/b
    issued. RT please! Glad2B Back!"
  28. @the_dude840 "@Poet_Carl_Watts that's ok yeah I heard twitter suspended ya welcome back on!"
  29. @millerfinch "RT @Poet_Carl_Watts: Poet_Carl_Watt is back RT PLS! Yay! Glad to see you back!"
  30. @abydauz  "@Poet_Carl_Watts we need your words of wisdom ."
  31. @slsrz777 "Welcome back! :) @Poet_Carl_Watts"
  32. @Grizz83 "@Poet_Carl_Watts so that's why y jusy up and stop tweeting glad u r back"
And they keep coming in:
  1. @pixiemona "Welcome back! : )"
  2. @abi_ori "@Poet_Carl_Watts nice to hav u back sir :)"
  3. @n0rtel "@Poet_Carl_Watts please take a moment to welcome me as I am the alliance. BIG thx2u"
  4. @DebraUlrich "@Poet_Carl_Watts I'm so glad you're back! It's always nice 2see u! :)"
  5. @fanofrob :@Poet_Carl_Watts glad your back ;)"
  6. @@DebiKnowlesKewl "@Poet_Carl_Watts You have an #Awesome Evening ;) & thx for being such a pleasure to Tweet with
  7. @Yueesei "@Poet_Carl_Watts sorry for my late greeting Carl :) but welcome back to the twitter ♥" (rec'd 9/4)

From Twitter: @lurainpenny says "@MaryHWatts Keep up the good work, Mary Knowledge IS power! Thanks for
spreading it around - Love, LuRain x" (I'm using Mary's account)

From Twitter:
  1. Tfit Inc Daily 8/24/10
  2. Tfit Inc Daily 8/25/10
  3. Iva Tanackovic Daily 8/24/10.
  4. Iva Tanackovic Daily 8/25/10.
  5. @ghc8008 says "@Poet_Carl_Watts is a pillar of this community, one who makes the real world shine and grow & contributes
    more than a 1000 of us!!"

From Twitter regarding a Twitter Verse" @tmahia_ini says "@Poet_Carl_Watts WOW! Loving that poem! x"

From Twitter:
  1. @flyeagle72 says"@Poet_Carl_Watts I luv ur tweets! so much useful info! Thank u Carl!"
  2. Ida Horner Daily. Promoting my posting on Twitter!
  3. Solveight Calderin Daily. Promoting my posting on Twitter!
  4. Iva Tanackovic Daily. Promoting my posting on Twitter!
  5. Oguz Serdar Daily. Promoting my posting on Twitter!
  6. Jay Oswego Daily. Promoting my posting on Twitter!

From Twitter: @tyronnekeep says "@Poet_Carl_Watts further to Krill! I always thought they were a Dr Who monster until
today! Guess you live and learn! Keep up the good work!"

From Twitter: @dan_coyle says "@Poet_Carl_Watts You're welcome and I love it!"

From Twitter: @nhaynee  says "@Poet_Carl_Watts I love reading your quotes."

From Twitter:
  1. @YogaArmy says "@Poet_Carl_Watts Thanks Carl for the tweets! Hope all is well! Have a great day :)"
  2. @unmitigatedgall says "@Poet_Carl_Watts Thanks for the info about tweeter new to it. so it helped me alot."
  3. @TurboKitty says "@Poet_Carl_Watts You give GREAT INFORMATION =)"
  4. @AROProject says "@Poet_Carl_Watts Thanks Carl, Help us reach more people to become supporter of our cause.. Thanks

From Twitter:
  1. @fearlessgirl1 says "@Poet_Carl_Watts is another one of the nicest folks on twitter :)"
  2. @moondustwriter says "@Poet_Carl_Watts you bet I know the RT can do that - just keep putting out that gr8 stuff - moon

From Twitter: @thefuturesoundz says "THANK U @POET_CARL_WATTS 4 IMPRTNT INFO & SUPPORT OF

From Twitter: @DarkChuey says "@Poet_Carl_Watts thanks for the #FF. Ur tweets are informative n thought provoking"

From Twitter: @OurKnickknacks says "@Poet_Carl_Watts....#FollowFriday - Hope you know how important you are to

From Twitter :
  1. @napf says "@Poet_Carl_Watts Thanks for tweeting our Peter & Paul reception and for all the great work you do!"
  2. via an Email: @takethemonkeys says "Thanks, Carl! I've been loving your tweets, by the way! :-)"

From Twitter:
  1. @sandanyi says "A #standalone Follow request going to @Poet_Carl_Watts for great posts with a lot of good info!"
  2. @sandanyi says "@Poet_Carl_Watts just keep doing great work! It is needed in the world #AwesomeTeam"
  3. @ImmaChocoholic says "@Poet_Carl_Watts I am honored :) Thank you for offering...just be you :) Help spread the word
    about the power of Xocai #chocolate #hugs"
  4. @ImmaChocoholic says "I endorse @poet_carl_watts for #Artist #humanrights #nutrition -"
  5. @Megawitch says "@Poet_Carl_Watts Hey Carl! Meegwetch for always being so good to me! (I do enjoy your posts too.)
    (Meegwetch means thank you)

From Twitter: @KJOffice says "@Poet_Carl_Watts u 2 Mr. Watts! Have a great rest of the week! :) Keep up the great work
you're doing. I really appreciate your tweets!"

From Twitter: @ghc8008 says "@Poet_Carl_Watts YW! How do you get so much first class materials? It is impressive by any
standards - Pleasure to follow you!"  
I replied: @ghc8008 I get 100s of newsletters. I read/scan, evaluate, promo those I feel R valid & might help man. My intent:
educate, increase comm:-)
His response: "@Poet_Carl_Watts ...Well! You are doing a hell of a job - Proud to keep you company anywhere!! :)"

7/31/10 From Twitter:
  1. @farrellhamann says: "@Poet_Carl_Watts I like what you are doing with the Aspartame, etc. tweets. Thanks."
  2. @Grizz83 says: "@Poet_Carl_Watts god I love your tweets." See what others are saying about Poet_Carl_Watts by clicking here!

