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If you love the Internet as much as I do, VISIT SAVETHEINTERNET.COM SITE & SIGN UP FOR
See  my Thomas Jefferson page. Follow me on Twitter at Poet_Carl_Watts.

"Help SAVE the WORLD" A grand idea! Do you and me a favor, fun, no cost, nothing being sold, just check out
the page. Click to view!

12/30/09 Yesterday, I worked on a deck. This morning, I was redoing a couple restrooms. It's raining, misting, in
sunny SoCal. I still love LA!

On Larry King Live,
to everyone’s surprise, Barney Frank let out an unexpected declaration: “I agree 100% with
Ron Paul just said!” Click to view!

Financial Coup D'Etat by BrasscheckTV. Click to view!

LRH Quote of the Week! Enjoy! Click to read!

12/28/09 Today is an awesome day! Tho I feel society is in deep trouble, I do believe there is hope, abundant hope for
those that can break free and learn. Learn to be a spirit rather than just a body. Drugging symptoms is being a body. Handling
the cause of the problem is being a spirit, the solver of problems. The body is really a huge problem, useful and part of our
game, but still a problem. Contact me if you'd like more data on how to learn, how to become more free. :-)

My wife, Mary, and I recently saw AVATAR. It is the best movie I've ever seen. I highly recommend it! Click to sample!

Here are a few articles by NaturalNews.com:
James Cameron's AVATAR delivers a powerful message of connectedness with Mother Nature
Acute Pharmaceutical Toxicity killed Brittany Murphy - Could it be killing millions more?

TEXANS IN WASHINGTON (Ron) Paul goes from ridicule to respect...read more!

Dr Anita Pepi DC: HEALTH TIPS LIBRARY - REST VERSUS SLEEP. Click to read and learn!

12/27/09 Good Morning World! I feel great. Lots to do. I'm going to build a shed to store some of our excess possessions.
(What does "excess" mean?) Anyway, too much for inside and we must store elsewhere.

A little plug for a friend
Marty Buttwinick Musical Services-Music & Life. Check out his blog!

I'd like to do a plug for Amnesty International. Morgan Freeman did a very short video. Check it out by clicking here!

Here's a
TipsForSuccess.org article: How to Predict Your Success in 2010 Click to enjoy and learn!

"Accountability For War Crimes is Imperative": An Interview With Cindy Sheehan by Global Research. Click to read!

12/26/09 Christmas was great. I spend most of the day with my five children, their spouses and 11
grandchildren. Of course, my wife Mary was there with me. It was awesome watching the kids open their gifts
and play together. Board games, good food, and lots of pleasure!

Got some pictures, just have to get them posted.

Hey, whatever happened to swine flu? by BrasscheckTV. Click to view!

Some awesome
Dr Mercola.Com Articles:
Can This Natural Hormone Actually Heal Brain Injuries & Strokes?
KEY Health Facts You Need to Know if You Have or Use a Pool
Could This New American Obsession Stop Flu in its Tracks?
Your 7-Minute Guide to Natural Menopause Survival
Prevail Against Pests without Pesticides...

Poems or Stories by Carl
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12/25/09 Hello World! Today, 12:08 am, it's Christmas in Los Angeles. I'm about to end off on Christmas "eve" and go to
sleep. Tomorrow, I will take many pictures of 11 grandchildren, 5 awesome children and their better halves. As I mentioned a
couple days ago, I wish peace and goodwill to all mankind. Life survives best when aiding life! We are LIFE! Need an enemy,
choose the physical universe, the weather, the earth quakes....not our fellow man. Merry Christmas and a very Happy, Happy
New Year!

Here's some nice Christmas music, hours of it, no commercials! Click to enjoy: Music for Christmas!

LRH Quote of the Week! Enjoy! Click to read!

12/24/09 I really wish for peace and goodwill for man, woman and child, all about the world. May you create happiness
and spread it to all you can reach.

I'm building a bench for Mary, my wife, for Christmas. She doesn't know it tho she may now. Brandon, my good friend, is
making a
dinner table for his girl from walnut! You'll be amazed. See some of the things we do "Handyman Services" Got to go
do some sanding! Later world! Smile

Here's an extremely aesthetics music video. I hope you enjoy it for the beauty and message of hope it contains.  There is hope.
There is beauty.
Click to enjoy: Celtic Woman-O Holy Night.

DR. THORBURN'S HEALTH TIPS: Relief for Computer Eyestrain Click to read and learn! NEW CONTRIBUTOR***.

Some awesome
Dr Mercola.Com Articles:
Did a Flu Drug Manufacturer Withhold Evidence From Drug Trials?
It’s a Wonderful Life
Two 'Foods' You Should NEVER Ever Eat
What Two Surprising Factors Can Predict Your Risk for Heart Disease

12/23/09 Two more days until Christmas. The promise of peace and goodwill has kept man going. Religion is far superior
to science, which would just blows us all up or feed us lab manufactured viruses, all at the order of some insane politician. I have
eleven beautiful enthusiastic grandchildren that I want to see have good lives. Hence I promote things that will help man,
educate man, wake man up before the few bad guys on this planet manage to ruin the planet! So Merry Christmas and Happy
New Years to all men on earth. I wish health, happiness and opportunity to people of all faiths or no faith equally. I've never met
an evil faith and don't believe one exists. So speaks Carl!

Some awesome
Dr Mercola.Com Articles:
Warning! This Cell Phone Safety ‘Spin’ Could Make You Dizzy
Why are Millions in the US Drinking Filthy Water – Even in Upscale Suburbs?
Great Tips to Add Years to Your Life
The Links Between Sugar and Mental Health
Could This 'Forbidden Medicine' Eliminate the Need for Drugs?

BrasscheckTV comes up with some extremely interesting video clips: An afternoon with Ron Paul in 1988 on Banking,
Fed Reserve! Click to view!

Check out
Ellen Brown's latest: Compulsory Private Health Insurance: Just Another Bailout for the Financial Sector?
Click to view

LRH Quote of the Week! Read, learn, enjoy and be free! Click for true freedom!

12/22/09 Today is a great day to be alive. Eternity lies ahead!

I'd like to introduce a new author/poetess:
Romantic Poetess ~ Victoria L. McColley. Click to enjoy a sample of
her work! NEW ARTISTS***.

Alliance for Natural Health articles:
Are Mothers-To-Be Unwittingly Passing BPH and other chemicals to their Unborn babies? And When Will the FDA Wake Up
To These Dangers?
Why Genetically Engineered Crops Threaten Your Health
Sen. Charles Grassley Asks Tough Questions of Leading Medical Schools
JAMA Publishes Flawed Studies Linking Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 to Cancer


The Remote Help Expert: Computer Basics – What’s Inside a Computer? CPU Click to view!  

12/21/09 A new day, a new week! The future is starting right now! I want to make a difference in a positive way. I want the
world to get better, happier, free of war, crime, insanity, hunger, greed and all the things man views as bad. Least you can do to
help is smile a lot today! Will you?

A friend of mine, Devin Hanson, has published his first novel: "Thriven". Click to check it out! Devin and I have a
history together. He was a student at the
Delphi Academy of LA and I worked there. We came to know each well and are very
good friends!

"Hunted by the Others" a new novel by Jess Haines. Click to check it out as it has excellent reviews! NEW ARTISTS***.

Another friend of mine, Gabrielle Utz, who does awesome murals, also does furniture refinishing! Check out this
aesthetic office desk by clicking here! See other of her works by clicking here!

