Born to Be Free

To be able to take to flight at a moments notice
Destination yet unknown
Freedom of decision
Freedom to lite

Should man be so lucky, so free
Able to go without restrains, free
Able to be and do his own choosing
Freedom of decisions

Free of the economic duress imposed by the
Free of the toxic environ
Free to act in survival
Free to decide

But NO!

few who deem themselves better able to decide
Create economic games, outcome already decided
Poison the skys, earth, and waters
Killing for profit.

But the
few do not know the truth
Man is not their animal
The spirit of man is freer
Freer than the bird is free

Mankind doesn't know the spiritual truth of themselves
So much have they been dominated, controlled
So much they've been
lied to & crushed
Is the spirit dead in the head?

Never! Let today's man start being truly free
Be away from that small weak body
Imagine the clouds in the sky
Be there, free!

Imagine you can see the ground below, see it
Imagine how free it's possible to be
Pretend, you do that all the time
Pretend you know.

Imagine freedom for you and all men
Imagining, notice the silence in the sky
The birds notice only wind
The birds are free

Imagine the vast distances between the stars
Be there between two distant stars
Keep imagining, pretending
Be free.

When you're free between the stars
You'll know, from all, you're free
Free of your body
Freer than the bird

Of the human body, if you know you're free
From the
few  too, you know you're free
Today's woes are not so big or different
Measured against eternity

Fear of death by any means is less compared to eternity
Knowing you're not a meat body, immortality
Knowing you're free, immortality
Free for eternity

Take the bird's example
Close your eyes
Be in the sky
Be free

My immortal friend, you are meant to be free
Between the stars, join me.

The end
bird landing or taking off, not sure which.
Photo by Virender Dahiya

Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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