7/27/10 From
  1. @tyronnekeep says "If get a chance please check out @Poet_Carl_Watts".
  2. @TheRealShexy  says "One smart man! #follow @Poet_Carl_Watts"

7/26/10 From
Twitter: @MDW21 says "or better yet, please follow @Poet_Carl_Watts he has his finger on the pulse of a lot of today's issues."

7/20/10 From
Twitter: @cathorio says: "@Poet_Carl_Watts ★•:*:• ¸.·'★I ԼσʊƐ ƒσℓℓσωιηg Շнiѕ Iηѕριяιηg Aηgєℓ! •¨*• ...(◡‿◡) @Poet_Carl_Watts
☚☚☚ fσℓℓσωιиg"

7/16/10 From
Twitter: @brenisphere says:"FOLLOW @Poet_Carl_Watts Artist who promotes other Artists Human
Rights Nutrition"

  1. @OldManRiley says: "@Poet_Carl_Watts You are most welcome, young man. Thank you for your work supporting artists and people
  2. @icww says: "@Poet_Carl_Watts your tweets are very cool. RAY"
  3. See what others are saying about Poet_Carl_Watts by clicking here!

  1. @homespaparties says: "@Poet_Carl_Watts Great Tweet! Thaks for sharing such valuable information."
  2. @leahita says"@Poet_Carl_Watts Thx so much 4 all the love, Carl! You are truly inspirational! ♥ #liberty #freedomfighters #creativity
    #aesthetics" See what others are saying about Poet_Carl_Watts by clicking here!

  1. From my general efforts to help author/artists, Rick Munoz writes:  "Carl Watts is a true man of character and a person that strongly
    desires to help others succeed without expecting anything in return. I've known Carl for a number of years and from day one he has always
    sought to promote my creative efforts as well as offering encouragement along the way. Carl Watts is diffidently someone to have on your
  2. Another compliment paid for promoting Mario Feninger's birthday Concert at no cost: "Carl, you are simply THE BEST !!! Thank you :)))
    Jan & Tom"
  3. From Twitter: @PilatesMindBody says"#FollowFriday isn’t complete without this great Tweep >>> @Poet_Carl_Watts"

7/5/10 From
Twitter, one of my followers write: "Been a follower for awhile. I enjoyed the article and agree that the "PoPo" need to catch criminals
and not the providers of their salaries(property taxes,etc)...Anything I see on your site I will RT. Your site has substance.  Thanks.  Wiljaxon"

7/3/10 From
Twitter: @sandanyi says "@Poet_Carl_Watts ur on fire today!"

7/2/10 From
Twitter: @elamar says: "@Poet_Carl_Watts Follow Friday - My 1st twitter buddy Poet Carl!"

6/28/10 From
Twitter: @BobbyRingstrom says" "@Poet_Carl_Watts Great balance of interests and understanding, Carl---good tweeter!"

6/27/10 An author friend of mind replied to my email: "Fantastic advice. I love it! I was just talking with a friend on how important it is, when sending
out PR info, to make it simple and straight to the point for the recipient(s)." RM.

6/25/10 From
Twitter: @Williamm49 says "@Poet_Carl_Watts information ghuru :) please #ff"

6/24/10 From
  1. @PippinPotter11 says "You help keep the world moving in a positive direction!"
  2. @ghc8008 says "@Poet_Carl_Watts "inject...aesthetics into the time stream..." <=I think you do, you regularly do; right thing & yes
    #2muchbadnews no-good"

6/23/10 From
Twitter: @DickAmateur Says: "AMAZING Info for YOU! From @Poet_Carl_Watts  No denying it. Carl works very hard to provide YOU
with hard to get info."

6/13/10 From
Twitter: @CristinaHuidiu says "@Poet_Carl_Watts friends always tell one when he/she is wrong, give constructive critics and are
always there to back one up"

6/12/10 From
@FleshnChrome says "@Poet_Carl_Watts Ya hit the nail right on the head, Carl, that was awesome! Thank you. :D"
@FleshnChrome second communication: "@Poet_Carl_Watts It's not the first of yours I've liked brother, but it definitely struck a chord today.
Thanks again, #MuchLove & #Respect"

He was responding to the article I wrote:
Comment on Opinions.

6/9/10 From Twitter: @waynemcevilly @Poet_Carl_Watts ThankYou - I appreciate your efforts in the direction of creative thought and realization.

6/6/10 A friend of mine writes "What you sent me has a validating effect on me. As your comm always does. I expect others have said the same thing
as you are so consistent in that regard. Just by that alone, you spread considerable theta." (Theta=life, good things) FW

6/1/10 A friend of mine writes " You always have a valuable response that makes me know you care. I thank you. FW"

Twitter: @brenisphere says "@TeamHumanityNet Hi! So true! The old "sin of omission" - failing to do good when it is possible to do so. Gr8
post by @Poet_Carl_Watts"

5/29/10 From
Twitter: @JDenigma says "#FF @poet_carl_watts a nice guy who seems to like to stick it to the pharmaceutical industry ;-)"

5/27/10 From
  1. @PippinPotter11 says "Who`s your #RockStar?... @Poet_Carl_Watts -the world`s a better place because of U"
  2. @carolyncjjones says "@Poet_Carl_Watts I really liked your post about treating others with more respect... #Awesome Team day
    2 u,2! :)"  
Also Carolyn sent me an email: "Boy, your work is inspiring. Hope it continues to go well for you. :) I'll pass out smiles as I go through each day. cj"

5/19/10 From
  1. @CristinaHuidiu says "@Poet_Carl_Watts thx for the #AwesomeTeam #ff always a pleasure to be on that list"
  2. @HappyLittleBees says "@Poet_Carl_Watts Always a pleasure to share your 'gems.'"

