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1.We are all born free & equal!
2.Don't Discriminate
3.The Right to Life
4.No Slavery
5.No Torture
6.You Have Rights No Matter Where
You Go.
We're All Equal Before the Law.
Your Human Rights Are Protected by
No Unfair Detainment
10.The Right to Trial
11.We're Always Innocent Till Proven
12.The Right to Privacy
13.Freedom to Move  
14.The Right to Seek a Safe Place to
15.Right to a Nationality
16.Marriage and Family
17.The Right to Your Own Things
18.Freedom of Thought
19. Freedom of Expression
20.The Right to Public Assembly
21.The Right to Democracy
22.Social Security
23.Workers Rights
24.The Right to Play
25.Food and Shelter for All
26.The Right to Education
28.A Fair and Free World
30.No One Can Take Away Your
Human Rights

1.Addiction Explained article
2.What Causes a Relapse article
3.Hubbard New Life Detoxification
Program video
4.The Truth about Drugs video
5.The Truth about Alcohol video
6.The Truth about Cocaine video
7.The Truth about Crack video
8.The Truth about Ecstasy video
9.The Truth about Heroin video
10.The Truth about Inhalants video
11.The Truth about Meth video
12.The Truth about Pain Killers video
13.The Truth about Prescription Drugs

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This page is still on the internet with the links intact. Probably easier to copy what ever subject your looking
for and search on internet. This is a restored page.

12/31/08 I've posted some more photos, mostly family stuff. Check it out if you like. You'll probably see someone you know! I
have the most awesome

I've received several positive comments about my poem "Untying of Attention Units" Check out what others think!

I have a new idea. Writing the poem "Untying of Attention Units" was difficult because it was subject specific. I feel my poems
must align with truth.
This poem did. I pulled it off in an artistic manner and have gotten very good reviews. If anyone has a business and would like
a poem custom written to
your industry or business, contact me. My rates are variable and as I become famous, they will be going up! So contact me
early! Have a perfectly
awesome New Year! Let me know if I can be of assistance to you in any manner!

I was forwarded a link to a really good Happy New Year video. Check it out!

12/30/08 I'm already getting compliments on the poem "The Creating of Earth's Future." See what others say!

My friend Bozz on Bass is playing on Los Feliz New Years Eve at The Desert Rose Restaurant. Esprit World Jazz, check it

A new year is dawning. Completing some cycles of action is always a good idea. Incomplete cycles ties one up on those
things and times of the past.
Lets make a clean motion towards a brilliant future. To help this along, I thought I'd mention the idea of taking care of your
own area. Here’s a small
poem dedicated to the thousands of over worked too busy husbands and wives trying to handle everything themselves.
Check out my poem: "Untying
of Attention Units"

Thom Severtson has allowed me to post a couple of his poems! They are very impelling! Check them out!

I posted some more photos, most were from our honeymoon last Sept 2007. Mary and I haven't had an upset since we met!
I'm doing great, huh!

Just a reminder, I posted AIDA's schedule of free acting classes for Los Angeles coming up 1/7/09 and New York. Check it

12/29/08 I've posted a very moving but simple poem by the poet Martha Stilson. Check it out.

I posted a couple poems "The Creating of Earth's Future" , "I_Am", a short story written about 1980, "A Round About Way"
and an article "Space or
No Space" Enjoy!

I also received successes on the poems "The Man and Life" and on "Infinity." Check them out.

12/28/08 I posted a couple more successes on the poem "Infinity". I'm off to see my family. Today is my birthday! I've had a
great day! Saw most of my
family at my son's home. Got some good pictures!

Send me some art to post, news, events, or groups to promote!

I posted some more pictures on the Mitchafied Creations page of some of the Jobs I helped Mitchell on. Check them out!

12/27/08 I wrote a very short story. I hope you enjoy it "Relative Size!"

I'd like to encourage you to sign: Signatures Against TeenScreen. Petition:
html   Video:  http://www. What if they screen your child and order you to put him or her on drugs! It can
happen. Take time to find out
about it and do something before the problem isn't over there! Check out the video!

I posted a few more photos. Check them out!

I met a young painter today, Lucille Femine. I want to introduce to her and her art. Please visit her gallery on line at! I believe you will
be pleased!

I posted some recent responses to two of my poems "Visions of Greatness" and "Infinity". Check out what others are saying!

I want to introduce Songwriter/Singer Trudee Lunden who also plays acoustic guitar. She write many songs about society,
politics, and other unique
experiences in addition to the usual love songs, all from  a universal perspective. You should check out her music at www.
Good music!

I posted a new article What Will Happen to Your Finances in 2009? I'd also like to mention some tips
that I think are very good.
Please look at: "You can Laugh about Anything", "Paradise on Earth", "How to be Happy", "How to be a True Friend to the
World" and "Fear".

12/26/08  I did a poem which I'm proud of and I'm certain you will enjoy. Hopefully it will inspire you to greater heights! "Infinity"

I added a lot of paintings from the wonderful artist Diane Davis. Click to view.

I wrote an article "Life amongst Mortals." I don't think its good. I think it great and controversial. I hope many read it and get
upset. Better upset than
complacent to the point of death. Check it out if you dare. Of course to many of you, it will be pretty common and you may just
enjoy my rhetoric.

My friend Bozz on Bass is playing on Los Feliz at The Desert Rose Restaurant. Esprit World Jazz, check it out.  

"Eight Gifts that do not Cost a Cent" is a short article sent to my by Stewart James of Disaster Preparedness Summit. Check
it out!

Yuval Ron is announcing the Release of a new CD, Check it out!

12/25/08 Mary and I had a wonderful day with out family. All my children and grandchildren were present. I sent out a season
greeting with a great
picture on it. I entitled it "Real life picture of a redneck swimming pool." It's extremely cute. Check it out!

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12/24/08 While I'm still trying to finish up 12/23, I find it is early Christmas Eve. I want to wish all my friends and family
regardless of faith, Merry
Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Perfectly Awesome New Year! From Carl and Mary Watts.  

Here is an interesting Video. It's somewhat controversial but I believe it contains a lot of truth. http://www.brasschecktv.

I'd recommend that you sign up for Brasscheck TV!

12/23/08 I posted a photo of the fire that broke out in September directly next door to my son's home at about 5:30 am on a
very windy night. This is a
"Thank you!" to the Los Angeles County Fire Fighting Crews. See the pictures and our gift to the fire fighters.

I want to introduce one of my former students at the Delphi Academy of Los Angeles, Erin Hanson. She and her whole family
are by friends. Erin is in
Arizona and has become quite the painter. Please visit her website, to see her beautiful paints!

I recently found out a fellow handyman, Donald Conley is also a poet. Please check out one of his poems "Merry X-Mas
From California."

I posted some pictures of the mahogany boxes I built earlier this month for WSI along with several other projects I helped
Mitchell on. Check them out!

I posted a new photo of Mary and I. New photo of Dylan, one of my grandsons. Check them out.

"Spread Joy" a cute short video! Check it out.

12/22/08 Some recent  data:  FDA Approves Stevia, Ends the Era of Oppression of this Herbal Sweetener . Click to read why.

I want to introduce a couple wonderful people, Jason and Steffanie of StormMaker Productions, Inc. StormMaker Productions
is a full service
production facility offering services for preproduction, production and post production. For more information go to www.!

I posted a new poem. Check it out: "Visions of Greatness." I believe it is good!

Tom Fair, a long time friend, wrote "WHAT I BELIEVE."  I thought it worthy of passing on. Click to Enjoy!

"TRINKETS and BELLES" Recent works showing January 12-31, 2009. Fine Artist, Julie Snyder, invites all to an Artist's
Reception: Saturday, January
17, 2009 5:00-7:00 pm at the Segil Fine Art Gallery in Old Town Monrovia, CA. For more info got to!

Diane Davis is a painter and I am posting a number of her paintings. Click to view!

CONGRESS GETS A PAY RAISE. DO THEY DESERVE IT?  Roll Call at Go there and send your email to
tell them Reject or Accept a
pay raise for themselves! I recommend you sign up for their newsletter "Roll Call".

12/21/08 I posted a success from my poem "The Poet, The Poem."Interestingly, a gentleman who had received service from
the Foundations of
Brilliance observed some truth about life from this poem. See what he said.

One of the earlier contributors to my site, ILIA has published another book, "The Bouncing Boy". Check it out!

Last for today, I posted a poem "Galactic Being." Enjoy!

12/20/08 Call Mary Watts for a Free Nutritional Exam 323-668-2639 at Clayton Health Center! Tell her Carl sent you :-)

I posted a new article Why You Must Give More than You Receive.

Reminder: The Snow Queen Ballet is being preformed in Glendale Dec 19-21, 2008 Click for details!

12/19/08 There's a positive informative article by Christine Kane. Check it out.

"Scientology"is one of the most searched for terms on the Internet for 2008. Click to view.

I posted a short entertaining story "Paul and the Invaders". I laughed a couple times when I read my characters solutions and
ideas! Enjoy.

In this season, I do believe promoting the Aims of Scientology is wise. Those AIMS achieved, would bring peace to Earth and
handle the economics
and international scenes!

I also posted a few success notes from recent poems. Click to view!

12/18/08 I just watched a video. I'll bet you will like it too "Republic Magazine"

The Lemmings Band are giving a free gift to all...Click to see!

Dr Cindy Clayton gave me an article "Butter or Margarine. Which is Better?" Check it out!

12/17/08 A small sample of fine artist Robyn Feeley's work! You can see these on my site or by visiting her site. Click to view!

I posted a poem which was prompted by a visit to the DMV and a love girl. "What a Lovely Girl" is the title. Check it out.

I also posted AIDA's schedule of free acting classes for Los Angeles and New York. Check it out!

Galaxy Link Info Svc Articles:
Jim Sarra's article which is short and very workable: "Ten Tips To Increase Your Sales".
California Ranch School's Carlynn McCormick's article:
"The Key To Teaching." Check them out.

My friend Bozz on Bass is playing this Friday on Los Feliz. Esprit World Jazz, check it out

12/16/08 There a great Galaxy Link Info Service article regarding a failing young student that gets into law school. See the
article H.E.L.P. Miami Tutor
get accepted into Law School.
In the same section, I also posted Ron Kule's SALES TIP#1. He's a sales trainer and published author! Click to read his

I removed Google's tool Bar because their searches are not honest but are loaded with arbitrary results. Google is becoming
another controlled media.