Let Them Eat Cake: The Anomaly of Compulsory Private Health Insurance by Ellen Brown. Click to read!

July Snyder Showing 12/5-12/31 @ Segil Fine Art Monrovia, CA Click for more info!
Also July will be at:
Art of the Gallery Girls,  a figurative group show curated by these muses who inspire Los Angeles  artists.
Over 30 artists on exhibit - Oil painting, acrylic, charcoal, ink, photography, digital and batik.  
Click for more details!

MARIO FENINGER! Begin Your New Year in Aesthetic Overdrive! Mario in Concert at the GARDEN PAVILION Church of
Scientology Celebrity Centre International
Saturday, January 2nd, 2010 at 7:00 PM Click for details! (Hear a sample by

Quote of the Day: The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work
and give to those who would not.
Thomas Jefferson Read more quotes by Mr Jefferson and others by clicking here!

“Read the Bills Act” (RTBA) by DownSizeDC.org. Click to demand our "representatives" in DC read the bills
BEFORE they sign them!

Alert! Make Your Voice Heard on the Senate Healthcare Bill!
Click here to send communication to your senator to stop
socialized, rationed, poor, government funded big pharma program! Obamacare!

Articles by the awesome Doctor
Al Sears MD:
Penny is Losing It…
Show a Younger Face to the World
Ward Off More Than Vampires
Flight Check: Stay Healthy on the Plane
Lance Armstrong Takes This for Energy
People with this Factor Live Past 100
Use Vitamin C to Reverse Disease
Magic Super Food Gets 100 Year Olds Back on the Dance Floor
Two Overlooked Solutions Could Save Your Life
The One Critical Thing You Can Do to Protect Your Blood Vessels

"BPA - What is it? How its has been hidden in our food supply" by The Real Food Channel. Click to enjoy!

Video4You: Thoreau on Civil disobedience. Click to view!

12/20/09 Two of my nieces blew through LA yesterday. We took them to shoot pool and then over to visit my son' family.
These awesome young ladies, in college in Santa Barbara, flew out of LAX to Charlotte to be home with my sister, their mom for
the holidays. It was fun.

Lots of things to get posted today. Stay tuned! :-)

Metal Sculpture by Mitchell Watts! Enjoy!
Kings Crown
Metal Spike
Viking Horns

September 11, 2001: America and NATO Declare War on Afghanistan...read more!

BrasscheckTV: Where all the money goes: Two sets of books! Click to view!

Novus articles:
Alcoholism, Deafness and Greatness
What our OxyContin/Opioids Detox patients say about Novus Medical Detox Center

12/19/09 Today is another beautiful day. I've got a lot of news, info and ideas to get out. Follow me on Twitter!

Prepare for the
New Year and some incredible music from BrandJamBand, appearing Friday 1/08/2010. Click for
details and to hear an incredible sample!

Here's a book by a real expert, Bernard Percy: How to Grow a Child Click for more info! NEW ARTISTS***.

Take Control, Part Five is the 5th in a really excellent series of article. Click here for the 5th article or here for the first article
in the series. Highly recommended!

Some awesome
Dr Mercola.Com Articles:
"You Should Skip the Flu Vaccine -- But What If Forced to Take It?"
"Every So Often, When Something Seems 'Too Good to Be True' - it Really is THAT GOOD!"
U.S. Gets a Near Failing Grade on Premature Births Report Card
Can These Household Chemicals Crush Your Son’s Masculinity?
Stunningly Beautiful Photos, Part II

Millions of needless deaths from Life Extension Mag, an article by William Faloon Click to read and survive better! NEW

Dr Anita Pepi: HEALTH TIPS LIBRARY - EGG DRINK Click to read and enjoy!

NaturalNews.com article:
Big Pharma paid $500,000 to Chicago psychiatrists who used children as guinea pigs. Click to read the use
of drugs on kids for profit!
H1N1 vaccine liquidation sale now on: Hurry while supplies last! Click to view the important data!
Eight Hundred Thousand Misdiagnosed in Swine Flu Farce
FDA dupes Interpol to achieve illegal kidnapping and deportation of herbal formulator Greg Caton

Feds investigating high prescribing Fla. docs. See what the Docs have been ordering by clicking here!

12/18/09 Today is FairTax Friday! Do us all a favor and check this out and take action as you see proper. The elimination
of the IRS, a proper taxing of all people based on spending not loop holes will help America recover rapidly from the banker
made mess we are all in.
Click to view!

I put up some track lighting for my wife! She wanted that! See what else I do:
Handyman Services.

Here's a tip for your marketing/promo:
Creative Tips #16: Dressing Up by G & G Creative. Click to enjoy and learn.

BrasscheckTV! Enjoy and learn from these:
How the Climate Change Scam was hatched
The next trillion dollar scam

WINHS updates:  
Pharmaceutical Advertising Biases Journals Against Vitamin Supplements
Three EU drug regulators found with unacceptable conflicts of interest

12/17/09 Good Day world. A new has dawned! Let the future begin NOW as we create it!

Extrovert.org is back with another hot article: KINDERGARTEN CHILDREN SET THE EXAMPLE FOR THE
WORLD. Click to view! NEW ARTISTS***.

Some awesome
Dr Mercola.Com Articles:
"Your Blissful Antidote to Winter's Dry Skin Blues..."
The World's Fattest Countries
Sounds During Sleep Can Boost Your Memory
How Journals Can Twist and Manipulate Vaccine Research
Toxic Sewage Sludge in Your Food
Overlooked 150 Year Old Household Cleaner a Remedy for Swine Flu?
How You Can Normalize Your Blood Pressure Without Drugs
5 Ways to Rethink the Season of Giving
Diabetes Epidemic Expected to Double
Can an Abnormality in Your Neck Cause MS?

12/16/09 Went to bed very early so got up to do some work:

First a little political humor,
unfortunately, it sounds a lot like real politics. Click to enjoy "Front Fell Off".

Videos4You, here: Muhammad Ali...Recipe for Life...click to enjoy!

The Fiction Of Climate Science from Forbes! Click to view!

US Kids Represent Psychiatric Drug Goldmine by Truthout. Click to read!

Dr Anita Pepi DC has some excellent advice:
Vaccines: The vital things you need to know
Healing State

SAGE gives awards to children in the National Set A Good Example Student Challenge! Check it out!

Do you know the different forms of
Vitamin "D?" Click to find out!

Computer Basics – What’s Inside a Computer? Motherboard by The Remote Help Expert! Click for a simple

EU/IMF REVOLT: GREECE, ICELAND, LATVIA MAY LEAD THE WAY by Ellen Brown. Enjoy by clicking here!

12/15/09 Ten days to the big day! Mary is working and I am recuperating. Seems last night my body met something which it
could only reject. Not fun! But I'm mostly better now!

Youth For Human Rights has some materials for teachers and children. Check them out! For a limited time these are
available at no cost!

12/14/09 I'm gong to get a new computer shortly. This one comm lags, has to stop and think, far too often. Going for an i7
960 with 12gigs of DDR3! Want info on that, I'll relay it to you.
Contact me!

Down Under: Perth, enjoy awesome music on 12/20 by Jason Ayres! Have a great day mate! Click for more info!

On The Backs Of The Few by Neal Fox Click to enjoy!

The "Business" of Drugs: Commonly Prescribed Pain Drug Linked to Increased Deaths by WINHS. Click to read!

