Greetings Fellow Earthlings!

Promoting Art since March 2006. I’ve promote hundreds of artists, events
and ideas.  I’m happiest when I’m writing a poem! Send me your art, data on
your event or cause, or a link to promote, no charge!

Artists & Entertainers, Movers & Shakers help me help you by posting a
link to my site on yours. In advance, thanks!

Big news, Ashley and Sierra, were born in Mar. Ashley is my son and
’s 4th child, finally a girl! My youngest daughter, Marcy is the
proud parent of Sierra. My next to the
youngest and her husband are
expecting their second! This will make 11 for me!
Click for pics!

Dean’s Daily Poems are routinely posted. Click to see the latest posting. and Christine Kane’s articles are posted weekly.
(Click on one!)

Media Soup is a monthly feature, by the awesome Brooke Kelly. Enjoy!

Personalized Poetry. Since Feb, I have posted 30 poems. I can create one
for you!

Mitchafied Metal Art is awesome unique work. Check it out! Also, Mitch is a
licensed General Contractor. Mitch does extremely high quality work and he's
an artist! Check out his website at! (PS He's
Ashley's dad and needs the money to pay for her expensive clothes and
Smaller Jobs Handyman Services by Carl!

Gabrielle Utz of ArtComm Murals & Faux does incredible work. Click to view
and enjoy!

Harriet Schock did the music for a new film coming out…click for details.

See what others are saying about my poems! Click here.

See what else I’ve posted. You’ll be impressed. So far in April, I’ve posted
185 items! Highest ever!
Click here.

Nutrition Response Testing™ is a precise technique used to determine
exactly what a body needs in terms of nutrition. I think this is an important
subject! If you contact my wife, Mary, in Los Angeles, you can get a free initial
Click for Details! (PS: I promote this because it works!)

Delphi Academy of Los Angeles is having open house in April 25th. Click
for Details

I am only as valuable as I can help others. How can I help you?

Have a great day & an awesomely perfect future!


PS Check out my efforts to
! Follow me on Facebook, search for my email address,
or Twitter as Carl_the_Poet

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Sierra Isabelle
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