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12/15/08 I posted a few success stories on my poem "Do You See What I See?" Click to read the successes!

Author and award winning poet, LD Sledge just allowed me to post two of his poems. This first poem won the award for
International Poets For Human
Rights. It's entitled "You Can't Keep Me Prisoner." The next poem is of award winning quality too, according to Carl, "Who are
you?" Click on the poem
to read! They're really good! Also check out his book "Nimrod's Peril.

Tom Cruise: Matt Lauer 12/15/08 Interview

Don't forget 12/20/2008 (Sat.) 5:00 PM & 12/21/2008 (Sun.) 2:00 PM  Cheyenne Haynes, VH1 Star, to perform live at L. Ron
Hubbard's Winder
Wonderland. Click for Details!

Here's a video by Neal Fox. It's excellent technology and the theme is very appropriate for today's "economy". F**k the Fed.
Check it out!

I also want to mention The Foundation for a Drug Free World. There's a short video there that is a must see for children,
parents and grandparents!
Click to view!

For some insight, go to this link and click on the table of contents; start reading anywhere. Ron The Humanitarian: Freedom
Fighter Articles and Essays

12/14/08 Today was the 8th annual "Say No To Drugs Race Holiday Classic" was held in Griffith Park, Los Angeles. Click for
details http:
// The turn out was the highest ever. Stay tuned for details.

I was there giving away free office visits for Dr Cindy Clayton's office. See picture of Cindy and Mary, click here.

12/13/08 The Snow Queen Ballet is being preformed in Glendale Dec 19-21, 2008 Click for details!

Up coming show at Arnie's Café 6864 Foothill Blvd Tujunga, CA 818-951-9089 Hosted by Dale LaDuke; HOLIDAY SONGS
OPEN MIC Monday, Dec
15th starting at 8:00 p.m. If you have a Christmas or holiday song that you would like to sing, original...or not...come on down.

Jade Pettyjohn's mom is a top photographer. Jessica Pettyjohn's site is number one on Google. I just checked because that's
an awesome
achievement in itself. Check her out at

I also posted a new article Fast and Easy Way To be a Better Friend to Yourself.

12/12/08 Jade Pettyjohn with be performing in a vocal showcase on 12/16/08. She is the daughter of my friends Jessica and
Shiloh. Click for full info!

I posted a Galaxy Link Info How To article by Kate McClanaghan for actors entitled "How to Collect Your Spots for the Jobs
You've Landed" Check it
out! Kate also has a blog

A little data on NaNoWriMo:  In 2008 there were "119,301 authors sign up for NaNoWriMo. That's a 17.5% bump in turn-out
from 2007. Of everyone
registered, 21,683 of us won. That's an 18.2% win rate." It's really a fun game.

12/11/08 I posted a couple great YouTube Video links on Human Rights. Check them out!

12/10/08 I continued working on the mahogany planter boxes today. Tomorrow, they will be assembled using stainless steel
screws. They'll never rust!

I posted a Galaxy Link Info article by Anne Dunev, PhD, C.N. It's entitled Deck the Halls, Not Your Hips. Check it out!

I'll like to introduce an actor who did a recent Carl's Jr commercial. It really good. Check out Charlie Capen at www. And you must
give a few seconds to the commercial! Click to view.

12/9/09 I working on some mahogany planter boxes for a client of Mitchell's. Pictures will come as soon as they are finished.
There are six boxes and I
purchased $1030.86 worthy of Mahogany. They are going to be beautiful.

12/8/08 I'd like to announce the exciting Fantasy book Nimrod's Peril by L.D. Sledge. Click for more data.

Marty Buttwinick is playing on Fri, 12/12/08 with Ron Rutherford. We have an all band, Rarestar and we're opening for the
Click for details! Also check out Rarestar Music.

I would also like to introduce Alliance for Natural Health. Their name says it and they are a worthy group. Check them out!

A plug for Larry Jaffe: It has been some 10 years since I wrote a poem called Unprotected Poetry. It caused quite a storm at
the time and it still seems
to create a bit of an effect. In honor of its 10 Year Anniversary, I am reissuing the CD and book. You can get it directly from
my web site: www.lgjaffe.
com/unprotectedpoetry. I would like to induce you to buy this CD for yourself or as a present for a friend or relative. As you
know, poetry is my life and
how I survive and it sure would be swell to have your support. Just click here:

12/7/08 I am posting some of my recent writing: Poems: "The Poet, the Poem," "Beyond Force," and Short stories: Almost an
Accident written about
1986 edited 12/1/08, Outside of the Church written about 1980 edited 12/1/08, Pain in the Neck written about 1980 edited
11/21/08, Universe on Edge
written about 1985 edited 11/21/08. Watch for "Paul and the Invaders" coming shortly!

12/6/08 I'm in progress writing a short story entitled "Paul and the Invaders." It's a horrific tale that is not told in a horror way. I
don't like horror. It can
mess with people in ways they may not suspect. It's a tale of an alien invasion where most of mankind is wiped out without any
defense possible. The
remaining humans are enslaved. Then Paul comes out of the mountains to get some new boots...

Grant Cardone will be discussing the 3 STEPS YOU CAN TAKE TO SURVIVE ANY RECESSION... On Fox TV this coming
Monday morning Dec. 8th 6:
30pm EST on Fox News. You should catch him if you can. He's great!
Check you local listings.

I'd like to introduce the "Poetry Super Highway." You can submit a poem and much more. Check them out!

I posted a link to "A Very Theta Christmas." There is some awesome music there. Check it out I really liked it!

I also posted a new article A Powerful Success Habit.

Nelsen Adelard is a great musician singer. You must check out his site. Click.

12/4/08 I posted a poem "Relatively Speaking." Click here, enjoy!

12/3/08 Yuval Ron Ensemble announced schedule for 12/08 through mid 2009, check it out!

I am also starting up Galaxy Link Information Service®. What it will do for you is give you a way to get your name and
information more available to the
public. What it will do for others is get vital data on how to do things to them. Posting will be submitted to me and linked to your
site, your email etc. It is
a win win situation. Join me in helping others. Click to email me.

I posted the "Top Ten Tips to Sell Your Art!" written by Gallery Director Fraser Kee Scott. Click it out.

I posted a page where I am giving My Philosophy on helping. Click here to read.

Comment On the Times "How Will You Stand" if the culture collapses from around you?

12/2/08 Well today, I took the day off to earn money. Mitchell created some custom planter boxes made out of Ironwood a
beautiful dense hardwood.

I did sent out for many people to view the poem The Man and the Pearl. I posted a few of the great replies regarding this
poem. Success Stories.

12/1/08 I'd like to introduce a new school in San Diego County: Applied Scholastics Academy of San Marcos. Check them
out if you're interested in a
superior education!

I want to remind you of an up coming Piano Masterclass  by The Feninger-Brooks Piano Institute to be held Sunday,
December 7th, 2008. Click to see
the full data. It's a must if you like piano or play!

I'd also like to introduce Martin Dubow the author of "Francey." There's a contest, you can win a copy from The Compulsive
Reader; click here!
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11/30/08 Yesterday we very busy, please notice the 7 different entries! That was, I believe my busiest day ever!

I posted a story that was written 6/16/07. It's not my usual style. It's emotional!
"The Depths of Despair." I also posted a note I wrote My Family on Christmas Eve 12/24/1990. No true words were ever
written. Last for the day is I
Watched for Ten Thousand Years. This was a story started close to 30 years ago, left unfinished until today.Please let me
know what you think about
these. Enjoy.

Cheyenne Haynes, VH1 Star, to perform live at L. Ron Hubbard's Winder Wonderland. Click for Details!

Fraser Kee Scott is the Director of an art gallery! He is also a contributor of some most excellent poetry to this site. He has
written a very interesting
article "The Most Important Things for Survival as an emerging artist, in order of importance..." Check it out!

11/29/08 For those of you have tracking, I entered NaNoWritMo (National Novel  Writers Month contest). In 2007 there were
101,510 participants and
15,333 winners with 1.1 billion words logged in! This is basically a challenge to write 50,000 words during November on a
novel. It will be interesting to
see how many entered and how many finished in 2008!
I finished, I won!

Linda Asato has edited and has had published a book: Side Effects, The Hidden Agenda of the Pharmaceutical Drug Cartel.
Click to check it out. You
can also contact her by clicking here.

Horst Mehler is a author and publisher. His works are recommended! Check out his website at Present Time Books.

Julie Snyder is a well known artist. I posted some recent news about her paintings and the galleries where they will be
displayed. Check it out.

A truly awesome uplifting short video. Check it out! Validation Movie from SCC.

I posted a article You Can Laugh about Anything.

FDA Hid Names of Melamine Contaminated Infant Formula Products from the Public By

11/28/08 Leigh Ann Lemire has published her second book recently: A Christmas Fairy Tale. Click for more data! Also see
Ti Ana and The Giant

11/27/08 Happy Thanksgiving! One of my most frequent contributors, Fraser Kee Scott, has allowed me to post a poem "All
You Are" Enjoy!

11/26/08 I'd like to introduce a successful well known actress, Anoush NeVart. You've probably seen her on the screen or
stage! Check her out!

11/25/08 I also sent out my article Brightness. I had many really nice responses. Click here on Success Page to see a few.

I posted a new watercolor by Louise Simonds. Check it out.

11/24/08 I would like to introduce a very talented Neal Fox. He's got a new CD. I love playing his music while I work, you can
listen too from his site.
Check out his website: Wire Duck Records.

I would like to introduce TheRazzLine.Net. It's a great place to promote your art, an events and to see what happening. You
can also post other things
needed, wanted and advertise. Check it out. I'm listed there!

Marc Bosserman is playing at Parkway Grill tonight and Vitello's Friday! He's lots of fun. For more info, contact Marc!

I posted a new article: Brightness, and a poem: The Solution and the Problem. I hope you enjoy them!

DID YOU KNOW: Drugs such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and marijuana are smuggled into California from
Mexico; however,
methamphetamine and marijuana are produced or cultivated in large quantities within the state. You can help! "Say No To
Drugs Race Holiday Classic"
on 14 December in Griffith Park, Los Angeles. Click for details

Also, got some new art? Send it over. I'll mention you again and put you on my list of who is being promoted! See the list!