Tamiflu anti-viral drug revealed as complete hoax; Roche studies based on scientific
fraud...read more.

A never ending source of info is
BrasscheckTV: The real source of climate change, click to view!

12/13/09 Awesome day here in SoCal! I did a little handyman job for a friend hanging up a pot/pan rack and securing down a new stove top!
Simple. Mary is off to help a friend with some auditing, counseling.

Did you see the
Hollywood Christmas Parade? Here's a short clip. Click to view and enjoy!

Spiral Light Vortex Over Norway With Cliff High (your guess is as good as mine on what this is! Carl) Click to view!
Here's another good video:
Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World! Click to view!

Big City Water Ratings by Environmental Working Group (EWG) How does your city rate? Click to view!

Great article: Take Control Part 4. Read and learn! Click here!

Mesothelioma: One Cause Asbestos: A real toxin by BrasscheckTV Click to view!

Some awesome
Dr Mercola.Com Articles:
Dark Chocolate: The New Antianxiety Drug
Genius Invents Mind-blowing Technology Sure to Revolutionize the Way You Live
Growing Meat Without Animals ... Would You Eat It?
The Spice that Ignites Your Body's Astonishing Immune System*
WHO Denies Link Between Swine Flu Vaccine and Illnesses, Deaths
The Single Most Crucial Nutrient to Energize Every Cell in Your Body
Smart New Way to Boost Female Health Now Revealed*...
Why Does Your Stomach Fail at Digestion?
How to Quickly and Easily Replenish Your Vitamin D ‘Budget Deficit’*

12/12/09 Christmas is almost upon us. The kids are getting excited. The trees are going up with houses brightly lit! A wonderful time of the

I want to start out with a
Quotes of the Day:
"When the people fear their government there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty." --Thomas Jefferson
"I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think." Socrates
Click here to view other quotes!

We need really good leaders. That starts with a great education. Please check out
The Delphi Academy of LA by clicking here!

Something Can Be Done About It by Extrovert.org Click to find out!

Honor In Office is a group trying to put honesty back into the political office! Click to view!

I'd like to recommend
NewCastleRemodling. Click to view!

July Snyder Artist's Reception Sat.Dec5, 5-7pm. Showing 12/5-12/31 @ Segil Fine Art Monrovia, CA Click for more info!
Also July will be at:
Art of the Gallery Girls,  a figurative group show curated by these muses who inspire Los Angeles  artists. Over 30 artists
on exhibit - Oil painting, acrylic, charcoal, ink, photography, digital and batik. Dec 12th & 13th
Click for more details!

Health Fitness & Longevity Newsletter™ General Health Tips:
Are you lazy?... Or just "tired" all the time?... Click to read!

MARIO FENINGER! Begin Your New Year in Aesthetic Overdrive! Mario in Concert at the GARDEN PAVILION Church of Scientology
Celebrity Centre International
Saturday, January 2nd, 2010 at 7:00 PM Click for details! (Hear a sample by clicking here!)

Dick Zimmerman is a fantastic artist. He did the Michael Jackon's Thriller album cover art and has recently done a new painting of Michael.
Click to view! NEW ARTISTS***.

My good friend
Marc Bosserman is playing in SoCal...Click for details!

Luna Playhouse Presentations, Glendale CA, present: IF YOUR EYES ARE CLEAR...read more! It's getting great reviews and still playing until
12/12/09 and today's the last show. Be there!

Here's a great article:
How Do You Handle Life's Roadblocks? Click to read!

LRH Quote of the Week! Click to learn and enjoy more of your true potential!

Free Personality Test click to do!

Campaign to collect pennies for schools in Middle East, raise consciousness by Greg Mortenson. Click to enjoy!

The Fort Hood Murders/Suicide and the Taboo Question click to read more!

The "Business" of Drugs: Crime Pays for Big Pharma click to read more!

SavetheNews.org, a project of Free Press, is leading the search for new public policies to save journalism and to promote a robust free press
in America
...read more!

SaveTheInternet.com coalition is more than a million everyday people who have banded together with thousands of non-profit organizations,
businesses and bloggers to protect Internet freedom..

I updated some great article pages:
  1. Why You May Hate to Study
  2. Communicatin is a Two-way Street
  3. Money Motivation
  4. Moving On After a Loss
  5. To Succeed, You Need to Lead
  6. Why You Must Be Unreasonable
  7. The Whole World Stinks!
  8. Is Money Controlling You?
  9. Fear**

12/11/09 It's my daughter Melanie's birthday! She's such a great daughter! I went out to the Delphi Academy where she is a teacher and took
her a latte! She loved it!  

The David Eastlee Quintet is playing at Charlie O's Jazz Club on 12/16/09. It's David's birthday! Click for Details!

Here's a very warm story about people helping people. The way it should be:
The Home Run. A video about people helphing people by the
Responsibility Project.
Click to view!

I've had a couple nice things said about me on
Twitter: See what others are saying by clicking here!

Milan Orlich: Birthday poems: A Simple Poem of an Eleven-Year Old Boy. Click to enjoy!

Some awesome
Dr Mercola.Com Articles:
"Are You Ready to Add More Spice to Your Life -- and Your Health*?"
Can Alcohol Really Protect Your Heart?
Face-Off With a Deadly Predator
Batch of H1N1 Vaccine Pulled Due to Severe Allergic Reactions
How Dangerous is Outdoor Second-Hand Smoke?
Most Britons Reject Swine Flu Vaccine
Shunning the Family Bed. Who Benefits Most?
Top 12 Foods for Healthy Immune Response
Amazing Sand Sculptures
Men Married to Smart Women Live Longer

Dr Anita Pepi DC writes: NERVE PROBLEMS. Click to read!

I created a page for the
FairTax.org plan. It would bring sanity into how to finance the government. Click to view.

Global Warming Petition Project. Check it out!

Some data from Novus:
SOS and Drug and Alcohol Detox
The Invention That Many Believe Let To The U.S. Civil War

12/10/09 Yesterday, I took Mary to work, installed some frames around windows to beautify the house my daughter-in-law painted and went to
course last night. Hence, I didn't get anything done on my site. But today, I plan to be flat out on catching up!

Some awesome
Dr Mercola.Com Articles:
The Ultimate Payback for Culprits Responsible for Sneaking Mercury into Your Mouth? Put Them OUT OF BUSINESS!
Avoid Routine Mammograms if You are Under 50
Phenomenally Beautiful Nature Photographs
Does High Cholesterol REALLY Cause Heart Disease?
Mounting Debilities and Deaths from H1N1 Vaccine

Dr Sam Robbins of HFL Solutions writes "There Is A 90% Chance You're DEFICIENT In Vitamin D!..." click to read more!  

Articles by the awesome Doctor Al Sears MD:
“Forgotten” Vitamin Destroys Cancer Cells
What 60 Minutes Missed
Hot Flashes, Hormones, and Red Wine
These Deadly Toxins are in Your Blood Right Now…

Articles by Dr Anita Pepi DC:
Health Tip Library Videos

Climategate: Science corrupted by BrasscheckTV. Click, view and decide for yourself! See my article on Global Warming aka Climate Change!

Also by BrasscheckTV:
The long road to Pearl Harbor
Buddies of mine, A great American story
CIA veteran doubts the bin Laden story.

12/8/09 Well I finished Tiling the restroom. My friends wanted to grout it so I left that for them. But Brandon and I worked all day on this
project. It was fun. See what other
Handyman Services we do!

