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Mary Helen Andrews marries Carl Watts, Artist on Sept t, 2007
Mary Helen Andrews and Carl Allen Watts were married by Rev. C. in the evening of 7 September
2007 in a friend's backyard.

The ceremony was unplanned and maybe a future ceremony will be held at some point in the future to
invite friends and family to attend and observe us being married!

Before, I married Mary, I wrote up what an "Ideal Scene" for me. An Ideal Scene are the needs and
wants in a partner to be with me for the rest of my life.
And so I wouldn't over look things, I also listed
characteristics and qualities I didn't want.

Mary fit what I wrote and what I was looking for perfectly. Click to read that write up!

Since our first meeting 1 June 2007, we have never had a cross word pass between us, no upsets,
(True still as of today, 12/26/07 and still true 5/5/08, 9/17/08, 10/31/08, 12/23/08, 2/16/09, 6/19/10. There's a Article entitled "Looking for Love?" It is part of what I am doing that's successful).

Tomorrow is our first anniversary together! I am very happy I married Mary!

Feb 12, 2010. Two anniversaries have passed. Being married is a creation. You must create it daily to stay happy with
your spouse.

Feb 28, 2012 I am still happy I married Mary!

Nov 11, 2012 Mary and I enjoyed our fifth anniversary this past September. I am very happy I married Mary!

We have common goals of helping others. We are very happy together.

We are following our studies of
Scientology and becoming more able as we move towards total
freedom for ourselves and mankind!
(Originally written in Jan 08 and is still true today! 6/19/10)

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