A Reminder:  POETS and ARTISTS of all KINDS FREE Program! Come perform or watch and enjoy others Pasadena
Central Library D.W. Auditorium
285 E. Walnut Street, Pasadena open microphone  Monday 12/8/08 , 6:00-9:00 contact Dr Mira N. Mataric at 626-578-0470  

I had to diviide my Links to Other Artist page into to different pages. It just got too big! Click to see what I'm talking about!

11/23/08 I received a poem from a talented author, Karen Drew! Check it out.

11/22/08 I posted a article Who or What Is Causing Your Problems? Check it out. I have posted a huge
selection of good articles
on my site; Click to see TipsForSucess.

11/21/08 Early breaking news, one am: My youngest daughter, Marcy is having a girl! So that will be grand baby number 10
(grand girl number 3)!

I sent an unpublished poem to a friend. I posted a success I received from her! See Success Story Page.

ATTENTION: Parents, teens, grandparents. I've just visited an awesome site that will communicate to you. Foundation for a
Drug Free World. CHECK
IT OUT! (If you're not a parent, do you have a house or apartment, a vehicle, then this could be a very important issue to you!)

I went to a Grant Cardone seminar last night. I can't recommend him enough. Check out his site!

Stories by Carl
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11/20/08 I posted a link to an article by Dr Mercola FDA Slammed for Calling BPA Safe

11/19/08 Foundations of Brilliance held it third Seminar in Los Angeles. The Seminar was a big hit. I learned more. Make
sure you come next time!

I have the privilege of introducing another poem by Fraser Kee Scott. You must read it and all his poems. See his newest at
"The Artist" or check out
his gallery at

11/18/08 Good morning! I don't say enough about my awesome family! I have five wonderful children, 8 grand children and 2
on the way. I have a
wonderful wife who I get along with perfectly. My oldest daughter is Michelle and is married to George,who takes excellent
care of her and the family.
They have 2 children awesome boys, Wesley and Chaz. Next is Melanie who has 2 children, Sean and Miranda. Miranda is
the only grand girl tho I
have a new granddaughter on the way. My son, Mitchell is number 3. He is married to the wonderful Dynnel. They have three
children, Joshua, Andrew
and  Dylan. Dynnel is pregnant with a baby girl. Next in order of age is Monique. Mo is married to Chris who is an awesome
husband and dad.
Together they have Liam. Last but certainly now least is Marcy, pregnant Her first child.. These people are my best friends.
All my children are artists!

Oh, not to forget, my very best friend, Mary. She's my wife and is helping me to survive in life!

11/17/08 I posted a new short story I wrote. It is different from anything else I've ever written. "The Bum." Enjoy.

I'd like to introduce Kate McClanaghan of SOUND ADVICE 323.464.0990 If you want to be a working
actor, check out her site!

I'd also like to introduce "Musical Entertainment" and "Dee Barber Bookings".
Dee plays acoustic guitar and keyboards. Send her a communication and let her entertain you.

11/16/08 I want to remind you of an up coming Piano Masterclass  by The Feninger-Brooks Piano Institute to be held
Sunday, December 7th, 2008.
Click to see the full data. It's a must if you like piano or play!

Notice the NaNoWriMo contest to the right! I'm ahead of target for writing 50,000 words!

I've posted some more family photos. Check them out if you care to! I've got a great family!

I posted a article The Key to a Successful Marriage.

11/14/08 Good Morning Universe! I've taken a look and today will be a great day for Planet Earth and Man! So be it! Send me
your art and ideas to
post! Click to contact!

I also posted several of Miranda Baaska-Martin's drawings. Click to view. Miranda is also a contributing poet! Click to read.

11/13/08 I've become acquainted with a young talented international artist from Argentina, Vanesa Martinelli. Check out her
site www.vanesamartinelli.

Fraser Kee Scott allowed me to post another poem and he's looking for someone to make this into a song: It's Time to Fight,
For Human Rights. Check
it out!

I'd like to promote the Cornucopia Institute. Please see

Last of the evening, I wrote a Comment Of the Times entitled "Who is Moloch Today?" and I wrote a poem "The Universe is
My Canvas."

11/12/08 A friend of mine gives PR advice on line, check out : PR by Jean Dale blog:

Ive gotten several very nice compliments on my newsletter and my site! Click to view!

I posted new article about the protest last weekend that blocked traffic by Carlos Alien "Civil Rights or Civil Righteousness?"

11/11/08 Foundations of BrillianceTM is having a Free Seminar  on 11/19/08 in Glendale, CA. Click for details!

I also want to introduce Bob Smith who just published a book "The Basics of Surfboard Design" Check out his website www.

11/10/08 I've posted a flyer for John Novello B3 Soul. News about a new full CD that's been released, online lessons and
career consultations done
one on one by John. Check it out!

I would also like to introduce Randall Michael Tobin of Theta Media Group - Audio Recording/Video Production/Graphic &
Web Design. Chekc this out
at their website:!  

11/9/08 I've posted a flyer giving information about the Foundations of Brilliance. Check it out!

I was also commissioned to build a light box with a marble insert to display a piece of glass art. Check it out!

I posted a article How to Get People to Support Your Success.

11/8/08 I wrote a new poem Lament of a Homo Sapien. Enjoy.

I also want to announce an up coming Piano Masterclass  by The Feninger-Brooks Piano Institute to be held Sunday,
December 7th, 2008. Click to
see the full data. It's a must if you like piano or play!

I also received a nice article "The things about Moms and Foods" by Deborah Dunham. You'll like it!

I'm also happy to post another poem by Fraser Kee Scott "Dreamtime." See  his other poems "The Red Man and The
Humming Bird."  and "Who's in
Front of You?" Check out his gallery at

11/7/08 I want to introduce an artist who makes fine hardwood furniture Virginia Mountain Woodworks! Or Visit their site
directly at www. Check it out it is quality work.

I also have a success story for Kids Against Drugs thanks to efforts by SAGETM CLUB!
Check it out and see if you can get this going in your school!
You will enjoy reading it!

I received an aritcle today, a Comment on the Times article regarding Prop 8 and it controversy. It's Carlos Alien's opinion
based on his knowledge of
life. I decided to post it and I hope the article provides some insight.

Childhood Misadventures Chapters 9, 10, 11, and 12 are done! Let me know if you're interested.

Lady inspired me to write a poem. I've recently watch the video, Making a Killing, which you too can view by clicking
on the image to the left. The
data I gained there, data from the last 3 videos shown at the IAS event, data from the Foundations of Brilliance, led me to this
poen. I hope you like it. A
New Dawn is Rising.

Apparently I neglected to mention that I have entered a contest with National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo. The
contest is really not a contest
but a challenge to see who can write 50,000 words on a novel. I'm on it! I've got 10,160 according to Word Count. That puts
me 790 words ahead of
target! Last year over 100,000 people entered and 15,000 of them made the 50K mark! Check it out and enter if you feel up to
the challenge. And it is
a challenge to keep production up every day!

11/5/08 Today is a beautiful day. The political commercials will not interrupt the music today! Tip for the day: Stop listening
and watching the news, stop
reading newspapers and news magazines. Do this for two weeks and I guarantee you will feel better and be happier!

Here Jierra sing "A Song For You". She does a beautiful rendition! Click here! You can, see listen or contact her via www.   www.  or  

Last night I went to a seminar for artists at Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood. I was a great event and gave me a lot
of data and technology.
There was one bit I found particularly useful as a writer. If you want to know the exact secret, contact me. Carl

I also got some up dated Info on Joe Ball who is a very talented wood worker. See his new slid show, its very impressive! Click.

11/4/08 Well I voted what seemed right at this time with the data I have. But not to worry, there are many well intended powerful
being working to help
this culture survive and we have beaten the psycho's so far and they are going down!

Childhood Misadventure 9, "A One Way Trip" is almost done!

Christopher J. Owens gave me permission to post the beginning of a story he has written. It is a well written captivating story of
drugs, deception, death,
hope and redemption. Read the excerpt Circle of Redemption! I fully enjoyed it.

11/3/08 Today is another wonderful day! I love the quote from the Code of Honor by L. Ron Hubbard "Never regret yesterday.
Life is in you today, and
you make your tomorrow." Click to read the entire code!

I came across a great poem today and obtained permission to post: Total Freedom
by Christopher J. Owens. Chris may be contacted at

I also wrote another chapter in the continuing adventure Childhood Misadventure 8 titled "The Green Light Behind the
Preacher." In this chapter,
Darma discovers others can see the space and his little brother George learn how... Available by request, email me.

In my three years of offering help to artist, twice I've been questioned about it. Apparently some people can't accept help as
neither of these two
choose to be listed. But I tabulated the artists and groups I added in Oct 08 or promoted their events. There were 18. I hope I
have provided some
service and hope to artists.

I also posted Yuval Ron Ensemble's Schedule for the rest of 2008 and early 2009. Click!

Last month, I posted a sneak preview of a book by Leigh Ann Lemire. Her book is titled: Ti Ana and The Giant. Ti Ana and
The Giant is a modern day
fairy tale for kids 1 - 100 years old. It's been published! Check it out!

"World's Largest Media Source Controlled by World's Largest Drug Company"
by Dr Mercola. Check it out!

11/2/08 I wrote another chapter in the continued story "Childhood Misadventures" This one is "C Space Day 3." I followed this
with "A Hole in Space." In
these chapters Darma, he's 8 years old now, is learning how to create space, put holes in it and then to put something in the
hole to see. It's exciting
for him! Enjoy!

I'd like to introduce a new artist Darrell Colon. He plays and sings. Check him out!

Tonight Mary and I went to Arnie's Cafe to hear one of the artist I listed on my site, Marc Bosserman. He did the best version
of Hotel California I've
ever heard! As the even drew to a close he was joined by the beautiful and talented Jierra. You can enjoy seeing  and hearing
her on her MySpace
page! They did "Moon Dance" and many other great tunes. You should come to one of their shows. They're great. Marc has a
site you can go to to
hear his music! Click here to hear or purchase/download his music!

11/1/08 Dear Earthlings,
I am glad to hear you survived to read this. Today is a great day! Earth is moving towards freedom despite the best efforts of
the drug pushers, Big
Pharma, the AMA,  the International Bankers and the rest of the insane crowd.
Don't worry about today, you are immortal, and the worst that can happen is you lose another body. ...  So!
Want to do something about Earth, need help, Contact me.  Carl

10/31/08 Happy Holloween! I just posted Childhood Misadventure 5 "C Space"! Enjoy!