5/6/10 From
Twitter: @rebeccay says: "@Poet_Carl_Watts << If you are not following this guy, you must. Very interesting info about health and
other things! 2:47 PM May 6th via TweetDeck in reply to Poet_Carl_Watts"

4/30/10 A lady I've never met but help as best as I can wrote me an email: "Thank you Very – Very Much Mr. Watts – I am calling you Mr because
you deserve the title of Mr. Can Do Anything Leader. ML, B.A."

4/24/10 From
Twitter: @kailmeyra says: "New to twitter? You gotta follow @Poet_Carl_Watts! He's a sea on information to float on :-)"

4/22/10 From
Twitter: @kailmeyra says: Thank you @Poet_Carl_Watts for your help and encouragement. You make the tweeting community less

4/11/10 From
Twitter: @smileegirl says: "@Poet_Carl_Watts Hi :D Thank you for being here~ for being friendly~ for giving and sharing!!! Thank
you :D"

4/10/10 A friend of mine writes: Carl! You are AWESOME!!!! Thank you so much for your support!!!! Xoxox Vicki

4/8/10 I'm a little late but a friend wrote me on 3/8/10: You are a great ally Carl.  A terrific Friend and willing to help salvage this nutty world. BA

4/7/10 From Twitter:
  1. @leahita says: @Poet_Carl_Watts Thanx so much 4 the love, my ON SOURCE, #freedomfighting friend! Always with affinity & #liberty! ♥
  2. @DebraUlrich says: @Poet_Carl_Watts thank you! you're wonderful 2follow! hope u're having a great day! :)

3/30/10 From Twitter: @rivawriter says: @Poet_Carl_Watts Man to #follow @Poet_Carl_Watts He's an awesome friend to have.

3/26/10 From
DA says "@Poet_Carl_Watts The KING of Social Media "non-mainstream" News"
@rebeccay says "@Poet_Carl_Watts you brightin my twitter experience!! thanks!"

3/23/10 A friend wrote me in an email "I just read your twitter pages. Thanks for the excellent info." JM.

3/19/10 From
Twitter: @AnnetteLHunter says: #FF @Poet_Carl_Watts . Carl is amazing at reaching out on Twitter. He is someone you want to

3/12/10 From
  1. @LeticiaHaley says: @Poet_Carl_Watts great content. Keep it coming!!
  2. @DickAmateur says: #FF @Poet_Carl_Watts <<<- Now here is a GREAT site... SOOOO much good info.. for good health & awareness.
    Like Carl says Knowledge is Power
  3. @DickAmateur says: #FF @Poet_Carl_Watts <<<-- Your the best BUDDY! Follow the social media info KING
  4. @_secretlyfamous says: @Poet_Carl_Watts Thank you for your kind mention - you're awesome! Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Keep

3/10/10 From
Twitter: @Blackdogworld says: @Poet_Carl_Watts You are amazing, thanks for all you do.

3/5/10 From
  1. @Nussknackerin says: RT @Poet_Carl_Watts I have found so many great friends on Twitter! We truly R an #AwesomeTeam.I'm honored
    to have U me to follow U:-) Thx!
  2. @AnnetteLHunter says: @Poet_Carl_Watts #FF Interesting and very engaged. Carl is a human being worth knowing. You won't be sorry!!
  3. @EduardoCBraga says: @Poet_Carl_Watts Friend, your work is great. Made with much love for LIFE. THANKS.

2/28/10 From
Twitter: @carewolf10 says "@Poet_Carl_Watts .RTs are power of internet spreading truth knowledge freedom giving hope.// That's
beautiful-thanks Carl"

2/27/10 From
  1. @LeahBtwo says "@Poet_Carl_Watts Ty Carl,I'm glad you're on my team,my friend"
  2. @sight2seize says "This make my day! RT @Poet_Carl_Watts: "Each RT is more valuable that the last. RT pls!"
  3. @parkstepp says "I love Twitter.....It is a great way to share discoveries and knowledge..and of course meet incredible people as yourself.....
    See you on the Stream..."
  4. I'd just like to say thank you for Who you are, Carl.  You're on my twitter (@TeamHumanityNet)

2/26/10 From
  1. @PHILIPGRANGER says: "@Poet_Carl_Watts #AwesomeTeam There is some good Twitter Info at your site Carl!!!!"
  2. @nora43 says: "@Poet_Carl_Watts - What a great question! So true in today's society.Nothing like having a face to face conversation!
    Times have changed!!"
  3. @LeticiaHaley says "#FF @Poet_Carl_Watts Awesome info and great relevant tweets"

2/24/10 From
@Blackdogworld writes: @Poet_Carl_Watts Got one for you. Does meaness exist so we know kindness?
I replied: @Blackdogworld Meanness exists due to aberrations, illogical thinking. Kindness exists to increase survival of all! #AwesomeTeam :-)
@Blackdogworld says: @Poet_Carl_Watts I knew you would have the prefect answer, thank you.

2/19/10 From
  1. @LumoDaGr8 Every1 #FF @Poet_Carl_Watts & @LoveShackFilmsasap the most powerful tweets I have ever seen Lets
    go#Change_Makers Follow them
  2. @ARTweestic #followfriday @Poet_Carl_Watts ♥To know him is to love him♥

2/12/10 From
Twitter: @rjofeshoppers says "@Poet_Carl_Watts <<<---- Follow Carl....and get insight !!"