Check out the video on YouTube:
tampa bay blues machine: Nitro Boseman, Steve Arvey, Randy Hock & Pug Baker by clicking here!

Alert! Make Your Voice Heard on the Senate Healthcare Bill! Click here to send communication to your senator to stop socialized, rationed,
poor, government funded big pharma program! Obamacare!

Some awesome
Dr Mercola.Com Articles:
'Bone-Crushing' Fever Risk MUCH Greater Threat than Swine Flu
Avoid Swimming Pools if You Have Allergies or Asthma
These Kitties Don't Need a Treadmill
How to Prevent the Flu -- as Easy as 1, 2, 3.

The Newest Facebook Malware Threat by The Remote Help Expert Click to read!

12/7/09 Yesterday, I helped put some wooden frames around some windows on a house. Looks great!

I usually don't report unpleasant things, but last night, Twitter suspended my account without good cause that I can figure out. I've been trying
really diligently to follow all their rules. I'll keep you posted as I protested the suspension. I'm taking Mary to work and then going to put up
some drywall. Have a great day!

Evening update: I must  not have been too bad as Twitter unsuspended me. But I'm not happy with the unexpected suspension! No
communication, just "You're suspended. I want to find additional communication channels so I'm not at the mercy of twitter. Got any ideas?

The Art of Flying, by Rob Bach. Click to read and see the pics!

12/6/09 Yesterday, Mitch and I did electrical and installed an new bathtub in a friends bathroom I'll be tiling the walls next week! See what else
I do under
Handyman Services!

Children are People too, Right? by Cheri Hall Enjoy and learn by clicking here!

Climate change brainswashing by BrasscheckTV. Enjoy and learn by clicking here! (Notice they are calling it climate change in stead of
global warming! Frauds!)

PATIENTS DEFICIENT IN VITAMIN D FARE WORSE IN BATTLE WITH LYMPHOMA by ScienceNews.org.A click here may save your life or
someone dear to you! Enjoy!

Articles by the awesome Doctor Al Sears MD:
Were These Native Americans Real-Life “Super Men”?
Are You a Guinea Pig in the World’s Largest Ongoing Experiment?
This Modern “Health Food” May Be Poisoning Prisoners
Would You Wash Your Face with Crude Oil?
Crank Up Your “Feel Good Factor”

Poems or Stories by Carl
Links to Other Artists
Link to Carl's Art Pages
Site Search
CommLine Page

12/4/09 This morning as I took Mary to work, my car said it was 48 degrees. Chilly for a sunny SoCal day!

I refreshed some pages with various art works and a couple others. Enjoy:
The Walled City
Walnut Table
The Wave
The Tree
The Wolf
Three Art Frames for Tile
The Wind and the Fire (poem)
Ode To a Coffee Bean
The Ultimate People Skill

MARIO FENINGER! Begin Your New Year in Aesthetic Overdrive! Mario in Concert at the GARDEN PAVILION Church of Scientology
Celebrity Centre International
Saturday, January 2nd, 2010 at 7:00 PM Click for details! (Hear a sample by clicking here!)

DR. PEPI'S POP QUIZ #9. Click to see how well you do!

AND NIH" Real GOOD data in here about pregnancy and Vit D. Read on...!

Global Research article: NATO's Secret Transatlantic Bond: Nuclear Weapons In Europe...read more!

International Space Station comes together by USA Today. Click to view!

GLOBAL WARMING CHICKENS ARE COMING HOME TO ROOST by National Center for Policy Analysis. Click to read!

A trip down memory lane, Lies and damn lies by BrasscheckTV. Click to enjoy!

12/3/09 Today, I helped Mitchell install a new cast iron tub. Those things are heavy. The installation was complicated by the fact there was an
existing tile floor about 1.5 inches high and the floor had a slant of about an inch over the 3 feet width of the tub!  But we handled it all. Mitch is

DownSizeDC.org. Those of you that are happy with the events of the day may ignore this. The rest of us need to join DownSizeDc.org. You
don't have to donate to use them to sent emails to the traitors in Washington. Join me and Speak UP! Sign up with me at
click to sign in!

Obama's War: Why is the Largest Military Machine on the Planet Unable to Defeat the Resistance in Afghanistan? Read and see if you
agree with the author by
clicking here!

MRC: Day 12 of Network ClimateGate Cover-up (lies about global warming being covered up/ignored by the media) Click to read and be

12/2/09 On Sunday, I got a call about handling a
clogged drain and handled it by phone at no profit to me...read more! On Monday, I helped
my son gut a bathroom so it could be remodeled. Do you know how to get a couple hundred pound cast iron tub out of a corner with cement
coming down to the top of it? No trick just use a sledge hammer or pick and break it into pieces. It's loud but fun. See what else I do:
Handyman Services! Today, Tuesday, I constructed some table-style desk in a temporary office. They cost about the same as prefab cheap
desks would but they completely fit the space for maximum use and thus was much more valuable. See what else I do:
Handyman Services!

I posted a story, part of it:
Attack on Bull Frog. Let me  know what you think about it. Click to read!

I refreshed the page on a poem I wrote:
Clearwater and The Man and The Pearl! Click on the poem to enjoy!

WINHS: The "Business" of Drugs: Research Review - Merck's Withheld Clinical Trial Data Could Have Prevented a Pharmaceutical Disaster...
Read more!

12/1/09 A brand new day! A brand new month! What will be make of it! :-)

Luna Playhouse Presentations, Glendale CA, present: IF YOUR EYES ARE CLEAR...read more! It's getting great reviews and still playing until
12/12/09. Be there!

Here are some of the latest and greatest
Mercola.com articles:
Scientists Believe Your Cell Phone Is a Death Trap
Your Complexion Reveals How Good Your Diet and Health Is
Remarkable Motivation Secret -- Hint, It’s Not Related to Money
Polio Vaccine Blamed for Outbreaks in Nigeria
Important New Vitamin D Research Papers

The Senate health committee voted 12-11 in favor of a two-page amendment courtesy of Senator Tom Coburn that would require all Members
and their staffs to enroll in any new government-run health plan.
Click to sign petition!

11/30/09 I got up as I wasn't sleeping and found this page missing. Horror! Huge amount of data, work, here. Well I was forced to figure out
how to pull the data from the internet as my software automatically takes a snapshot every 4 hours. And I did it! YEAH!! Huge relief. Anyway, it
only took a couple hours to figure out and now I'm going back to bed!

My good friend
Marc Bosserman is playing in SoCal...Click for details!

Here's a cute poem from an poet I haven't heard from lately.
Martha Stilson's "A Cat Named Theta" Click to enjoy!

Effectively Reduce Stress by Dr Anita Pepi DC. Click to learn and enjoy!

Feel Hungry All the Time? by Al Sears MD. Click to Learn and enjoy!

NaturalNew.com Articles:
Deadly MRSA superbug has 50 percent mortality rate in hospital patients
The Truth Behind the Virus Mania of Big Pharma, Part I (Opinion)
FDA fails to follow up on safety of fast-tracked drug approvals
Executives of Medical Device Company Charged With Crimes for Illegal Marketing
ClimateGate scandal demonstrates intellectual protectionism of modern scientists (PS See my page Global Warming)

Sandman Creations: Luminosity a solo sculpture exhibit starts 12/5 by Sean Sobczak, click to view!