I'd like to introduce Claire Mesa who runs She's got some good deals and all her flowers are works
of art! Check her site!

10/30/08 I posted Childhood Misadventure 4 "Down into The Deep Hole"! Enjoy!

"Undeniable Proof the FDA Allows Pet Food to Break the Law"  Follow the link to read the article!

As some of you know, my son Mitchell does metal sculpture. That said, I'd like to introduce a very talented metal sculpturist
"Jame Hill." Please check
out his work at the
Brewery ArtWalk or at his website: Jame Hill Sculpture

10/29/08 I just received a newsletter that quoted "The Aims of Scientology". These aims are something which I fully support
and have supported for a
long time! As a practicing Scientologist for over 32 years, I can say without any reservations that Scientology is the most
important movement Earth!
Think for yourself and find out the truth.

I've added a link to Set A Good Example Club, SAGETM CLUB. "SAGE* Club Programs are based on the very successful
Nationwide Children’s “Set A
Good Example” Challenge  launched in 1981. Sponsored by concerned business people, it quickly became a model
education program, including both
school and student competition.

"Enjoying unprecedented growth SAGE Club programs have helped parents, teachers, and students throughout the United
States defeat immorality,
illiteracy, harmful drug abuse, bullying, dropping out, gang involvement, etc. 16 United States Congressional Record
Commendations attest to those

"Built 100% on workable principles, SAGE Club Student activities were successfully piloted to ensure results with every
young person involved. The
countless examples of enhanced well-being and individual advancement are the best possible indicators of its effectiveness."

*The word sage is defined as: “a person using knowledge, wisdom and good judgment.”

10/27/08 In September, I introduced  Fraser Kee Scott and posted one of his poems, "The Red Man and The Humming
Bird." I've posted another that I
thinks is super excellent! "Who's in Front of You?" Check it out or visit his gallery at

I posted another chapter from Childhood Misadventure 3 "The Tunnel". Enjoy!

I've also written #4 partially, "Down into the Deep Hole!' If you've been following along, email me for this early preview!!

10/26/08 I posted a link to " is a public service informational project of Data Search
Worldwide, Inc., a public
records retrieval company founded by Ken Kramer in 1998 and located in Clearwater, Florida."

"Our mission is to provide journalists, law enforcement, criminal investigators, government agencies and the general public
with governmental records
concerning Florida psychotherapists as efficiently as possible. "

10/25/08 I  posted a new article Fear.

10/24/08 I'd like to introduce YOSHI hashimoto/PEACE22 STUDIO
642 Moulton Ave. E-20 Los Angeles, CA 90031 E-mail: Website: Tel.323-221-
3499 Cell.323-356-1224.
Personally, I like his item Peace #14. Check out his site!

10/23/08 I'd like to introduce Fred Hare. I met him in about 1978 here in Los Angeles. He's now in Flordia. He is a true
veteran at the game of helping
others. Visit his site at!

I was given a chance to preview author Tina Marie Turbin's  upcoming book "Danny the Dragon." I was really impressed. I
liked the colors and the
short number of lines per page.
I also really like the  concepts of how the dragon and his pal were transported and appeared and disappeared. I thought
Tina's creativeness
remarkable. I enjoyed the excerpt. Check it out!

10/21/08 Dr Mercola's Avoid Flu Shots With the One Vitamin that Will Stop Flu in Its Tracks. This is very interesting data
giving you truth to handle the
false data about the flu. Checkyou  out the data on the huge amount of mercury you get in that shot! Mercury is accumulative
and a deadly posion!
Check it out!

I also posted an article written by Christine Kane, Singer-Songwriter. Stop A Recession in its Tracks! See the article by
clicking here. Go to her blog by
clicking here.

I would like to recommend that you check out American Wellness Coalition!

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10/20/08 One of the artist I am promoting, Marc Bosserman, has a site you can go to to hear his music! Click here to hear or
purchase/download his

I also received an article which I sent out to my family and friends via email today!

Dear Family and Friends,

I don't know how much of this is true but I believe if this isn't all true, it's better to err in favor of a positive outlook than it is to
create a massive
suppressive false reality that the media is doing.
So, I've attached an article I believe it worth taking a few minutes to read. It's about the economy.
I hope it reaches you and doesn't get ignored.
I also hope you are doing well! I have a lot of love and respect for all of you.
Have a great Day and a perfectly awesome future!
Click here to read it!

10/18/08 I read an interesting article on Homeopathy. I don't have an educated opinion on this but I do believe there is truth
there. See it for yourself.
"Presenting 50 Facts About Homeopathy"

My site search works. I had to use Google to do it as Yahoo who's software I use hasn't been able to handle the problem.

I posted a new articles Is Money Controlling You?. It is really appropriate for the times as well as the last
one, The Whole World

And I'd like to promote The Lost Sole of Spain Sunday Nov. 2 at 7 pm. Click for details

10/16/08 I'd like to introduce an author, Brian Laesch at Personal Blog of Author Brian Laesch. He has recently published a
book, "Verge of Psychosis:
An Aspiring Actor's Journal." Check it out!

I'd also like to introduce: Diane Klein, Author ~ Home of the novel, "In the Name of Help, a novel exposing psychiatric

I would also like to recommend the AIDA! Ha!  Don't know what AIDA is? Click to find out! It's a must do thing! It's a free acting
workshop, but you got to
find out what AIDA is! Carl

10/15/08 I'd like to introduce an author, Tina Marie Turbin and her upcoming book "Danny the Dragon." From Tina, you'll get
a bright spark of life so
check out Tina and her book!

Tina will also have a site coming on line shortly I'll you you know when it's up but this is just the
type data the world needs!

“Gift to Center Headed by FDA Panel Chairman Raises Questions” “A retired medical supply manufacturer who considers
bisphenol A to be “perfectly
safe” gave $5 million to the research center headed by the chairman of a Food and Drug Administration panel about to rule
on the chemical's safety.”
Read more!

10/14/08 Today is going to be a great day for me and all my friends and family! Enjoy all the wonders we have around us and
realize you are more
powerful than you think! Contact me for more data. ML, Carl

I've also decided to write a book for adults to read to children and grandchildren. It will be the "Childhood Misadventures" and
"The Chain" and "The
Crawdad" will be the first two chapters!

I created a Facebook page to promote my up coming book, The Childhood Misadventures! http://www.facebook.

I also want to encourage everyone to join Downsize DC. They are a group with about 24 issue campaign letters available. By
regristering, you can sent
email to your government reps.

I sent emails via this service on at least 22 of the 24 issuse. Join me in making your voice heard before DC ruins our great

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10/13/08 I posted a new story, Childhood Misadventure 2 "The Crawdad". I hope you enjoy it.

I want to pass on the following for the Los Angeles area: My name is Tye Gaddis and I am starting a youth drumline (14 to 18
years of age). A Drumline
is a group of drummers performing with a precise set of percussion instruments to create a great esthetic effect. My previous
experience with Drumline
has proven that a big effect can be created with this type of group. Contact Tye

I also started a blog and I posted to an old one
Help support my activity
of spreading the arts and helping people and helping me! Look for my up coming book!

FDA Conspires with Cold Medicine Manufacturers to Keep Selling Dangerous Products to Four Year Olds  article by

10/12/08 I was riding in the car with 3 of my grandsons. To keep them entertained, I told them the tale of The Chain. The two
year old fell asleep. The
5 and 8 year olds, listened with intense attention. When it was done, they wanted more. So the next tale will be titled Crawdad
and the one after that will
be the Land Behind the Invisible Garage Door.

10/11/08 I  posted a new article The Whole World Stinks. This one is very appropriate for todays world
and I highly recommend it!

I also wrote a new story which I am dedicating to my grandchildren. It is Childhood Misadventure 1 "The Chain".

I added a link to a really good article by Dr Mercola. Check it! It concering Dow Chemical and the FDA. "The global chemical
industry annually
produces about 6 billion pounds of bisphenol A (BPA)...And more recently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
forced Mary Gade to quit her
job as head of the EPA’s Midwest office after her interactions with Dow Chemical.

10/10/08 "Try to treat others as you would want them to treat you." from The Way To Happiness.

I've added a page with links to groups that you may want to support and use. I'm calling this the Comm Line Page.

10/9/08 I'd like to introduce June Rosenberry the creator of J Rose Fine Art Pottery at She makes unique Ceramic Lanterns. Each one is numbered and signed by the artist. Please visit
her site and check out
her interesting and artistic work! Carl

I also had to update my article on "Global Warming" because it isn't!

10/8/08 I just finished a short story! It's very interesting. The Royal Whittmour Family Check it out!

I'm also working on a SciFi story, Project Energy 2023. It's about a united effort to handle the energy crisis and thus take
some purden off the financial
crisis the world is still in 15 years after the 2008 bailout failed to work. Look for it soon!

I'm still having difficulties with my search capability. Hopefully it will be handled soon!

10/7/08 I've created a page for an article by Mario Feninger. The article is entitled "Can We Create Artists?" I feel this applies
to all art forms.

He's a top internationally recognized pianist. Visit my page to read the article or go directly to his site! Either way, you must
check out the music. He is
truly awesome. Carl

I posted a sneak preview of a book by Leigh Ann Lemire. Her book will be titled: Ti Ana and The Giant. Ti Ana and The Giant
is a modern day fairy tale
for kids 1 - 100 years old. Enjoy!

I'll be posting a new story tomorrow, "The Whittmour Family." Watch for it!

10/6/08 I  posted a new article You Have the Power to Make People Happy.

Lots more pictures posted today!

10/5/08 I added a couple more photos. Check them out by clicking here.  

A Comment On the Times: I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the
American people ever
allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that
will grow up around the
banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." --
Thomas Jefferson 1802

Apparently Tom was pretty accurate, the Federal Reserve is a private corporation and has controlled the interest and brought
about ruin to many
people. I am certain this was an intentional effort to gain control of the nation and it's finances. You don't have to take my
opinion. Research it.

