World Peace, How it Works

Today, the possibility of world peace is simply not real to the overwhelming majority of Earth’s population. The fact of the existence of our
group and its practical plans to achieve a new, peaceful civilization on this planet, is even less real. We can change that.

It is simple enough. We need to communicate our existence and its purpose broadly and continuously. If we don’t do that, no one will ever
hear of us, and if no one has ever heard of us, how can we be real to them? The more we communicate, the more real we become. The
more real we become, the more people will agree with our purpose. And the more people agree that we exist and have a worthwhile
purpose, the more they will be glad to hear from us. Soon enough, our group will grow because more and more people want it to.

So, by means of communication with the peoples of Earth, we become more real and larger. The larger we become, the greater our
reality to even more people. The greater our reality, the greater the agreement with our purpose – which itself becomes more real to
more and more people.

Through communication, we and all the peoples of Earth will ultimately have created together a new reality: a brand new, peaceful

The importance of the arts, and music in particular, cannot be overstressed in this communication. Music conveys emotion straight to the
soul, and live music is the most direct of all.

Most of the people on our planet live lives of great anxiety. Economies are collapsing, and violence is rife
1 in every country – some far
worse than others. Our music can let them know we share their troubles, and then pull them out of the muck emotionally.

People who are at a higher level emotionally are more able to see the possibility, at least, of a light at the end of the tunnel. They think
more clearly, and they are better able to see solutions to their problems, even to think outside the day to day and work toward a better

When audiences leave one of our concerts they will be more exuberant
2, optimistic.

But what about tomorrow, next week, next year? Is one concert powerful enough to carry a person high through an entire life? Of course
not. That’s why we have decided that this world peace concert tour must never end.

That’s right. Our tour has become a travelling show. Switching acts from time to time, we will cover the planet with our musical message.
We will hit all the major venues again and again. Besides that, we will form local groups of volunteers, to spread our message, DVD’s,
CD’s and downloads of our acts, and organize and promote local events.

We will stay in each location an average of a week, although some more populous areas may require more time. Besides the music and
dancing, we will be promoting our entire agenda, with particular attention paid to each venue’s greatest problem for which we have a
solution. More on that in another article.

So how does this work?

Glad you asked. Our opening show and the first week of exhibits will take place in Los Angeles. The tour will take off from there, but there
is a lot to do to make it successful.

Here is how it works.

Promotion. There are several aspects to this. The first is the broadest possible publication of scheduled performances. This is in the
form of every possible press release to every possible medium, worldwide. This lets everyone know that we are on the way, and will be
in their area pretty soon with wonders they have only imagined until now.

The next is really important. A few weeks before our show arrives in a city we will make contact, by mail, email and fax, with every school,
religious leader, politician, bureaucrat, fire chief, police chief, professional, business person and charitable organization in the area.
These are important people. We will treat them as such, and we will contact them more than once.

During this period we will arrange a meeting hall for our advance team to make a presentation to all the above. We will also send out
press releases geared to the locale.

Our advance team will arrive two or three weeks ahead of the show. A meeting with as many of the above opinion leaders as possible
will have been set up in advance, and a presentation will be made.

The presentation will consist of a film showing how bad things are in other parts of the world, then in their own country or region, followed
by how much better things could be and a little bit on how to do it.

Next, a speaker will break things down to the local area and start a discussion of what should be done first. A pitch will be made for
volunteers to be our local representatives. This will be a group who will keep the local area informed of our activities (which will now be
theirs, too), as well as set up local events between appearances of the main show. These will be the people who implement the results of
the discussion.

Our team will also start the pitch for local sponsors and contributors. A great to do will be made of the local group and each of its
individuals in the local press.

By the time the show arrives, the area will be well primed for them. Attendance should be huge. A lot of people will be encouraged to do
something to change their world for the better, and there will be an active local group to show them the way and keep them pumped.

When the show leaves town, our main organization, in Los Angeles, will contact the local group right away. We will congratulate them on
their good intentions and dedication and let them know we are there for them to help in management, training and encouragement. There
will always be something for them to do, and we will see that it is fun for them.

Besides training and encouragement, we will see that the local groups stay on message the year ‘round. We will help them with ideas for
events, and provide them with promo.

By the time the next big show comes to town, a gung ho, professional local organization will be there to make it even more successful
than the first. Of course, our advance team will be there to help as needed.

So this is how it works. We simply never shut up. We provide solutions to the major problems keeping our world’s civilization from being
a sane, civil one. We are entertaining. We make them feel better, and we have a local group and local events to keep them that way.

And the tour goes on forever. That’s it.

For more information contact Robert Hawkins

1 Rife: Full of, occurring widely.
2 Exuberant: Full of happy, high spirits.

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