2/7/10 From
  1. One of my followers wrote an article and gave partial credit to one of my poems for some of the inspiration of the article. @birdify is my
    follower and a good person to follow! Click to read his article Relax and Enjoy Life! (The poem he read was Brightness)
  2. @ProtruckR says "@Poet_Carl_Watts <--- Show Some Poetic Love To Carl Watts Friends. Give him a Friendly Follow and Hello.
  3. @DebraUlrich says "@Poet_Carl_Watts You're a very special man, and I am honored to be 'connected' to u! :)"

2/5/10 From
  1. @fit4readingcouk says "@Poet_Carl_Watts you do great work and I'm proud to know you"
  2. #Grizzly Twitter Vol. 1 Issue 2 Feb. 5th, 2010 (they listed one of the messages I sent out and mentioned my site on theirs! Click to view!

2/3/10 From
  1. @leahita says "@Poet_Carl_Watts Love it, Carl, & all the magic you create! BTW....a trillion thanx 4 helping my friend Madison!!!
  2. @sight2seize says: ":-) My #favorite 2day! RT @Poet_Carl_Watts ...I hope U have great dreams that create an awesome future for you
    and all of mankind..."

2/2/10 From
Twitter: @PaloArte says: "hi everyone! please meet and follow a promoter of Arts, poet of love, loving friend Carl Watts
@Poet_Carl_Watts" Don't you love it when people say great things about you!

1/29/10 From
  1. @momentsbybrett says "@Poet_Carl_Watts Thank you sir for always tweeting the good stuff!"
  2. @floorsflorida says "@Poet_Carl_Watts you are added to my new list! Your support is amazing!"

1/28/10 From
Twitter: @nicave said: "@Poet_Carl_Watts best person and a philosopher to follow...."

1/24/10 From
Twitter: @birdify (my follower writes) "@Poet_Carl_Watts I featured you in my story in progress: 'How I'm
Becoming an Internet Entrepreneur.'
" Follow the link and read his article to see his comment about me. He's a real person learning and sharing.

1/21/10 From
Twitter: (@floorsflorida made the original comment and @4prina resent the comment to all her followers. Nice people!)
  1. @floorsflorida says "#MrTweet i recommend @Poet_Carl_Watts because he is amazing, kind & goes beyond to help people ."
  2. @4prina says "RT @floorsflorida: #MrTweet i recommend @Poet_Carl_Watts because he is amazing, kind & goes beyond to help people

1/20/10 From
Twitter: @birdify (one of my followers writes) "@deliciouscookin ....And I am glad : ) I think it was @Poet_Carl_Watts who
first showed me that together, we can make the world greater!"

1/8/10 From
Twitter: @ghaelbop (a follower) @Poet_Carl_Watts (that's me) "your woodwork is totally awesome."

1/5/10 Compliments paid me on
Twitter (Poet_Carl_Watts is me):
  1. @GlobalChangeMe @Poet_Carl_Watts Thank you for following us and all you do to help create change in the world
  2. @MistressDidi @Poet_Carl_Watts You've got a lot of good stuff on your site! Thanx!
  3. @realjrking follow -----> @Poet_Carl_Watts great man with a great cause. HEAL THE WORLD! It's all about love!

Twitter: @Poet_Carl_Watts One of my most favourite QUALITY Tweeters. D.A.

Twitter: @Poet_Carl_Watts I'm not bored...i'm sleepy. 'Nite Poet...I enjoy ur tweets. L.R

Twitter: "DickAmateur #FOLLOWFRIDAY @Poet_Carl_Watts HERO OF THE PEOPLE and one heck of a nice guy (#FOLLOWFRIDAY
is an effort by people on Twitter to help other gains more followers)

11/26/09 Among things to be thankful, I cherish and thank for your constant support. Have a blessed holiday. MM (email for an artist I promote
at no cost)

11/20/09 "These tweeps add Value 2 my world,follow them" (translation= On Twitter, I'd be called a "Tweep" because I tweet. To learn about
Twitter, click here!)

11/19/09 Some of you may have noticed that I promote
Youth For Human Rights! In the past several months, I have generated 32,000+ unique
click onto their website. Pretty good! I'm calling this a success! Most of these were a direct results of

Thank you for your invaluable help again. ... I'd like to give you a page in our theatre program. AS

Twitter: "Hi Carl, love your website and the whole concept about saving the world with art, agree with you 100%! You sent me a message
in Twitter, that's how I found this site. I have a great friend who is an artist, a painter...his website is at, and his name is Yuri
Martinez. Thank you!" M.Y.

Twitter: "Please follow my friend @Poet_Carl_Watts for great info & FREE assistance if ur an Artist. Carl knows whats really going down,
& Carl cares 7:53 PM Oct 25th from web" DA

10/24/09 Carl Watts - Voted
"Best of LA" in the Handyman category on 19 Oct 09 By TheRazzLine "Best of 2009/2010". See what I can do
Handyman Services.

Twitter: what's going on?Hope all is going the way you want, you've been a great help to me and I will continue to follow. to your
health and Success. L

Twitter: MATE, you had such EXCELLENT information, things the world needs to see. I'm alot like you my friend. I'm trying to do
the same as you only in a different way and reach out to different people. ...MATE, you were pushing the limits, you  were right on the edge of what
one can say and get away with, exactly like what I try to do. Only you were going further. ...People like you and I are living (for now) proffe their is
no true freedom of speech in the world.  About the last thing I saw you tweet was the 9/11 stuff...I loved it, always kept an open mind about it. That
was the most convincing presentation re 9/11 conspiricy I've ever seen. DA

Twitter: Hi Carl, just wanted to say thanks for all you do, I appreciate the RT of my blog, thanks again it means a lot to me. Friend and
follower. L

Twitter: Hello Carl Just wanted to say thanks for the great posting on Twitter. Definitely helpful! LJ (WH folder)