In the economic climate, we need to focus on production and the future. We will survive and things will get better. Flourish and
Prosper to all. Carl

10/4/08 I wanted to pass on the schedule of one of the artist I am promoting:  Marc Bosserman! *Monday nights:*/Parkway
Grill Restaurant 510 South
Arroyo Parkway
Pasadena, CA  91105. (626) 795-1001
This is an upscale restaurant with a beautiful grand piano in the lounge area.  Marc plays on Monday nights from 6pm till
10pm.  You can request
songs and he'll try to play them all!

*Friday nights - - October 10th, 17th and 31st: Vitello's Restaurant 4349 Tujunga Avenue. Studio City, CA  91604
(818) 769-0905 A nice Italian Restaurant with old school ambiance, tucked away in the Valley.   Marc plays in their piano
lounge, aka The Green
Room, a couple of Fridays a month, from 7pm till 10pm.  He takes requests here too.

10/3/08 I've started the photo art section with eight pictures from 2003 and 2004. The main page will be "Photos." Some are
artistic and some will just
be for the fun of the memories for the family and for me! Enjoy.

10/2/08 reminder: Artist for a  Better World is holding it's 8th Annual Arts Festival on  Oct 11th and 12th, 2008 at Celebrity
Centre International in Los
Angeles 323-960-3100. For info, contact

I also wanted to put in a plug for Mitchell Watts and his business Watts Specialties. I work with him. Almost all his customers
are from direct referrals
from our other customers! That means they are happy.

See his ad on THE RAZZ LINE by clicking here.

10/1/08 I recently took a picture and from the picture, I wrote a very short story. Martian Barbershop, Letter to Grandpa. Enjoy.

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9/30/08 Every Day 4,700 Kids Smoke Pot for the First Time... Will your kid be next?

Help Friends of Narconon get the truth about drugs out to school kids. Get your friends, family and local businesses to help
by donating money for
schools in their area or by purchasing our drug education videos.

9/29/08 I  posted a new articles Why You Must Be Unreasonable.

I've decided to add some photos. Over the years I've taken some that are very good. That section will come very shortly.
Have a great day!

9/28/08 I made some corrections. If you notice them and want data, contact me otherwise....I guess they went unnoticed. :-)

I'd also like to introduce Julia Scott-Douglas. She a talented author and she also does Book News and Reviews. Check her

9/23/08 Success story for Sunny Day Spray!

9/22/08 I've decided to write some more short stories. One will be entitle the "Martian Affair." Another will be called "I know our
Wife!" Another will be
about the joys of being married and in love. This will be a true story! Stay tuned for excerpts...Carl

I also posted an new story City Ethereal, Home Universe. Enjoy and call me when you're ready!

I also added six new short stories:  Romance is a Very Short Story by Patrick Nickolas Zaras. The next three stories  by Zara
were short enough to
have their own page together. They are entitled: True Love and a cup of Coffee, Romance and Death in the Afternoon, The
Serial Killer. Click to read.  
The next story is by Mary Sue Gamble Romance and the Miracle of Chocolate Cake.The six story is a follow up by Mary
Jane Galyen, my opinion, to
The Big Game. It is entitled The Press Conference. Enjoy!

I would also like to introduce Marc Bosserman. Marc Bosserman! Who is this guy? Broadway Musicals, Jazz, Rock and Roll,
Standards, Heavy Metal,
Classical, Electronica, Film music, TV, Folksongs, what? Marc Bosserman is not your average musician. He’ll try any way he
can to brighten your day.
We need more sparkle so, let’s bring it to life. Remember that creating is the biggest joy in life. Check out his site!

By the way, I am having difficulty with the Site Search capabilities. I'm working on it!

9/20/08 I  posted a new articles To Succeed, You Need to Lead.

9/19/08 Angeles Crest Art Guild and Vida Verde present a collaborative exhibit of original paintings,
sculpture, ceramics and handcrafted art. DATE: Saturday, September 20, 2008 (One day only) TIME: 3:00-7:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Vida Verde: 966
Foothill Blvd. La Cañada, CA  91011 Works from participating ACAG artists as well as eco-friendly objects from around the
world will be on display and
available for sale. Come and meet the artists, share wine and finger foods while you get to know them. Vida Verde is located
in La Cañada, at the south
corner of Foothill Blvd and Angeles Crest Highway. Participating Artists: Carol Banke, Jill Blaisdell,  Miriam Ellis, Libby Ellis,  
Babs Fine, Deborah
Laurita,  Linda Queally, Julie Snyder, Elizabeth Tucker, Bobbie Vandervort. for more info call 818.790.2769

9/17/08 Every once in a while, I read something I wrote. Sometimes I really like it. Check out this poem "Do You See What I
See" from 2006. I also
came across a tirade on the killing of the soil I had written before and failed to link up Comment On the Times article entitle
"the killing of evolution!"

I received an email with a good story. I contacted the lady that sent it and found the source for it was unknown. But I decided to
post it and credit the
"Unknown Arthor" as I felt it worthy of being read my many more people. It's title is "Ode to a Coffee Bean" and placed it in my
Comments One the
Times section. Enjoy!

I posted another story by Mary Jane Galyen. Read the story "Infinity."

I'm also doing an on going project of updating my site. Please alert me to any typos or changes in your work, contact info or
anything else needing

I'd also like to recommend a form of vitamin B1 benfotamine. It is safer and more effective. You can find out more data on it
or order it from http://www.

Also most B1 is toxic, yep, toxic. To get the data on regular B1 the book "Going Back to the Basics of Human Health" by
Mary Frost or view this quote
in full:
"Synthetic B1 is made from coal tar, and coal tar comes from coal. Coal is good to burn and generate energy, but it is not a
good food. Synthetic B1 is
seen on labels as Thiamine Hydrochloride (HCL) and Thiamine Mononitrate." by Dr. Betsy Meshbesher.

9/15/08 (NaturalNews) "A government-sponsored report has concluded that levels of fluoride that people are regularly
exposed to in drinking water can
cause serious malfunctioning of the thyroid glad, leading to even more serious health problems."  Click to read the full article.

9/13/08 I have relayed data about Monsanto and Roundup in the past. Take a minute and go to this site, Organic Consumers
Association, and vote for
Home Depot to stop selling Roundup. It is a pervasive danger to mankind.

I have attention on freedom of the Internet. One thing, both a good thing and a bad thing, is the Internet is free to all as a
communication line. I believe
a person is alive as they communicate and as un-alive as they can't. Dead people seem to be out of communication with the
live people.

So I ran across an article which starts: (NaturalNews) "Well no sooner was Comcast busted for blocking various Internet
connections in a recent ruling
by the FCC, now they and other cable giants such as Time Warner and Frontier are looking to place usage limits on a
monthly basis. ..." Click to read
the full article.

Watch out for restrictions of any type on the Internet and take action to preserve your freedom, your children's and your grand
children's freedom.

I  posted a new articles Moving On After a Loss.

9/10/08 I sent out a communication to many people announcing Mary and I were married and having an anniversary. There
were request for how to
find a spouse so I wrote up a brief hat (an instructional article on what to do to hopefully be successful married). Enjoy.

9/8/08 I've just read an article. I found it interesting: FDA Declares Bisphenol-A Plastics Chemical to be Safe, Relying on
Industry-Funded Studies .
Click to read the article.

Yesterday, we had our first anniversary! Mary is awesome!

I'd also like to pass on the data that the"First Intercultural Concert" will be held at 6 pm on Saturday 9/13/08. It will be at 1920
S Bronson Ave LA, CA
90018 at the St Paul's Catholic Church. Door prizes and much more! Call more data or tickets 323-938-4015. Proceeds
benefit church projects.

9/6/08 Tomorrow I my first wedding anniversary with Mary Watts. We were happily married on 9/7/07! See wedding picture!

I  posted a new articles Money Motivation.

9/4/08 I've added a poem or story of a sort. I felt it worthy of being promoted and good for many of us in our day to day

I hope I've credited the source correctly, Bill Denton. It's titled What is a Hero.

8/30/08 I added a couple new artist. The first is Fraser Kee Scott and posted one of his poems. See the poem "The Red Man
and The Humming Bird"
or visit his gallery at

The second artist is Mary Jane Galyen and her poem "The Big Game".

Artist for a  Better World is holding it's 8th Annual Arts Festival on  Oct 11th and 12th, 2008 at Celebrity Centre International
in Los Angeles 323-960-
3100. For info, contact

I  posted a new articles Communication is a Two-Way Street.

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8/27/08 Did you know that there maybe people that still think cholesterol is bad for  you. Check out this link.

By the way, as an non-expert, in my studies I have found the body make cholesterol if not obtained from the diet. Cholesterol
is vital to normal
functions. Research it! Don't take my word for it and certainly don't believe what the doctors and other frauds tell you.

8/24/08 I've added Moondaypoetry "Monthly Poetry Reading in Pacific Palisades, CA." Check it out!

I've added a writer, Christopher Mercon and his story "The Night Sky". Check it out. I liked it!

8/23/08 I realized that passing on data about Irradiation makes the world dangerous. There is an immediate and direct
solution you can use to handle
your nutrition questions. Locate a practitioner who is trained in Nutrition Response Testing! Anyone can be tested. I get tested
2-3 times a month to
have my nutritional program updated. Mary Watts, my wife, is trained and practices Nutrition Response Testing in the Los
Angeles area. You can also
contact Freddie Ulan who developed the technology. He's located in Florida.

This evening, I  posted a new articles Why You May Hate to Study.

8/22/08  It's late and I've had a long day. I spent 5 hours picking up two of my nieces at LAX this evening. (It was good to have
a lot of communication
with them!)  But it's after 10 PM. So I'll be blunt. "FDA Unleashes Mass Irradiation of Spinach, Lettuce and Other Vegetables"
is an article about the
irradiation of food. This may not worry you and it shouldn't but how it will effect your children and their children should worry
you! Not to mention the
people around you. Have you ever noticed how ill people cause problems? Just feed everyone garbage and drug them and
you've got people all
around you that will cause you and your family problems

Get informed and stop believing everything you hear or read! Read the article "FDA Unleashes Mass Irradiation of Spinach,
Lettuce and Other

8/20/08 I did a little follow up on my article "Comment on Global Warming". According to an article in the Daily Tech,
apparently even UN has agreed:  
"Now, the United Nations World Meteorological Association has somewhat ruefully weighed in to agree with what climate
researchers have been saying
all year: global temperatures have indeed dropped, and are expected to continue to do so throughout most of 2008. The cool
spell means global
temperatures have been on the decline for a full ten years, since early 1998."