11/29/09 Up in the middle of the night here. Well I chatted on Facebook with a friend at 3:40 am and then went back to bed. I'm up now, had a
grapefruit and working as fast as I can. Wind is gusting around the house. Beautiful day!

Milan Orlich, poet, educator, lecturer, editor and more, is being introduced on my site. Click to read the first of his translated works: The
Keeper of the Fire: The Damn Beautiful Trade of Writing. NEW ARTISTS***.

Debra Murray will be displaying her paintings at Create Fixate on 12/5/09. There will be a live painting, music and a host of artist displaying
their awesome works...
read more. NEW ARTISTS***.

Debra Kagan fine artist; view some of her works of art, awesome paints and more...click to view! NEW ARTISTS***.

Red Carpet Theater Co. invites you to Oliver! Dec 4,5,6 in N. Hollywood. You'll be singing when you leave - Click for details! NEW ARTISTS***.

"Reach out and touch someone" from Diary of a Music Man, Steve Wagner. Click to enjoy! It's very well written!

I updated a few pages on some of my woodwork. Enjoy!
Zebrawood Box
Zebrawood Box Diagonal cut (compare them)
Zebrawood Tray
Zebrawood Frame

Some good info from Doc Al Sears:
Newly Discovered West African Herb is the Closest You'll Get to Effortless Weight Loss
BPA--The Next Time You Take That Receipt…
What I Prescribe for Better Blood Sugar
Get Younger Skin and Erase Wrinkles with Breakthrough Technology
Cell Phone Safety List
Yesterday’s Turkey Get the Best of You?

Dr Anita Pepi DC, Health Tips: CHOOSE A HOSPITAL Know where to go in case of an emergency...read more!

NaturalNews.com Articles:
Scientist takes on the GMO industry
Nanoparticles in Some Vitamins, Cosmetics, Sunscreens and Paint Cause Genetic Damage
Psychiatric Patients Tied to Their Beds in Greek Hospitals
Ill-conceived US corn subsidies make "liquid Satan" high-fructose corn syrup a cheap ingredient
Detox Your Liver with These Natural Herbs
A cup of Brazilian mint tea relieves pain as well as aspirin, but without the harmful side effects
Woman's leg amputated by mistake following false cancer diagnosis

Global Research: Financial Crisis in Dubai: Towards a Nightmare Scenario? read more!

Psych drugs-What's Wrong with them: Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor--Antidepressant induced violence and suicide...click to

11/28/09 Not much happening yet. Well after being up 2 hours, I decided I'm up and need to get to work rather than just stopping by the
computer on the way back to bed! Wife's out of town:-(

Wumbloozo playing Saturday 12/5 @ Joe's Great American Bar & Grill from 9:00 til 1:00. Click for more data!

I just refreshed a few of my son's metal sculpture pages. Click on the item to enjoy his artistic ability!
Together Forever

Art bringing Social Change by Leisa Collins fine artists. Click to read.

Take Control, Part 3. Click to learn and enjoy!

Retired Attorney Michael Connelly's article on the Heath Care Bill-Opinion!  You might want to read this by clicking here.

Talking about health, here are some of
Dr Mercola's awesome articles:
Can Your Pet Get Swine Flu, and Do They Really Need a Flu Shot?
Can it Get Much Worse? Drug Company Now Claims Statins Recommended for Swine Flu
College Students Getting Smarter, Shunning H1N1 Vaccine
IQ Isn't Everything: Why a High IQ Doesn't Mean You're Smart
Swine Flu Alert -- Shocking Vaccine Miscarriage Horror Story
Green Tea Extracts May Protect You From Oral Cancer
Want to live longer? Try Vitamin D
Swine Flu Vaccine: Physicians' Rejection of the Injection
Easy, Economical Green Remedies You Can Prepare at Home
How Trillions of Dollars Were Stolen From U.S. Taxpayers
NY Times Blows The Whistle On Drug Industry's Dirty Tricks

I want to mention a couple good friend of mine's businesses. If you're in SoCal: Check out New Castle Remodeling and Chimney Check
Professionals and of course my son, Mitchell's company WSI. Click on the company name for more info (I often work for Mitchell in addition to
Handyman Services!)

Global Research:
Medicare in Crisis: The Devastating Impacts of a Corporate Health Care Bill...Read more!

11/27/09 Coffee is brewing. House is warming. Breakfast starting to cook. A great day to start a wonderful future for my family, friends and for
mankind. Please join me in helping to
Save the World and spread some cheer!

I thought I share some of the positive things said about my attempts to
Save the World. See what others are saying by clicking here!

I went out and did an estimate for remodeling a
bathroom. It's a super simple set up as the owners, my good friends, did all the demo and
much of the prep.
Brandon and I should finish the job in short order. After that I went and helped my son replace some sign for a commercial
business. Simple, fast, as most jobs are if you have the tools and the knowledge! See what else I do under
Handyman Services!

The Economic Crisis and What Must be Done by Global Research. (I have found Global Research to be an outstanding organization and
highly recommend them!)
Click to read more!

CODEX & EU Food Supplement Directive Update: British Prime Minister Responds to Anti-Codex Petition...Read more! Now you may not think
this effects America, but it DOES! Every country that supplements get outlawed weakens the rest of us. The bad guys behind this, big pharma,
want vitamins sold by prescription only. That way the doctors, paid to push drugs, can divert the ignorant away from health to dependency on
DRUGS and an early death.
Read more!

1126/09 Happy Thanksgiving World! I know that in some areas...
read more.

How To Correct Rude Behavior is some internet humor. Click to read and enjoy!

11/25/09 Today, I finished the
Basic books and lectures. This is a milestone achievement. Next, I start the Golden Dawn! Yep! I'm a
Scientologist, proud of this and always will be!

Here's something aesthetic and cute,
Videos4Fun: Elf Yourself Dancing Flash Mob Invades NYC

Here is a great one: Thanksgiving Turkey! Click to enjoy!

Why We're Broke by BrasscheckTV. Click to view!
Challenging Bush-Bama on 9/11..Click to view!....very interesting!

Some spot-on articles from NaturalNews.com--by the way, I make nothing from promoting this data. Ps. I do on some others:-)
Merck's Vioxx scandal widens: Drug maker knew Vioxx was deadly for years before risk was made public (opinion)
Vitamin D prevents heart disease
Probiotics Prevent Colds and Flu
China Finally Stops Using Electroshock Therapy to "Treat" Internet Addicts (Oops we are all next!)
New national power hub to connect renewable energy sources

You know, I have failed to mention the most effective promotional site I have come across. Vinefire. You can see my comments about it on my
Twitter page. Click to view!

11/24/09 I'm off to take my wife to work and then I'm going to go study some of the secrets of the universe. Hope you have a totally awesome
day. I will!

Dick Zimmerman is a fantastic artist. He did the Michael Jackon's Thriller album cover art and has recently done a new painting of Michael.
Click to view! NEW ARTISTS***.

I also updated the pages for a few of my
poems. Hope you enjoy (click on the poem name):
The Man in Bronze
Cosmic Chess
"government" Humor
The Water Fall

Here are some awesome pictures for your enjoyment, click here:  Australian Weather Calendar 2010!

Telomerase Activation, by Dr. Al Sears, an article about cutting-edge anti-aging supplement is called TA-65. Click to read! Also now: Show a
Younger Face to the World!
Click to read more "My new Revive DNA Rejuvenation Cream helps maintain telomeres and stop the aging of
skin cells."

