The following two items were made from recycled redwood fencing.  Normally, when a fence falls
over, the materials go straight to the land fill. I decided to recycle the usable parts. It would be easier
to use straight, clean new wood but the colors and textures from recycle wood is really worth the
trouble and extra labor.

The first table is just over 5 foot long and about 30 inches wide. The top is made using the slats and
the legs are the old post. This table is
available or you may order custom built redwood tables.
There is still a good supply of the used fencing and we are looking for post and should have them
when  needed.
Contact us if you're interested by clicking here.

The bottom picture is of a table built to support the lathe you see attached. It is a heavy duty table
made of the 2 x 4 and post from the same fence.
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