I  posted a new articles Need Security? There are a lot of articles by TipsForSuccess and they are very
useful. Go to Links To
Other Artist and see the selection!

There is another example of the FDA protecting us. See the Article by NaturalNews.Com which says: "Another FDA-
approved diabetes drug has now
been linked to life-threatening pancreas inflammation that has resulted in at least two deaths. Byetta is the latest FDA-
approved diabetes drug to be
linked to organ damage and death. Several years ago, Rezulin was being pushed into the diabetic market in the United
States by the FDA even though
the drug had already been banned in Europe and was linked with severe liver damage of at least 10,000 patients."

Also, the FDA says BPA is safe for baby bottles! See the article: FDA Declares Toxic "Bisphenol A" Plastics Chemical to be
Safe Enough for Babies" by
NaturalNews.Com.  Feel free to read the referenced articles to get the full picture. Also See my link page on the FDA Crimes.

There is another article by Dr Mercola which I found very interesting. It's about the molecular altering of taste. I encourage
everyone to eat organic
foods and avoid processed foods! Your life depends on it! Try Farm Fresh Organic Food.

8/9/08 I  posted a new articles Five Tips for Success with Children. I've been working 6 days a week and
studying two evenings
and Sunday morning so if  you've got secrets on how to live on not enough sleep, let me know!

8/6/08 Life is busy and rewarding! I want to recommend a newsletter on health: NaturalNews. I have found his data to be
accurate and interesting. Click
to go to the site to sign up for NaturalNews.Com. For solutions to your nutrition questions, See Nutrition Response Testing!

I  posted a new articles To Succeed, You Need to Follow the Law.

Link to Other Artists
Comments on The Times Index page NutraRich

7/26/08 I  posted a new articles The Emotional Tone Scale. I added a search page.

7/23/08 I sent out a communication to a group I am part of looking for data and assistance on establishing control of gravity. I
got 10 replies. Some
offer a lot of hope!

7/21/08 I  posted a new articles What the Universe Gives You.

7/14/08, I've added a link:  Check out this link on Cancer, Vit. D and the FDA

7/13/08 I  posted a new articles Are You Worried? I personally know this to work! Try it!

I working on the Water4Gas application to cut my fuel cost. In the book it talks about common additives that can boost your
miles per gallon. And with
gas at $4.50, any idea is welcome! I've gotten a 2-3 mile increase and saved money.

7/9/08 I've purchased five domain names:,,, and The site will be a sales site for literally a license to survive, issued by the It will be
a gag gift except so many people feel they need a license from others to survive.

Along with the plastic license will be a 8x10 glossy certificate stating you have purchased a true License2Survive.

This will give you free lifetime membership for which will be answers or advice on any subject free.

I'm working on these now and they should be up and on the web soon.....!

The Gravity sites will be research sites. One for fund raising and the other for actual data compilations.

7/5/08 I posted an article by Dr. Joseph Mercola:  Researcher Takes Drug Company Pay, Then Lie About it.

My main interest currently is defeating gravity. I'm also a bit unhappy about the rip off at the gas pump so I've  researched
and decided Water4Gas.
com or is a viable product and invite you to check it out for yourself. I'll be installing it on my cars

I also posted a new articles: Rule Your World. It's a good one.

7/4/08 Today, I observed another misuse of police authority and power. I wrote an article on this. See Comments on The
Times article "The Police and
the Citizen, Fourth of July, 2008."

7/3/08 Well, I am back to being an entrepreneur. I'm going to do some website design with the intention of selling a couple
things and making some
money. This site is a lot of fun for me but instead of making money, only cost me money.

I posted 3 new articles: How To Become a Leader, A Major Source of Stress with a Simple Solution and
For a Successful
Marriage, Communicate!

6/29/08 Yesterday, I found out my wife, Mary, is a distributor for NatureRichR and has been since 3/31/2003!  

Their claim to fame, my wording, is their knowledge and application of knowledge on pH. See their article: Plain Talk About

There are a couple products I have been very pleased with: Fortified Mineral Neutralizer and Fortified Mineral Gel. I'm not
going to say much but give a
personal success for the Gel.

At our property, there are horses nearby and biting flies! The bites have effected me worse than mosquito. A mosquito bite
lasts 3-4 days before my
body handles it. The fly bites normally bothered me for 7-10 days. Most annoying!

After the last bite, I promptly applied the Fortified Mineral Gel. The bite never developed into a problem! It was totally gone
the next day!

For more info, go to the site. NatureRich.

I'll keep you posted on the products as I try them.

6/26/08 I posted a new article entitled Why Problems Do Not Solve.

6/16/08 I wrote an Ode to the Man Who Charted the Attitudes.

6/15/08 It is Father's Day. My children will all gather here at my home. When I consider all I have, life is truly grand. I have an
incredible family. All my
family are healthy and employed. I'm healthy and employed. None have ever done hard drugs nor been to prison. This is
true for me also. My wife is
awesome and helped me in so many ways.

We all live in the greatest civilization this planet had ever seen and IT WILL GET BETTER!

There are few true hardships though the suppressive people controlling the energy industry are trying hard to ruin it. Even with
all the unnecessary
drugs promoted by every TV station and magazine, we are still a healthy safe nation.

This is really a great Father's Day and I'm very proud of my children and all their accomplishments!

Appropriate for "Father's Day," I also posted a new article entitled Parents: Our Greatest Supporters

6/8/08 Lately I have increased my studying to 4 evenings and Sunday morning. It's keeping me busy.  I wrote an article, a
Comment On the Times
entitled "Caffeine" Click to read.

I also posted a new article entitled What Is Your Most Valuable Asset?

Stories by Carl
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CommLine Page (links)

5/26/08 Does your life seem complicated? (Taken from a TWTH email)

There are only two basic reason that life can get complicated, the decisions you make and the decisions others make around

Now, you are probably pretty good at making your own decisions. You know what you want and pretty much the right way to go
about getting it. But
what about the decisions made by others that affect you? Do they know what you want? Do they care what you want?

Well, the decisions others make that affect you just might have something to do with the decisions you make.  
Have you ever had a similar relationship problem? Read ON!

5/26/08 I wrote another short story. It's entitled "Catastrophe and New Hope." Let me know what you think.

5/24/08 I've written a new story "The Battle to Survive". This is so much more fun that exposing the FDA. If you have a few
minuets, read it and please
feel free to comment on it. Carl

5/24/08 I'm posting another link to an article about the foreign manufacture of FDA approved drugs. I urge you to check this
out and pass it on. Carl

I also posted a new article entitled How to Handle Bullies, Complainers, Critics &Whiners.

I've also decided to create a page on one of American people's greatest traitors: THE FDA. In the future, the Justice
Department will investigate them
and several will go to Jail for conspiracy, fraud and many other specific crimes resulting in death, disease and illness of the
American population.
America will never fall to an outside force, if anything, we will collapse inwards through decay and illness compliments of the
drug companies, the
chemical companies and commercial farming. Please pass on to me data about the FDA's Crimes or about organizations
interested in making a
positive change in American Life.

5/23/08 I wrote an article, a Comment On the Times entitled "Who Is Running YOUR Life?" Check it out!

5/19/08 I was contacted by an Artist, Robert Hawkins, who has a good idea for creating World Peace. I have linked this to my
Comments On the Times.
I have included both his articles.

5/17/08 I  posted new article entitled Leadership Success.

I read a good advertisement for The Way To Happiness and decided to post it:
"One of the main causes of your unhappiness could be the actions of other people. One of the main causes of your
unhappiness could be the actions
of other people."

"Your own happiness can be affected by the behavior of others around you. Your own happiness can be turned to sorrow by
conduct that you do not
agree with. You have experienced people treating you in a certain way and you said to yourself, "I wouldn't have handled that
in that way. I wouldn't
have done that to them!"

"But what can be done? Can you actually change the conduct of others? It is easier than one might think. Because people
are basically good they
know when they are behaving badly and they know they would like to stop. They just don't always know how."

"All you need to do is have copies of The Way to Happiness book available for your friends, family and acquaintances as a

Email  The Way to Happiness Foundation to start your order

Read The Way to Happiness online

5/12/08 I created two new pages. They are both accessible by going through Nutrition Response Testing.

One is on the danger of "BPA." Never heard of it? Check it out. I've seen someone that had a problem linked to this
discovered by Nutrition Response
Testing techniques.

The next new page is a promotion of Farm-Fresh Organic Food Delivered to You! If you haven't read the book Going Back to
the Basics of Human
Health by Mary Frost you just don't know how important this is. Go to Nutrition Response Testing and check out the links.

There is one more page. It gives the date of free performances in Pasadena promoted by Dr Mira N Mataric, Open

5/10/08 I also posted new article entitled Imagine Your Success.  I believe this is a really good one. I
sales and many other
professions, this is used. The artist is always doing this!

5/5/08 Read the article about How the American Medical Associations Got Rich!

I also posted a new article entitled How to Be Happy. I posted my April 08 NewsLetter.

Over the weekend my wife, Mary Watts, and Dr Cindy Clayton did another seminar on Nutrition Response Testing. Mary
learned and Cindy helped
deliver the seminar. Dr Paul Rosen was also there assisting with the presentation of the seminar. He is the author of The
Great Health Heist.

4/30/08  Read this article about a new chemical that masks bitter flavors by turning off bitter flavor receptors on your tongue.
The FDA approve it as
"safe" after three months testing on rats.  

Next, I challenge you to see the movie about Monsanto and the genetic modifications. Pick a movie!

I have decided that the FDA needs to be investigated for it's criminal conspiracy and fraud!  It will happen. Will you help or will
you continue to consume
poison and blindly consume the "safe" chemicals that are slowly, sometimes quickly, killing you and your children. Write to
anyone you know and
request that the investigation of the FDA's be started! It's much bigger than "Watergate" The criminal actions of allowing the
drugging and poisoning of
America has been going on for years. It must be stopped.