DEFEND AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY; Declaration to the U.S. Congress! Do us all a favor, click and sign the petition!

The Remote Help Expert has posted a couple good articles:
Protecting Your Data and Internet Browsing and Your Privacy. Click to enjoy
and learn!

EATING WITH OTHERS Health Tip by Dr Anita Pepi DC. Click to view!

Novus Medical article:
Opioids Increasing Pain. Click to view!

11/23/09 Yesterday stayed cool. It's early and I have a lot to do.

A very impressive demonstration of Billards!
Videos4Fun: Billard asiatique1 Click to view!

SNL Parody of Obama & Jintao Press Conference in Beijing! Click to view!

Here's a commercial you will like
"Best Ford Commercial" honoring our military. Click to view.

Mississippi Squirrel Revival--Ray Stevens bet you laugh at this one! Click to view!
The baddest jackrabbit in texas (reminds me of Ron Paul) Click to view!

Learn the secrets of becoming a better parent from educator and author Bernard Percy. Click to view!

I updated a couple articles:
Your Success is in the Present
Is Money Controlling you?


The Demcare bribe list by Michelle Malkin.  You might find this interesting! Click to read!

Lessons From the Japanese: Time to Stop Borrowing Money and Start Printing It by Ellen Brown. Click to read!

The Flooding of New Orleans was a Man-Made d...view more!

Please sign the
Petition Opposing Climate Alarmism by Grassfire.org click to view.

Dr. Mercola.com Articles:
Superstar CBS Reporter Blows the Lid Off the Swine Flu Media Hype and Hysteria
Scientists Discover Influenza's Achilles Heel: Antioxidants
Why Canned Soups Can Be Dangerous to Your Health
'Spoonful of Sugar' Makes The Worms' Lifespan Go Down
Ill-Fated Health Care Reform is One Step Closer to Becoming Reality: Your Help is Urgently Needed

NaturalNews.com Articles:
Cancer industry abandons science to keep pushing mammograms that harm women
Antidepressant Drugs Put People Into "Drug-Induced States"
Make Your Own Probiotic Supplements
EarthTronics Wind Turbine Generates Electricity Even in Low Wind Speeds
Green tea eases stress and fatigue from overworking

11/22/09 at 9:50 its about 62 degrees and a very mile breeze about 2mph. BEAUTIFUL! There opportunity and hope! I want to recall my
representatives as they are traitors and I believe, working for big pharm/wall street criminals!

A soul with nothing up its sleeves a selection of poems by Larry Jaffee Click to enjoy! You can also enjoy another poem by Larry "Unclean
Hand" Click to enjoy!

Here's a poem by the amazing
Grace Sylke "The Drum" click to enjoy!

Benefits of Home Schooling in Today's World...
read more!

What is the truth behind the current wave of violence devastating our homes, schools & community?
Click to view!

Free Personality Test click to do!

SavetheNews.org, a project of Free Press, is leading the search for new public policies to save journalism and to promote a robust free press
in America
...read more!

SaveTheInternet.com coalition is more than a million everyday people who have banded together with thousands of non-profit organizations,
businesses and bloggers to protect Internet freedom..
read more

I've encountered a doctor that is interested in good health, not just treating symptoms! Dr Al Sears! I'll be promoting his articles starting with:
How to Prevent Diabetes
This Metal Repairs Your DNA
Drug Scam Led Doctors to Kill Women
This Comes Straight from the African Bush
Taking Vitamins and Still Feeling Sick?
Slow Down Your Aging Clock by Up to 51 Percent!
Can a Flower Make you Smarter?

Nutrition & Behavior by Russell Blaylock, MD presented by The Real Food Channel. Click to view!

Mercola.Com Articles:
The Milk Myth: What Your Body Really Needs
Antibiotics to Avoid Like the Plague Due to FDA's Oversight Failure
Bruce Lee Plays Ping Pong -- With Nunchucks
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Explains the Autism Coverup

11/21/09 A sunny warm Southern California morning! Mary and Theresa are out cruising for yard sales. Who knows what will come home!

Man is very short on true data. Like
Monsanto saying Roundup is biodegradable! Not according the the French High Court! See Mercola
article below!

Mercola.com articles:
France Finds Monsanto Guilty of Lying
Do You Know the Five Risk Factors for Lung Cancer BESIDES Smoking?
What is Really Interfering with Women’s Hormones?
Deadlier than Cocaine, Heroin, and the Swine Flu?
The Unromantic Truth About Why You Kiss  


TipsForSuccess.org article: Take Control, Part Two...read on!
(Take Control, Part One)

Poems or Stories by Carl
Links to Other Artists
Link to Carl's Art Pages
Site Search
CommLine Page
(links) 7/22/09

11/20/09 Up early, life is fun and exciting. Start of with a quote:

LRH Quote of the Week! And this quote is for everyone and applies to our world today. Click to Enjoy!

"These tweeps add Value 2 my world, follow them"  See what others are saying about www.CarlWattsArtist.com...read more!

BrandJamBand is an awesome group! Appearing Friday 11/20/09, TONIGHT! Click for an incredible sample of their music and the exact

Videos4Fun: Jerome Murat does a great show. Take a minute, click and view! Enjoy! Here's another Video for you: Stop Check Fraud with
Uni-Ball 207  Very interesting data. Click to view!

Patrick Frug'e who wants to host his own travel show & travel around the world, acting, singing...click to view! NEW ARTISTS***.

Dr Anita Pepi article:

NaturalNew.com articles:
Aspirin kills 400% more people than H1N1 swine flu
Critical Information may be Missing from Prescription Drug Labels
TV exposure linked to aggressive behavior in young children
How to Prevent and Cure the Flu Naturally without a Vaccine
Uva Ursi herb reverses urinary tract infections
Proven Food Based Cancer Cure the Medical Monopoly Considers Quackery, Part II
Cancer industry desperately needs mammogram screenings to recruit patients and generate repeat business
FDA openly allows criminally-convicted doctors, researchers to keep working on pharmaceuticals and clinical trials
How to Avoid the Flu (Opinion)
Former Monsanto Lawyer Hired by FDA as Key Advisor
Medications that block folic acid during pregnancy can cause birth defects
Vitamin D Emerges as Treatment for Prostate Cancer - Cuts PSA Levels by Half
Swine Flu Deception and Disinformation Exposed
Suzanne Somers speaks out against the conventional cancer industry: mammograms, chemotherapy vs. alternative cure
American Cancer Society admits mammograms and cancer screenings are over-hyped
One in Three Cancers Diagnosed with Free Mammogram Screening Is an "Overdiagnosis"
Get to Know Vitamin D: Part II
Probiotics reduce food allergies, skin reactions
Vaccines and Pregnancy Do Not Mix    

Human Rights:
Human Right No.21 The Right to Democracy
Human Right No.22 Social Security
Human Right No.23 Workers Rights
Human Right No.24 The Right to Play
Human Right No.25 Food and Shelter for All
Human Right No.26 The Right to Education
Human Right No.27 Copyright
Human Right No.28 A Fair and Free World
Human Right No.29 Responsibility
Human Right No.30 No One Can Take Away Your Human Rights

BrasscheckTV Deciphering the Swine Flu Scam,  A Nun's Story...  Click to view!

11/19/09 Some of you may have noticed that I promote Youth For Human Rights! In the past several months, I have generated 32,000+ unique
click onto their website. Pretty good! I'm calling this a
success! Most of these were a direct results of Twitter!