Twitter: Hello sir...this is really an incredible task you are doing.At this point of time earth really needs such actions. NB (WH folder)

Twitter: I really admire your twitter activity and when I saw this page thought I should make a connection with you. CT (WH folder)

Twitter: Thanks for the message via twitter. We'd love your support. whatever you can do to help would be excellent. thanks. Justin (WH

Twitter: I wanted to write to say thank you and what an honour it is that you are following me on twitter. I love your website here and
how you are willing to help get the word out about art to touch, move, and inspire lives. Thank you for this you are amazing. PD (WH folder)

Twitter: Hi Carl. I appreciate what you are doing and how you are using social media to spread Truth. JH (WH folder)

Website Success via Twitter: Hi Carl  I just want to say that i enjoy your site very much.   I spent a lot of time on it last night, looking at all
the art and whatnot.  I'm sure i'll go to it often--so much to see SW (WH folder)

Twitter:Thanks for the follow and message on Twitter.  I'm a musician in ny.  It looks like you're doing some nice stuff here.  Keep up the
good work! JI (WH folder)

Twitter: Thanks so much for your support and encouragement.  After receiving your message on Twitter, I visited your website.  I
enjoyed it immensely, especially the "Aurora" poem.  I think it's about time the Divine Feminine be brought back into the mix! BHL (WH folder)

Twitter: Dear Sir, have only checked parts of your site, but everything I have seen I like very much. Maybe, especialy, all the stuff you
have about Scientology, Dianetics... I will really have to find time to read up on it. Only know bits and peices. To me its obvious Lt. Ron Hubbard was
a genious and humanitarian... Also the way the news, (in Australia at least) constantly attacks Scientology (and weak attacks, many lies easy to
spot), to me is even more proof that they are a great bunch of planet savers... All the best Carl, great site, keep up the good work. DA

Website Successes: Recently I have had some people donate to my site. Their donations have gone to paying for software to help me
promote them and you far and wide across the social networks: Those donors are:
Mira Mataric and Grace Sylke! They are to be commended
for helping the arts and the promotion of art and artists! Thank you!

Mira Mataric writes "Thank you, Carl, for your dedication to a noble mission. Sincerely, MM

7/14/09 Win! The founder of Art Day delivered a basket to the Mayor of Glendale CA containing my poem
Art Day!

6/29/09 Success on poem "
We've Been Lied To!"
Thank you for being a poet and letting the poem speak for itself. FM

I love poetry and really enjoyed your poem "Life, What a Marvelous Game" - it is beautiful! MV

4/26/09 Win on my SAVE the WORLD campaign:
    Causing things is great! I know that is a broad statement and it’s intended to be. Causing things is something we all have in common
    because we all do it.
    Being the effect has its upsides too!  My favorite thing when it comes to being an effect is not the taste of an intensely juicy orange, or the
    thrill of jumping from a plane with a parachute on my back- it’s being inspired, inspired by individuals that make a difference.
    There have been times I have given and given and given. It’s in my nature. An imbalance occurred when it seemed like the giving was only
    one way. In truth, I know there are many people that have desires and take action to make a difference. Well, I want to make those desires
    and actions known.
    I know I’m not the only one that finds inspiration to be of incredible value.
    A friend of mine, Carl Watts, started promoting 3 short youtube videos. He called this campaign, ‘save the world’ and promoted it on his
    website. I got a pretty good idea of where he was going with this campaign before I even watched a video. Instantly a new website expanding
    on the concept popped into my head, and I stayed up all night making it. See, causing things is great; it makes you stay up past your
    I did end up watching the videos, and after I sobbed for a couple minutes I decided I would invite you to sign up on the site. That’s now.
    You will be doing me a great favor and potentially many others by taking a moment to do so. First check out the site, and then help me tap
    into the power of inspiration.
    On the sign up page you have the option of subscribing to the newsletter, which will share highlights on what others are doing to make a
    difference. Also we’ll keep you informed on other updates like new site features that have yet to get developed.
    If you find any of this interesting or helpful please forward this letter or the link. If you have ideas or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to get
    in touch. I am very interested in creating the most optimum place for inspiring others into action- (it’s something others have done for me
    and I am now paying forward) Joe Ball

4/22/09 Comments on "
Naming the Ideal"
  1. Beautiful! JR
  2. Hi there Carl.............. that is beautiful.... thank YOU..... you surely ARE contributing to the ideal scene !!! CV
  3. Thank you.  We all need to be reminded that we need to continue to create what will be! MS

4/19-21/09 Comments on "
The Secret Way"
  1. Nice, Thanks JR
  2. Another very nice poem. Thanks Carl! BD
  3. Awesome, Carl!!! MS
  4. Nice ideas Carl..JJ

4/16/09 Comments on "
Three Wishes"
  1. How phenomenally theta!! Thanks! PD
  2. Beautiful!  Wishes do come true. JR
  3. This is a wonderful poem Carl!  I love every word of it.  :-)  I'm going to print it out and put it on my "Wall of Wisdom."  :-) KC

4/12/09 and 4/17/09 Comments on "
New Life"
  1. Again Carl, very, very nice. AS
  2. This poem moved me, you are so good...JJ

4/10/09 Comment on "
"Congratulations! Your poem,
Clearwater, will be published in the Little Book of Cleveland Street Poetry Vol II, which will be released at the 2nd
Annual Cleveland Street District Poetry Walk on Saturday, April 18...Stazja McFadyen
Poetry Walk Coordinator, Artists in Action International"

3/23/09 Comment on "Forest Life"
  1. Great poem Carl. Thanks for sharing it. It is a great poem.  It reminded me that: Life is life and all forest life in my universe is an extension of self. The leaves are
    waving each day when I look out the window. They too enjoy the freedom to move back and forth, up and down with help from the wind which is also an extension
    of self. Much like my Pekinese pup is an extension of self.  BA
  2. I like it. Cyndi