Link to Carl's Art Pages
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4/27/08 Guys, you really must see the News from Artist: Julie Snyder. It is totally aesthetic. Carl

From Juilie's  "News from Artist: Julie Snyder" Up coming Dates  ........
Danielak Art & Phantom Galleries. New Show: Coming May, 2008  PASADENA, CA

Addison Art Gallery. New Show and on site demonstration: August, 2008  ORLEANS, MA

More information about paintings on the website If you have a question about these or figure painting
workshops just email me,
and I will be happy and get back to you.  Cheers,  Julie Snyder

4/26/08 I posted a new Comment On the Times article entitled "Money, Energy Crisis and Gravity." I hope it gets a lot of

4/25/08 I'm still working on the solution to gravity. I have about decided it is time to start making some physical universe test. I
know I will have to do this
as no company, university or government agency will figure it out. Too much really big money would be hurt if gravity is
solved and even if they did, it
would disappear. It's like cars still only get 20 miles per gallon of fuel. Big money in that and very little in 100 miles per gallon!

I am also promoting  California Arts Advocates (CAA) is a nonprofit organization and was founded as a means of bringing
together individuals, who
believe in the importance and vitality of the arts in California, and to advocate for state funding and legislation that benefits
arts and culture throughout
the state. For more information, visit CaliforniaArtsAdvocates

I posted a article: Good Manners Are Key to Your Success.

4/24/08 I helped my first company save money on printer repairs and made a little money! I needed that. I designed business
cards and continued to
outflow. Life is grand!

4/20/08 Yesterday evening, we held out art show. The turn out was much better than the first one. We are learning.

Today, I did a community get together. I talked to many people. I talked to an inventor, a printer, a day care operator and may
other professions. I
helped a girl who is very attractive, 39 year old with three children, decide it was time to take more responsibility for her life
and seek a new partner in
her life. I met many people and helped everyone I could in whatever way I could. It was a very good weekend.

I chose to add a day care to my list of services worth of being helped. In Eagle Rock, CA , Denise and Tara Voight have a
very nice day care. They
have happy children there and an opening is coming up. They are licensed #198012262. They may be contacted at 323-259-

4/17/08 Do you know anyone that needs printer maintenance or repair? I am offering a 10% discount on printer supplies for
the rest of April 08.
Mention code April08CW. 818-547-5458 :-)

I posted a new Comment On the Times article entitled "The Big Leak Theory." It's also posted under the Science Section.

4/14/08 I realized that the pictures taken late last year were not available on line so to see wedding picture, click here. To see
Christmas pictures, click

I also posted a new author, J Bean Palmer. Click here to read a bit of her work!

4/13/08 I want to thank the artists who have given me email addresses to help spread the arts! It is because of them I'm writing
to thousands instead of
only a couple hundred. Help me promote your art!

If you are willing, please help by sending me your contact list!

4/12/08 "Please pass along to your artist contacts that they are invited to submit an application to participate in the upcoming
11th Annual Rose Variety
Arts Show for The Rose Breast Cancer Society  the first Sunday of May 4 at the Celebrity Centre International.   It is free to
participate.  The event is
endorsed by Artists for a Better World, Artists Helping Artists,  Sharing Friends of the Arts, and Salute America"  Please direct
artists to send their email
with their address and contact number so that an art application can be mailed to them to

I started doing my news letter for April and already have a new artist Vahé Mansourian and his company Lucine Distribution. I
do believe he is an asset
in the field of the arts as well as an accomplished painter, filmmaker and many more talent. Check out his site.

I have posted a vignette from collection of writings (memoirs) of Catherine Yesayan "Iran, what it is today...And what it was

I posted a new article entitled Being Too Serious Blocks Your Success.

4/11/08 I posted a Comment on the Times article entitled "Parking Revenuing and Glendale Department of Traffic
Obstruction." It's like a second
episode  of Parking Glendale, Ca and Traffic Jam by Design. Both these are early Comment on the Times articles.

4/10/08 I want to let everyone know that I've taken a new job. What I am doing is creating a sales department for a company
that was really let go down
hill due to the people working there. They are all gone! I'm there and so are many other, new, hard working creative people.
Things will get much better
fast. I am putting in organization along with the General Manager, the HR Manager and several others! Together we make a
good executive team.
Though, I have to admit, they haven't put me in charge of anything except my desk, I feel I must help every area when I see
anything that needs
improving. And I'm busy at it! I'm excited about it. I am working for Printer Rx LLC. We provide maintenance for printers,
repairs and all the material
needed to keep the printing parts of communication for the world (at least the US) up and running well. Please  let me help
you if you need assistance.
818-547-5458, email In advance, thank you.

4/8/08 I posted two new articles on Comments On the Times entitled "What the Governments Does for You" and
"Contributing Factors to America's
Physical Decline."

4/5/08 I posted a new article: The Ultimate Self-Improvement Tool. I posted another article on
Comments On the Times entitled
"Police and the Citizen Second Edition."

I'm also actively working on the theory of how to control gravity. I've had some good realizations and am looking for the exact
electrical configuration to
utilize. I'd appreciate anyone's ideas in this area. Click here to email me.

My stated conclusion is that gravity can be control and that many people know how but fail to validate their own knowingness
and thus never do
anything with the data.

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3/30/08 I posted two new articles: Five Tips to Help Children Succeed and Boost Your Pay with
Statistics. I recommend you read
all these.

3/29/08 I am removing links to ForteBuilder because of my own unwillingness to follow up on the opportunity. I wrote two
articles for Comments On the
Times entitled "The Citizen and The Police" and "On Helping and Caring." This article points out just a few of the many good
things the Police do for
us. I'm going to forward this to the editors on Monday. I'm still activity working the theories and mechanics of controlling

I also want to announce that there will be a Watts Family Art Show on April 19th (a Saturday) from 7pm to about 11 pm and
the address is 1402 Pass
Ave, Burbank, CA 91505. There will be food and drinks. My daughter, Marcy Eiben, my son, Mitchell Watts, and I will be
displaying items.

3/26/08 I am venturing into a new career. It's exciting. I started today. I will be selling service contracts for up scale printers. It
will be a challenge and I
plan to have 6 people working for me in the next year. I figure if I'm going to become a pro and learn how to do it, I might as
well teach others and really
accelerate the company I've chosen to support.

I also sent "Police and the Citizen" to several editors. Click on Comments on the Times to see this article.

3/25/08 I gave notice of intent to take a new job at the agency was had been at for two months and my employment was ended
that day.

3/19/08 I sent "Traffic Jam by Design" to several local editors. A Glendale paper called and they might publish it!

3/17/08 I posted three more TipsForSuccess.Org articles. Click here to see the latest articles.

3/16/08 On Friday, I viewed an incident of the Police improperly handling an American Citizen. I posted another article on
Comments On the Times
entitled "Police and the Citizen" and another on "Traffic Jam by Design!"

3/12/08 I posted another article on Comments On the Times and on the Science page. It's on "Pressure, Heat and Atomic
Theory." Check it out.

3/10/08 I have expanded the purpose of my site to also promote free thought in the area of Science or Invention and to help
the Scientist connect with
the engineer, the theorist with the mechanic. I want to help man advance and I believe that allowing the theory that the "world
is flat" to be the only
theory taught in school is unfair to mankind. Click here to see the start of this page. I have written an article on "Space, Gravity
and Infinity" as the first
submission to this category!

3/09/08 I wrote an article Comments On the Times regarding "Buyer Beware." This is based on what I feel I was unfair
treatment by Dodge/Chrysler on
their warranty. Of course, they are probably completely legal and fair. However, the dealership is incompetent in my opinion
based on the number of
times it took to handle the obvious problems and to diagnose the rest of the problem. Buyers Beware simply tries to
communicate you must read all the
small fine print to know your rights and that may be all but impossible. I'd suggest you sign up for PrePaid Legal, of which I
am a member, to give you
advice on all contracts and warranties. Contact me for how to do this.

3/8/08 I just completed a four day convention with World Financial Group. I wrote an article regarding tax rebates and
incorrect thinking versus financial
security. Visit Comments On the Times to travel to this article entitled "Fish vs Financial Security' WFG."

3/4/08 I haven't recorded it for viewing, but I am theorizing on gravity and the control of it. If that can be achieved, man would
not be limited to this
planet and not limited to the restrictions imposed by it's governments. Also, the control of gravity should yield unlimited power
at a very low cost. I would
not be surprised if the patents don't already exist and are being kept quiet. That would upset too many vested interest in the
electricity industry, the oil
industry, the airlines, boats, trains and others that rely on man being restricted and limited. Knowing that it can be done (proof
is the many sci-fi books
and movies), and knowing it's been done before, gives me great hope. I'll keep you posted. (a ps on this is that I created a
page to promote science,
inventions, theories etc on 3/10/08!)

I posted another article on Do You Ever Feel Jealous

3/03/08 I posted a article on Take Advantage of Your Opportunities, Step One.

2/27/08 Another article on Comments On the Times. This one is "Global Warming."

2/26/08 I posted another article in Comments On the Times. This one is entitled "Opportunity and Immigration."

2/25/08 I posted another article in Comments On the Times. This one is entitled "No Skateboards, Responsibility."

2/23/08 I've added a new section Comments On the Times.  This section is me pointing out things that I feel need change
and suggestion some
positive changes.  If you'd like to submit articles along this line, please do. I reserve the right to post or not. This article is on
the "Parking in Glendale"
on restrictions in one of America's great cities, Glendale, Ca.

I added two more articles: How to Break Bad Habits and How Drugs and Toxins Hurt Your Success!
They're both good, read them.

216/08 I've added a whole section on Marcy Eiben's paintings there twenty paints and drawings. Please check them out.

2/15/08 I'd like to promote Yale Cabaret Hollywood. They are doing an event. It sounds like an interesting affair! See data

I also have a photobucket show of Marcy's art show. It has her art, the drawings and paintings, my woodwork and Mitchell's
metal work. Also the bench
is Mitchell's gliding bench (just like a gliding rocker but big enough for about six adults!). Click here.

Also, not that everyone on the planet is interested, but my youngest grandson, is laughing. He's doing a very good job at it
too. Click to see what I am
talking about if you're a parent, going to be a parent or you are a child growing up. Laughter is always good!

2/11/08 Yesterday, we celebrated some birthdays. Monique, Chris and Mitchell's. We had a good brunch in Eagle Rock.
Today, I also verified that
after passing the State Insurance exam, I am officially licensed. License number is 0G00290! So, now I'm more qualified to
help people establish
financial freedom!

2/5/08 One of the things I am seeking to accomplish is to rekindle peoples dreams and hopes. There is an excellent article
on failed purposes. If I can rekindle the hopes and dreams, anything is possible!