URGENT! Call your senator now to stop the pending health bill. It will ruin us!  Go to Patients First to email and get the phone number to call!
Click here http://is.gd/4Z1uL. You can locate your senator's information on this site!

Red Carpet Theater Co. invites you to Oliver! Dec 4,5,6 in N. Hollywood. You'll be singing when you leave - Click for details!

Give the Gift of Music… Lessons! by Buttwinick Musical Services. Click for more info!

Awesome articles from
Warning: This Probiotic Tastes So Good and Goes Down So Easy You’ll Need to Hide It from Your Kids
Major Victory with Swine Flu Scandal
What are the Dangers of Mutating Pet Flu Viruses, and Does Your Pet Need a Flu Shot?
35 Years of the World’s Best Microscope Photography
A Cell Phone on Your Hip Weakens Your Bones

11/18/09 Do you feel excited about the day? Yes, contact me. No, contact me. I'm as alive as I am in communication, and as valuable as I help

Hence the following articles from
One More Reason to Ban Artificial Sweeteners from Your Diet
Omega-3 Benefits Your Baby's Brain and Eyes
Can You Trust Your Eyes? You Might Be Deceived
This Bee Product Has Enormous Benefits for Your Health
What the Inventor of the Flu Shot NOW Thinks of the Vaccine
How Safe Are Green Cleaning Products?

The Independent Singer Songwriters Assocontest. Vote for my friend Dale LaDuke "The Lone Ranger" Click here to reg and vote! Thank you!  

A little fun
Video4Fun: Britain's Got Talent /Hollie Steel - Britain's Got Talent - Show 3...click to view!

Tina Turbin! You must meet her! Awesome painter-author-mom-friend...read more!

Where in the Constitution? by DownSizeDC.org Click to view!

The Truth about Water. Drugs, poisons, what else is in your drinking water? ...read more!

BrasscheckTV Obama promises to end war Iraq. See and listen to his promise, click here!

NaturalNew.com articles:
You don't need your appendix, right? Wrong!
Farmers, Ranchers Fighting Back Against FDA Tyranny Over Animal Farms
H1N1 "super flu" plague in Ukraine sparks concern, conspiracy theories about origins

Dr Anita Pepi:

Dr Stephan Price:
The Health Benefits of Walking
Walk Right (correct way to walk)

11/17/09 Today, I replace the back door. It took less time than the front door. See what other services I can deliver for you: Handyman

Videos4 Fun: Inspired Bicycles - Danny MacAskill April 2009. I've seen lots of bicycling videos but this guy has extreme ability! Very
Click to view!

From the
Tampa Bay Informer: NASA Plans to Rescue Rover "Spirit" from Sand Trap on Mars...read more!

WINHS: The "Business" of Drugs: CDC Reverses it's Mandatory Stance on HPV Vaccines for Female Immigrants...read more!

11/16/09 Today, I replace a front door! I also studied tonight and learned some of the secrets of the universe!

Here's an interesting article!
Why Do Teenagers Rebel?   by Cheri Hall Click to read and learn!

11/15/09 Today, Mary and I went to the flea market to help my sister for a few minutes and to look around. Lots of stuff "One man's trash is
another man's treasure" sure is applicable!

Here's a great article
"Take Control, Part One"...read more!

DadOnFire, great blog addressing today's important issues...Check it out!

11/14/09 Good morning world! A
Video4Fun for you: Limber! First TV appearance Lazarus Gitu..Click to enjoy!
Here's couple more music videos:
MARIAH CAREY I'll Be There HQ Michael Jackson Memorial Beyonce Usher U2 Madonna Pink and Mariah
Carey - Emotions!

Canyon News: Harriet Schock, The Music Maker, Exclusive...read more!

Working Writers Interview: John Truman Wolfe author of Mind Games ....read more!

Sandman Creations: Luminosity a solo sculpture exhibit by Sean Sobczak, click to view!

Barbara Andrews Mural of Yosemite...click to view!

Awesome Articles from
It Took Me Thirty Years to Figure Out What to Eat for Breakfast
Is Drinking Tea or Coffee the Smarter Choice?
How Safe are Pet Microchips?
Ten Worst Breakfast Cereals
Expert Pediatrician Exposes Vaccine Myths

WINHS The "Business" of Drugs: Peer Review Analysis of Pfizer Drug Studies Reveal Intentional Falsifications...read more!

11/13/09 I was at my son's home last night. Tri tip was good. Fun being with the family! I'm in love with my wife and want her to stay home.....but
alas she must go away and work! She promises to come home early today!

Facebook crowdsourced investigation exposes vaccine denials of SIGA Technologies
Bicarbonate of Soda Used to Cure Stage Four Prostate Cancer
Get to Know Vitamin D: Part I
Purple Foods Promote Health and Anti-Aging
Colloidal silver better than antibiotics
Virginia teen athlete in wheel chair after H1N1 vaccine shot
FDA Threatens to Seize All Natural Products that Dare to Mention H1N1 Swine Flu
Ending the Atrocities of the FDA; Life Extension Urges Immediate Petition Action for Health Freedom

BrasscheckTV The only growth area left in the economy; War on Terror=Cash Cow Click to watch!

Poems or Stories by Carl
Links to Other Artists
Link to Carl's Art Pages
Site Search
CommLine Page
(links) 7/22/09

11/12/09 I wake up every day excited, knowing something good is going to happen! I work to make that happen every day! I'm very healthy,
works some to make money and my wife has a good job helping others! We're alive and doing great!

A little validation for me and my no charge promotion of the arts:
Thank you for your invaluable help again.
... I'd like to give you a page in our theatre program.
AS. Click to view what others are saying!

Quote of the Day:Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.”
P. J. O'Rourke

WUMBLOOZO @ THE Steel Pit Sports Grill Saturday Nov 14th 9:00 - 1:00 Click for details! I'm planning on being there if possible! :-)

BrandJamBand is an awesome group! Appearing Friday 11/20/09! Click for an incredible sample of their music and the exact details!

LRH Quote of the Week. Click to read, learn and enjoy!

From Novus:
The Valley of Death and Drug Addiction
Will Rogers and Drug Detox

What are YOUR HUMAN Rights?
Human Right No.16 Marriage and Family
Human Right No.17 The Right to Your Own Things
Human Right No.18 Freedom of Thought
Human Right No.19 Freedom of Expression
Human Right No.20 The Right to Public Assembly

NaturalNews.Com Articles:
Join reader action to educate the Associated Press about natural remedies, alternative medicine
Over Eighty Percent of Suspected Swine Flu Cases were Not Flu, CBS News Reports
Vegetables Provide the Best Diabetes Defense for Your Baby
Antioxidant in Ginkgo may protect cells from radiation damage
Direct Democracy - Why the American People must disband Congress
Cilantro helps detox heavy metals
Superfood Profile: Discover the Many Health Benefits of Cod Liver Oil
Twelve better uses for the 1,990-page health care reform bill (satire)
Massive US health care reform bill contributing to deforestation: 1,990 pages and 19.6 pounds of paper

Videos4You: Johnny Cash performs "Blowin' In The Wind".

11/11/09 Mary off to work. I'm home alone! Ready to work on my site and help mankind become more aware, better educated and more at
cause over their future!

Vidoes4Fun: Evolution of Dance Click to enjoy!