2/25/09 Comments on "
War Child"
  1. I thought it was great - compelling and emotional. EH
  2. I liked particularly the first half.  You could almost end it after “Baby Jane”. It would be pretty powerful and would get the message across.  Anyway, I think it’s my
    favorite of the ones I’ve read of yours. RP

2/23/09 General Comment: You're doing a great thing for artists, and we appreciate it.  Thank very much for doing all this.  I read your latest poems.  Thank you for writing
those jewels.  Your devotion to, and affinity for the 2nd Dynamic(Family) is admirable.  Those poems, indeed, much of your everyday life, manifest that you're a very
encouraging person: you want to teach and encourage and help others to achieve the most they can, to make the most of themselves, to show them how to be happy.  This
is a rare and valuable thing.  Please continue. IB
2/23/09 Comment on the poems "
Blue" and "Spirit Mug Shot" I did sample two titles that caught my eye: "Blue" and "Spirit Mug Shot."  Your poetry gives me a loose, free,
expansive feeling.  Not only did I enjoy it as a reader, I learned from it as an artist. Thank you! SW
2/23/09 Comments on "
War Child"
  1. I liked it a lot, esp.: "Do the bad always win? Do we have no voice? They kill for profit and power, it seemed we had no choice. Ah, a new game to play, no more
    war for us! War child form a band; stop the killing in the night. Speak up loudly now, no more tears in the dark  Unite into a strong group, peace must be agreed.  
    Singer lead the way, unite us with your song Lead us to peace, together we are strong!"  Good stuff. Thanks! SJ
  2. Wow. This one is great! VF
2/23/09 Win! My poem "Art Day" was accepted as the offical poem for Art Day 2009!

2/15/09 Comment on the poem "
Awe" Awesome, Carl. Something to try on everyday, it always fits. LF

2/12/09 Comments on the poem "
Hope for a Spouse" Just a lovely poem!! Thank you  CH

2/10/09 Comment on the poem "
River Perception" Damn ! One helluva communication! FW

2/9/09 Comment on the poem "
Serpent" Brilliant. Really great! Pass it far and wide! FS

2/8/09 Comment on "
River Perceptions" Thanks, Carl.  It's fantastic. You do need to publish a nice little book! (or a big one!!) BM

2/7/09 Comments on the poem "
Hope for a Spouse"
  1. More people should read this and take it to heart.  Very nice. AS
  2. Another great poem that really communicates....thanks Carl! BD
  3. Hi Carl, are you looking for a partner?Just curious. YW
  4. Awesome Carl  : )  Love it! What I love about your poetry is that it inspires action and hope and the promise that things can be better than they are, if you ACT. JG
  5. Beautiful & so well put!!!  I love it! RL
  6. That's downright studly!! VG
  7. I like the specifics in the first few stanzas. A balance of mass and significance...Puts us in the poem. Gives us the experience, let's us draw conclusions from what
    has become (in the poem) our own experience...."Sleeping in a cold bed, lots of room to roll"  impinges...DB
  8. Well honestly your poetry contributes plenty and really has impacted me!!!!  In fact I wanted to ack the poem, then found myself hesitating, (crazy huh) then I
    realized that you were communicating just that-- to communicate!!! So there you have it, you helped me by reminding me to outflow & communicate!!!!! RL  
  9. Well, I'll start out by admiring this beautiful poem. Thank you :) LF
  10. Very cool! Thanks for sharing.  AE
  11. That was great. Are you single? Are you hoping for a spouse? How old are you? My mother is single. Do you have a picture? TC

2/4/09 General Compliment on my site!
    You have such an abundance of great info on your website.  I got lost in time reading your poetry and checking out many of the links!  I will definitely forward your
    website to others. RL

2/2/09 Comments on the poem "
  1. Very nice- thanks for sharing! CJ
  2. Very nice, Carl – as usual. AS
  3. Very well said.  It helped. CK
  4. Nice. thankyou!! GB
  5. That is a fabulous poem!!!!  It is a good way to start my day, so thank you for the inspiration & thank you for sharing!!!! RL

Jan 26-28, 2009 Comment on "
Valentine's Day Wish"
  1. As always Carl – very nice. AS
  2. Very nice, Carl!  SK

Jan 24-26 2009 Comment on "
Reality Check, The Mines of Valtar"
  1. ...this poem has impact.  MS
  2. Nice, meaningful, emotional, thanks! RS
  3. Very goddamned nice! JG
  4. Very cool.  I liked it.  AS

Jan 19, 2009 Comments on "Imagining Desiree"
  1. Very cool Carl.  I can duplicate your sentiment 100%.  AS
  2. Hi, I like this a lot. JG

Jan 19, 2009 Comments on "The Man in Bronze"
  1. Wow. Pretty good.  Thanks for sending this to me. CR
  2. Very well done! MW

Jan 16, 2009 Comment on "
Reality Check, A Pointless Battle" OMG...I just read this!  EXCELLENT!   I cannot wait for Jason to read this!!! SS

Jan 11, 2009 Comment on "
government Humor" My sentiments exactly!! AS

Jan 10, 2009 Comment on "
Reality Check, The Arena"
  1. Hi! I really liked this one! MF
  2. I liked it. It was a bit on the morbid side. I like that. AM

Jan 9, 2009 Success on "
Dare to Be Theta" Wow Carl,Thank you, I am wiping the tears away still, lots of truth in this poem. And its very beautiful poetry. Talks to me big
time, all with one sentence from me, you are an incredible poet!!! Even sent a copy to the the other, who has been out of comm for 4 months now. as I cover all,
including our daughter, alone....but I am doing it......Maybe the blade of asthetics will cut through the stone, it is a very powerful blade, I say. Thank you. I am sure as I read
this beautiful poem over and over, the tears will finish and then it will be better for you having written this very hitting home piece. ML,CH
Jan 9, 2009 Success on "
Infinity" I think this is so fantastic! I will share your win at staff muster if you don't mind. SP
Jan 9, 2009 Progress letter "
Delphi Academy of Los Angelse". I received their letter giving an accounting on the progress of the       students for the first four months of this
school term. It is incredible what those children have done.
See the letter, click here!