2/2/08 I posted two more pages from It is entitled "The Ultimate Marriage Tool" and "You Tried to
Reach a Goal and Failed...Now
What?"  Check it out. I also added a wonderful artist. She paints, writes poetry and sings. I stole her poems and posted them.
Let me introduce the art
of Marcy Ann Eiben (one of my beautiful daughters!) I posted four of her poems: Deaths Window, My Mother, Nature and Life,
and Flourish and

On a different note, as part of my on going training with World Financial Group, on Friday, 1/25/08, I took and passed the
California State examination
to be a Life Insurance Agent! This will allow me to continue helping people and creating an income. I have a lot more training
to do before I will be fully
trained as a  World Financial Group member.

Link to Carl's Art Pages
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1/28/08 I added three pages on Mira Mataric, Internationally awarded poet and author. I added links to a couple new fine
artists, Julie Snider and
Marcelle La Cour

1/26/08 Since my last newsletter, I have added Becky Mate and Joe Ball to my site. Additionally there are new links to Tom
Fair, Bozz and Go to Links To Artist to see all the artist listed. I've also added a link to Artists for a Better World. Check
them out!

Also, my daughter, Marcy Eiben is doing an art show! It will be on Saturday, Feb 9th from 8:00 pm to 1:00 am (you don't have
to stay that whole time).
The location is 1402 Pass Ave, Burbank, CA 91505.

There will be art on display and art for sale at good prices. Tickets are $5 (kids 16 and under are $2). There will be food and
drinks and lots of fun.
Contact Marcy email at

1/22/08 I have been studying a book entitled "Science of Survival" by L. Ron Hubbard.  On page 113:

“A Culture is as rich and capable of surviving as it has imaginative artist, skilled men of science, high ethic level, workable
government, land and natural
resources, in about that order of importance.”

When I read this, I realized that I was and still am the artist that he was talking about and to, that I needed to personally take
responsibility to create a
better culture and a future. A  better culture, a world without war, crime or insanity is what I am seeking to create! This is my
long term goal. Spreading
art, I believe, helps! Helping people be healthier or wealthier, helps!

1/19/08 Yesterday, Mary and I did some training at a seminar to help other. It was specifically aimed at helping others obtain
total freedom but also was
hundred percent useful in doing WFG. WFG can be an opportunity to do things in life that at this point may seem
unobtainable! Most people I talk to
aren't satisfied with their current financial situation and it's worse than they thought but there's hope!

I also posted, today, the newsletter I sent out to many on 1/4/08 as it is a summary of the last year. To view, click here.

I added a new article by

1/16/08 I looked into a way to save money or make some extra money. This is a pretty much automated income at
It's free to sign up.

A good way to do fund raising. At no sign up cost, you can save money or make money at MyPowerMall. (3/8/08 update, I
have decided not to promote
this site only because I have not followed through. As far as I know it's still a good idea, I just didn't follow through for various
reasons in other areas of
life.) It is extremely simple, go there and decide! I am endorsing this as a good plan of action. Both the above are free to sign
up so your only risk is
your time.

1/15/08 Today, I posted the Success Story of how Mary and I met through the Affinity Exchange. If you are single, you might
want to give them a try. It
worked very well for Mary and I.

1/12/08 I sometimes wonder if this page only serves to let me consolidate my thoughts. It certainly helps.

I realized that I haven't been really what I am doing. Lots of data but no real message.

Today, I listened to one of the Marketing Directors (someone who is trained and trains others) at WFG* tell a story about a
single mom who was
loosing her home. She joined WFG. Her house is handled. She now works at home allowing her to handle her children and is
doing well.

This Marketing Director was a six figure earner with his own pool business. It was taking all his time, the business owned him.
He's full time with WFG
and making over six figures again.

A nurse, who came to our house to draw blood for our insurance policies, joined WFG 4 years ago and has never done
anything but referred about
one phone number per month to his friend in our office. He now works part time drawing blood and his wife no longer works at
all! I would guess he's in
his forties.

My new career is more like a good personal development program that I am getting paid to do! We have a great team, up
tone. The company operates
in such a way that it aligns with my personal beliefs and is allowing me to work towards my personal goals and purposes.

I realized that when I tell people about it and they don't get excited, the problem is not the opportunity and benefits but it's my
inability to communicate
to them or it's just not the right time. When I was introduced to WFG in late summer of 2006, it was not the right time for me.
Lots happened in late
2006 and early 2007. During that period, I wasn't looking at the future or having many thoughts about helping others.

Recently, I was given a comprehensive interview. The outcome for me personally was that “Nothing Wrong” described me. I'm
not saying there aren't
things I need to work on and handle but I am personally doing great. However, I am concerned about others and the condition
of the world our children
are growing up in!

Now is the right time! I am looking at an incredible future and at helping many other people. Every person I talk to is like
planting a seed. I know I will
help some people achieve their dreams. I know you all have dreams, things you want to happen!

So my family and friends, unless you are totally secure in your future, achieving your dreams and you are helping enough
people around you to
increase their survival, find out why I’m so excited.

1/11/08 I posted a new article entitled "Friendliness".

Today, I also have realized that my true life time goal is bigger than I had thought. I am evolving.

I realized that what I thought was my goal is just a purpose line of achieving my true goal.

My true goal is a world without war, crime or insanity in this life time!. I am the person that does this by my imagination and

To achieve the above goal, I help put others at cause over their lives and future.

I help people with the nutrition as this directly effects their health. Unhealthy people are difficult to work with beyond being
sympathic and that's not
effective! So get them healthy! This will be done with education on proper nutrition using the two books listed below in Dec 07
and establishing the
exact nutritional supplements to get them health and keep them that way with Nutrition Response Testing.

I help them improve and stabilize their finances with WFG. This is totally ethical group and it does change lives for the better.
I've seen it and am
experiencing it.

Also I want to direct people to further enlightenment so that they can attain total personal freedom as a being. I will be training
to learn how to help
people in this area. I am already trained but not well enough as I haven't been actively doing this.

1/9/08 The New Year is shaping up very nicely. I've added two new artist and added articles to my site.
I've almost finished
studying for my Life Insurance license. I've passed the on-line simulated exam and only need a couple more hours of study
to meet the required 52
hours. I'm fast so I finished the chapters before I put in the required time.

I also just finished reading Going Back to the Basics of Human Health by Mary Frost for the second time. This time, I
highlighted a lot of the book for
easy reference! For anyone who hasn't read it, you need to. Click here to see why!

Today, I finished my 52 hours of on-line training required to obtain a Life Insurance License. Now I just need to take the test!

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There are additional updates and general communications from 2007. To read, click here!

I've posted some remarkable videos. I challenge you to watch one with out being impressed! (more to come) Click to view:
The Way To Happiness-Introduction
Precept No. 2: BE TEMPERATE
Precept No. 8. DO NOT MURDER
Precept No. 13. DO NOT STEAL
Precept No. 14. BE WORTHY OF TRUST
Precept No. 16. BE INDUSTRIOUS
Precept No. 17. BE COMPETENT
From, I've embedded some pages and videos for your edification! Click to enjoy!
Addiction Explained article
What Causes a Relapse article
Hubbard New Life Detoxification Program video
The Truth about Drugs video
The Truth about Alcohol video
The Truth about Cocaine video
The Truth about Crack video
The Truth about Ecstasy video
The Truth about Heroin video
The Truth about Inhalants video
The Truth about Meth video
The Truth about Pain Killers video
The Truth about Prescription Drugs video

Every day, I post nutritional data, alternative information, to help people with their health. Preventive is the best solution. The
Medical field only drugs the symptoms (usually) as they are trained by big pharma. Routinely, almost daily, I refer people to
Nutrition Response Testing. It is laser precise method of determining what's stressing the body. Check it out by clicking
here! Healthy people are happier, think clearer, are calmer, more sane. All those points help mankind survive himself! I am
out to
Save the World!

Part of
Saving the World is saving the children. A good group to do that is SAGE_USA. Click to see a hard hitting statement
by a 15 year old boy; See the Olympic style medals the children get; Do an application to support SAGE_USA!

I'm going to be working on helping people with their
Twitter accounts. This will increase the communication across the world.
This can help man survive man. The methods I teach allows you to grow your Twitter account
without spending money if
you're willing to work or with small expense, you can go
faster and easier! is doing a series of articles.Enjoy these:
How to Heal Yourself in 15 Days Part 1
Heal yourself in 15 days by recognizing your innate healing power Part 2
Heal yourself in 15 days - You are what you absorb Part 3
Heal yourself in 15 days by transforming your blood Part 4
Heal yourself in 15 days with the Health Ranger's living juice recipe Part 5
Heal yourself in 15 days by fasting for 24 hours Part 6
Heal yourself in 15 days by rejecting the crowd Pt 7
Stop making disease Pt8
Heal yourself in 15 days by correcting your "nature deficiency" (part nine)
Heal Yourself in 15 Days by Cleaning Up Your Skin Exposure (Part Ten)
Part Eleven - Heal yourself by eating MORE (not less)
Heal yourself in 15 days with the "Attitude of Gratitude" (part twelve)
Heal yourself in 15 days by listening to your body's informative symptoms

I found a therapy that can help your body life longer, healthier. Check out "The Oxygen Therapy Program" to read
more. For more information about this area, I give you the following quote:

"Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931 for discovering the cause of cancer. Cancer is caused when the
body's cells change from aerobic respiration to anaerobic respiration. The growth of cancer cells is initiated by a lack of
oxygen" more! Why doesn't everyone know this? There are no drugs to be sold, no profits for the medico/big pharma?

Older articles also in storage:

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(links) 7/22/09

1/22/08 I studied the book "Science of Survival" by L. Ron Hubbard.  On page 113:

“A Culture is as rich and capable of surviving as it has imaginative artist, skilled men of science, high ethic level, workable
government, land and natural resources, in about that order of importance.”

When I read this, I realized that I was and still am the artist that he was talking about and to, that I needed to personally take
responsibility to create a better culture and a future. A  better culture, a world without war, crime or insanity is what I am
seeking to create! This is my long term goal. Spreading art, I believe, helps! Helping people be
healthier or wealthier, helps!

For archived updates and general communications click here to read.

Handyman Services Click here for more data.

I endorse the following for common sense answers to the problems of life:
HELP SAVE the WORLD | Personalized Poetry | Handyman

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