Mario Feninger Concert November 21, 2009 Feninger-Brooks Master Class.  November 22, 2009 Click here for details!        

DIRECTING: Eric Sherman talks straight. Click to enjoy! NEW ARTISTS***.

Harriet Schock host LAWim (Los Angeles Women in Music) tonight at 8pm. Click for details!

Luna Playhouse Presentations, Glendale CA, present: IF YOUR EYES ARE CLEAR...read more!

Amnesty Internationale's Write for Rights – Join the Global Write-a-thon! Click to take part in protecting YOUR Rights to Freedom and to
help others!

Dr Pepi's HEALTH TIPS LIBRARY - GERM THEORY is it correct or complete?...read more!
DR. PEPI'S POP QUIZ #8 Dr Pepi is your Man (woman)...read More!

Challenging Obama's Dangerous "Health Emergency" Click to Speak UP!

Freedom Magazine TV Edition! Check it out by clicking here!

Here comes the new anti-gun campaign BrasscheckTV Click to View!

Awesome Articles from
Why Did Huffington Post Nominate Me for Wellness Award?
Why Antidepressants Don't Work
Dietitian Says Eating Right Is Best Way to Optimize Good Gut Bacteria
Hilarious Flu Video
Pyrex Cookware May Explode and Injure You
Why is Canada Changing Its Flu Vaccine Policy?
Was an Eight-Year-Old's Death Caused by His Flu Shot?
Gammaretrovirus Thought to be Important Cause of Chronic Fatigue
Are You Too Busy to Catch the Hidden Beauty Life Has to Offer?
Choosing Between Raw Milk and a Dead, White Liquid
"Powerful and Practical Ways to Support Your Immune System"

HFL Solutions:
The Shocking Truth About Aspirin - It Doesn't Work!

Dean Foods pulls bait-and-switch on "organic" Silk soymilk
World Health Organization Says Cell Phones can Cause Brain Cancer
Young boys need abundant omega-3s for strong bones, scientists find
Cat's Claw Treats Cancer and Many Other Illnesses
How partially-hydrogenated oils and trans fats destroy your health
Easy-to-Make Fermented Vegetables Boost Immunity and Improve Health

11/10/09 I worked all day yesterday on the frames! They are being made of "Iron wood", walnut, mahogany, and Brazilian walnut. They will  be
used to display paving stones. There are 36 of these frames! Pictures soon!

Jason Ayres, singer-songwriter who delivers a unique brand of acoustic based pop tunes, has an awesome tune. Click to listen and turn up
the volume! NEW ARTISTS***.

Videos4Fun: Introducing Prof. Knestor Jackdaws. Click to enjoy!

Goldman's Profits Come from Our Pockets...By Ellen Brown...read more!

AAHF FDA’s Lax Ways... read more!
AAHF The House has Passed Its Healthcare Legislation by the Narrowest of Margins...read more!

WINHS The "Business" of Drugs: American Doctors Rejecting H1N1 "Swine" Flu Vaccines & Sprays...read more!

No Opiate/Opioid Withdrawal Pain? by Novus...read more!

On Mon. and Tue. evenings, I study at night learning the secrets of the Universe (really, the true secrets). Knowledge give one certainty,
confidence. That's one of the reasons I'm so interested in helping others. My survival depends on others doing well, on Mankind surviving, the
plants, animals, bees and the Earth surviving!

11/8/09 Going off to do some wood working. Let you know what it was when I get back. I prepared a lot of exotic hardwood to make frame for
sample displays! The wood I used was very hard, dense and strong!

I posted a new photo of
Sierra Isabelle. She is really cute! Click to view!

Vidoes4Fun: Hero Dog Tries to Help Mortally Wounded Dog - Chile Click to view!

“What Goes Around Comes Around”  by Carlynn McCormick Click to enjoy!

LOW ENERGY & FATIGUE by Dr Anita Pepi DC. Click to Read!

Fort Hood Murders: What Won’t Be Discussed from LewRockwell.com... read more!

Hands off Our Health Care, Call, Email and Fax congress! URGENT. Click here! Also, click to see which representatives voted for the
"WORSE BILL EVER" and contact them. Vote them out of office. They are in treason to YOU. Next contact your Senator and let them know
you don't want the "WORSE BILL EVER" Passed! Click to proceed!

11/7/09 It's after midnight so I'm starting tomorrow. I finally got to sleep. Now with coffee and breakfast handled I'm ready to
save the world! It
will be more fun with you playing the game beside me!

Carl Watts - Voted "Best of LA" Handyman category on 19 Oct 09 By TheRazzLine "Best of 2009/2010". See what I can do Handyman

Barbara Andrews is an incredible artists! Here is the next of her murals I'm going to post "Panther"! Click here to enjoy!

A blast from the past,
Video4Fun: The Beach Boys "Good Vibration" Click to view and hear video!
And how about
Barbra Streisand "Memory" Click to view video! And being I love the move, this song is very special to me, please enjoy "With
One More Look At You/Watch Closely Now" Click to enjoy! One more, still popular: AC/DC (aka Acca Dacca) - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
(1976) Click to enjoy!
Also I posted
Struck The Film,Take Out The Trash and, F**K The Fed the last two were done by a friend of mine, Neal Fox.

The Way To Happiness Foundation PSAs Click to view!

FX Sculpture comprises of a group of sculptors/designers and specialised pattern and mould makers that can offer you modern 'Out of this
World' Sci-Fi Sculpture
...read and view more! NEW ARTISTS***.

Boost Your Success By Thanking People great article by TipsForSuccess.org Click to read!

On the Edge with Ellen Brown. Very interesting interview! Click to listen!
Shifting the Burden From Main Street to Wall Street: Why We Need a "Tobin Tax" by Ellen Brown. Click to read more!

Loving Tucson: Health, Healing, Plants, Nature…read more!

Mercola.com Great articles!
Senate Bill Would Give President Obama Authority to Pull the Plug on Your Internet
Michael Pollan's Favorite Dietary Dos and Don'ts
21 Secrets to Snagging the Deepest Discounts on Travel
Doctors Shocked by Hospital Radiation Overexposure
Swine Flu -- One of the Most Massive Cover-ups in American History
A Review of Four Approved Swine Flu Vaccines’ Ingredients
Rocket Fuel Found In Most Powdered Infant Formula
Top 'Safe' Cell Phones That Aren't Safe
The Great Orange Juice Scam
The Best Gourmet Cooks Know This... Do You?
How to Perform an at Home Wellness Exam on Your Pet
No-Nonsense Guide to a Naturally Healthy Pregnancy and Baby
Honeybees Face Towering Threat From Cell Phones
Pelosi’s Disastrous Health Care Plan
Will Anyone in Their Right Mind Actually Buy Into These Three New Vaccines?

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Associated Press declares war on alternative medicine (opinion)...read more
Orlando shooter, US army Fort Hood shooter both linked to psychiatric drugs

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(links) 7/22/09

1/22/08 I studied the book "Science of Survival" by L. Ron Hubbard.  On page 113:

“A Culture is as rich and capable of surviving as it has imaginative artist, skilled men of science, high ethic level, workable government, land
and natural resources, in about that order of importance.”

When I read this, I realized that I was and still am the artist that he was talking about and to, that I needed to personally take responsibility to
create a better culture and a future. A  better culture, a world without war, crime or insanity is what I am seeking to create! This is my long term
goal. Spreading art, I believe, helps! Helping people be
healthier or wealthier, helps!

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