Jan 8, 2009 Comment on "
Aurora" OMG!!! OMG!!! It is FANTASTIC!!!  I LOVE it!! In fact, I might have it put to music!  I can totally use it in either form. I'll be sure to send you
the link to the completed movie.... It's just PERFECT!! You got the tone and humor EXACTLY right!  Amazing!! Thanks SO SO much!  I can't thank you enough.  I was
planning on giving you a credit at the end of the movie. Is that enough? Again, amazing and thanks! LP

Jan 6, 2009 Comment on "
A Contrast of Night and Day" I was laughing out loud about that line, "planets left in slime." Also "they slither through time," and "the kindling is
sparking."  FW
Jan 6, 2009 Comment on "
Life, What a Marvelous Game!" Beautiful!!! RS
Jan 6, 2009 Comment on "
Infinity" Wow! Such a beatiful poem!! I see you a great artist! Keep doing what you are doing and enjoy every moment... M
Jan 6, 2009 Comments on "
For Jett" and or "Past, Present, and Future"
  1. really really beautiful, Elizabeth!  Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing your poem and Carl's...I'm sure John and Kelly and Ella are grateful...AN
  2. Very, very nice. Thanks to both of you. AS
  3. Beautiful!!! Thank you so much for these! JV
  4. very wonderful sentiments -- I'm sure somehow, somewhere, they get to both Jett and JT and provide comfort. MB
  5. Caring expressions of a most wonderful kind with these words of love here in only theta universe time - JC

Jan 5, 2009 A success testimonial for "
Nutritional Response Testing" See success story posted here re: eliminating mercury, losing weigh, feeling younger and better
Jan 5, 2009 Success on me just helping another, See My Philosophy: Thanks so much. This is so theta email.  I think you already helped me.  I'll definately do both.  Again
thanks SO much. OL
Jan 5, 2009 Comment on "
Beyond Force" That's f'n awesome dude! I love it!-MA
Jan 5, 2009 Comment on "
Who is This Man?" Brilliant!!! So captures the spirit of our beloved DR. RON PAUL. LF
Jan 5, 2009 Comment on "
Past, Present, and Future" Thank you Carl, and very well said. PM

Jan 3, 2009 Success on the poem "
Infinity" Very, very nice Carl. AS
Jan 3, 2009 Comments on "
Beyond Force"
  1. Beautiful, Carl--thank you! RST
  2. Very cool Carl.  As usual.  Thanks. AS
  3. Beautiful and space-making, Carl! Thank you! MB
  4. Very nice Carl!! JS
  5. I really like the Poem. Thanks, BD
  6. Very cool, JC

Jan 2, 2009 Comments on the poem "
The Creating of Earth's Future" Thanks very much.  The poem is very poignant.  BW

Dec 31, 2008 Comments on the poem "
Untying of Attention Units"
  1. Really fun, Carl!  Thanks for the chuckle!! LAL
  2. Excellent poem!!!! You rock! SS
  3. Very nice peom Carl. Thank you. AM
  4. This is adorable! You are on a fabulous create.  Continue.  I love reading them! JP
  5. Very clever promotion!!! Nice job. KD

Dec 30, 2008 Comments on the poem "The Creating of Earth's Future"
  1. I have the same concerns. Thank you for creating this poem that communicates it so well. VM (TP)
  2. A nice piece of work - enjoyed reading. I enjoy rhyme and rhythm in written form. You did well. JC
  3. Hi Carl, This is so awesome.  Just amazing. I would like, at a time in the near future, put this in one of my newsletters?  May I? JP (I told her "of course!")
  4. Awesome, Carl! LAL

Dec 29, 2008 Comment on "
The Man and Life" This is nice, I like it …. (and I am picky about poetry sometimes) EO (a poet she is)

Dec 27/28/29, 2008 Comments on the poem "Infinity"
  1. J.G. shared your poem with me and I must say thank you.  It blew charge, made me bigger and made me happy. Thank you! MR
  2. Wow, it's expanding just to read your poem! Very well done!! AE
  3. Wow.   What an exteriorizing poem.   Thanks.   That was super theta and easy to read.  I quite enjoyed it.SM  
  4. What an exquisite poem Carl.  It is TRUTH.  It blows the lies away. If you had it beautifully printed, I would buy it for myself and my selectees!  I just love it. JG (I'll be
    doing this! Carl)
  5. Hi Carl,This is a lovely poem.  E.B.N.
  6. Wow, Carl, that's incredibly inspiring - it's a hat writeup on how to create as a real thetan. It inspires me - a way too part-time painter and writer. Thank you, LF
  7. Powerful! Thanks! FW

Dec 22, 2008 Comments on the poem "
Visions of Greatness"
  1. That is a good poem.  Lot of reach. CM
  2. Very excellent and inspiring! CO

Dec 21, 2008 Comments on the poem “
The Poet, The Poem” I delivered FOB to this man who then forwarded a poem to me.  He said "I wanted to share this poem
with you as it describes so well what I believe most kids experience, but who are then dampened to become normal adults." Boy - was I surprised when I saw who the
author of the poem was!   Its a beautiful poem, Carl.  LR

Dec 19, 2008 Comments on some poems:
For "
The Man and Life"
  1. "Oh, this is sweet, i get a nice warm feeling reading it.  =)  Thanks!" AT;
  2. "Thanks.  Enjoyed that!" M;
  3. "Very nice!" CO;
  4. "BEAUTIFUL!!!" DD
For "Do you See what I See?" "You are so theta! Thank you for sharing the truth in such a beautiful way." JP

Misc: Thanks for your support. It’s overwhelming that you would choose to support us at a time like this. Thank you.  Jim Babka,  President Downsize DC Foundation &, Inc.

Dec 14 & 15, 2008 Comment on the poem
Do You See What I See?
  1. Very lovely.  Opened up my universe this morning! M
  2. Wonderful.  Love that one. CG
  3. "Do you see what I see" poem is quite wonderful and moving! I had the urge to print it out and put it in my Christmas cards I'm sending out!  I read your poetry and
    you always seem to hit a spot in me.  Thank you very much for your theta creations. MD

Dec 2, 2008 Comments on the poem
The Man and the Pearl:
  1. You have a great gift! I very much enjoyed this poem. Probably the only thing I noticed off was the experience was too short. VF
  2. Cool Carl.  Very nice.  This definitely brought up recollections from times in the past. Thanks! AS
  3. I love your poem.   My feeling is that aesthetics are the highest form of communication.... K

Novermber 29, 2008. For those of you have tracking, I entered
NaNoWritMo (National Novel  Writers Month contest). In 2007 there were 101,510
and 15,333 winners with 1.1 billion words logged in! This is basically a challenge to write 50,000 words during November on a novel. It will be interesting to
see how many entered and how many finished in 2008!

Nov 25, 2008 Comments today on my article
  1. Hey Carl, Nicely said, my man. And, speaking for at least one, you have created a good effect with your post. It must be good, because just the idea of it has
    brightened MY day. I'll certainly make it a point to pass around some admiration, free for the taking, without any strings attached. I like your idea! HG
  2. I like it!  When admiration can be given and received freely it makes it a better world. RP
  3. Thank you for writing and sending it.  Some time in the future I will be writing a book on educating men how to handle women.  May I use this? JP
  4. Wow, great , data on admiration.....very cool......we are the army of light....!!!....Lets win this fight !!!And go free...thanks  DS
  5. What a nice idea!  Thanks for suggesting it.  It certainly would create a good effect. PK
  6. This is excellent, and so very true. I have noticed this; admiration works. I try to apply the admiration part, especially to the ladies at work. And practically everywhere
    else. RS
  7. Very cool.  There may be some that do not fully duplicate your comm and therefore misunderstand it, but if they read it and duplicate it fully, they would be able to
    appreciate the simple beauty of the comm. AS
  8. Wow that was dead on. Glad you wrote this. Thanks, B.  
  9. I thought it was lovely.  Made me smile.  PM

Nov 21, 2008 I sent an unpublished poem, "Do You See What I See?"  to a friend. Here's her response: Goddammit Carl,  My make-up is running, you made me cry!!!!  (Or,
the truth of the matter is, I made myself cry, but this is an indicator that the poem is aesthetically moving). Beautiful and so full of truth.   Very Nice. I loved it!  TB

Nov 12, 2008 Successes from my November 08 Newsletter:
  1. "LOVED this format and open forum approach." BF
  2. "Wooo-Whooo!  Good Newsletter!" LP
  3. "Marketing-wise, this newsletter is quite brilliant. I study such things and I just felt compelled to make the comment. The format is great." CS
  4. "I love your website and see that there are good things for us all on it!" VR
  5. "Thanks for all the MAGICAL NEWS, Carl! : )))" LF
  6. "I  love your approach and since my husband is a painter I'm going to recommend your site to him." CR
  7. "Wow, I got your email here and it is incredible.  Very well done to this creation." MD

Nov 7, 2008 a success story for
Kids Against Drugs thanks to efforts by SAGETM CLUB!

Sept 15 2008 Nutrition Response Testing detects and handles Aluminum. Click here.

Sept 2008 I had a client give me a $120.00 tip. I consider that a success story for the work Mitch and I did on his home.

July 21, 2008 Success for Sunny Day Spray! Click Here (By the way, I personally believe this product works wonders!  Carl)

January 2008 Affinity Exchange Success Story. Click Here

December 2007 Nutritional Response TestingTM testimonial. Click Here

April 2006 About my work in general:  "These are beautiful!  It must be soooo meditative and inspirational working with wood as a medium like this.  I'm inspired." H.I.

April 2006: "What beautiful work!  I love the International Bench, and my favorite type of wooden box was the Kingwood!! " BM

April 2006 About the Bloodwood Box with the inlaid Ebony: "(He) REALLY loved his anniversary present.  Thank you for making it for me."VS

May 2006: "Beautiful work! I really love it. " M.M.

June 2006 About a cutting board: "Thank you so very much. I really love the cutting board." R.S.

June 2006 About a tray: "Thank you so much for the gorgeous Tray! It was totally unexpected yet totally appreciated! I have it right in my kitchen where everyone can see
and admire it. And it is the same gorgeous quality that I wanted to have throughout my entire house! Thanks again!" N.C.

June 19, 2006 About a cutting board: "I received one of your cutting boards from my mother as a gift and I just wanted to say how impressed I am. The craftsmanship is
terrific. You can sense right away that what you are doing with these woods is a lost art in todays production line assembly. I cherish the craftsmanship so much that I would
not want to damage it by actually cutting on it, and yet at the same time it is that construction competence that reassures me that it will fulfill it's purpose. Thank you." N.T.

June 20, 2006 About a Mahogany Box: "HE LOVES IT. He was really impressed (so was [our daughter]) that you created it. He re-arranged his dresser and put it right
there. It looks lovely." C.F.

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