World Peace

What is world peace? What does it look like, feel like? How does the population of a peaceful planet compare to what we have today?
Is such a thing possible in a productive society? Is it, in fact, desirable?
I for one believe it is totally desirable, and that a planetary society without it is counter-productive. As for how to achieve it, more on that

World peace is more than just a planet without war. It is a planet without fear of war, or violence against person in any fashion, including
physical, mental (electroshock “therapy”, forced drugging), or spiritual. We are talking about a population unhindered
1 in its invention, its
production, its creation – a human race free to work together or separately, for the betterment of an individual, a family, group or nation,
all mankind, or the planet itself.

This is no small thing, but it is no convoluted, confusing knot, either. Let’s break it down into its simplicities.

Certainly, there is no violence or threat of violence of country against country, overtly or covertly. This includes invasion, blockade,
occupation, and any troops stationed outside their homeland, regardless of justification. It further excludes espionage, kidnapping and
imprisonment of individual citizens of one country by agents of another.

While we’re at it, let’s get rid of all stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction, no matter where situated, and seek out and destroy the
millions of land mines and unexploded ordnance strewn across the planet.

Closer to home, take a look at a nation against its own citizens. Certainly there are horrors on this planet right now where government
officials are seeking out large numbers of their own people to torture, murder, disappear; and history, both ancient and recent, is rife
with its own examples. Genocidal
2 governments must simply cease to exist, and their own brand of “justice” meted out3 to the criminals
themselves, but what about other, more subtle government suppression, less bloody but no less heinous in the long run?

The mess many earthlings live with in their own, “peaceful” countries, is in some ways more difficult to confront, but will bring about an
end to our civilization no less certainly.

What about nations that legislate the empowerment of large corporations to massively pollute their air, water and soil; poison the
population by adding thousands of deadly chemicals to the food supply; prescribe unnecessary drugging and “treatment” of the children
of the poor and any other unwitting victims they can get their cold, clammy hands on; that help these same organized criminal societies
keep a heavy heel upon the very laborers they depend upon for production and run smaller, more honest businesses to the ground; then
further empowering
4 monopolistic5 news media to sugar coat the entire mess, roundly impugning6 the sanity and motives of any who
might protest these very real crimes against humanity.

All of this in the name of a quick buck for their masters, enforced with ready police violence “if necessary”.
I will rant, won’t I? I’ll cut the rest of it short.

World peace contains no violence of race against race, religion against religion, any ethnic group against any other ethnic group.

I also expect no more government protection by threat, regardless of benevolent
7 motive. One of my favorite examples of this, from the
state of Washington USA, is driving along a peaceful country highway and seeing a sign – blocking the pleasant view – with a picture of
a seatbelt over the caption, “Click it or ticket.” But that’s just me.

What Can We Do?

There have been times, on this very planet, when nations who professed undying hatred for one another cooperated for the betterment
of mankind. A spectacular example of one of these times is the eighteen months from the middle of 1957 to the end of 1958. It was
called the International Geophysical Year. Great strides were made in the physical sciences, including the launching of the first artificial
satellites, the discovery of the van Allen radiation belts
8 in our upper atmosphere, soundings of the ocean floor planet wide, and much

The International Geophysical Year (IGY) marked the beginning of the space programs of both the United States and the Soviet Union
(ultimately leading to landings on the moon), as well as development of microminiaturization
9, discoveries in human nutrition, the list is
still going on.

Interestingly enough, while the IGY was intended as a scientific cooperation, the germ spread to the humanities. There was much
exchange of art and artists, music and musicians, literature. There were fast, cross-cultural friendships made during these eighteen
months that lasted decades, some continuing to this day, resulting in sometimes clandestine
10 cooperation that has benefited mankind
almost immeasurably.

One reason I am bringing up this example is that while over sixty nations participated, most of them (and especially the USA and the
USSR) were in it for what they could gain from others, not what they could contribute. On the other hand, for the sake of international
public relations imaging, there was a great race (again, especially between the USA and the USSR) to demonstrate the greatest
achievements, ballyhooed as gifts to mankind.

It was a wonderful example of cooperation through competition! It was a planet-wide game, and that makes it a good example for us to
follow. It is a good example for us because the very fact that this form of competitive cooperation has been successfully done before,
even among belligerents, makes it real enough, to much of the population and leadership of Earth, to make it a relatively easy sell. All
we need to begin with is a clear picture of what the whole thing will look like, a clearly conceived ultimate goal or goals, a proposed
program of how it all can be done, and a good name for it.

Within the next week or so, I will have a program outlined for your perusal.

Some of the scientific areas we can concentrate on should be, I believe, replacement of carbon burning, non-renewable fuels for
airplanes, automobiles, trucks and trains, and ocean going vessels; non-polluting electricity generation; sustainable agriculture for every
part of the globe, so that none go hungry; ridding the planetary population of the curse of AIDS and other deadly plagues, preferably
without the use of expensive drugs with devastating side effects.

While the above is being accomplished, let us not forget the humanities: worldwide literacy, massive diverse
11 cultural exchanges
embracing all the arts, all races, all ethnicities
12; and finally, cessation of country to country violence and genocidal practices within
individual countries. This last couple is, I believe, a public relations operative’s dream project.

This is a more than worthwhile, fun game, with plenty for everyone to do. Who can do the most? Whose will be the greatest
accomplishments? What country, individual, or group will win this cooperative competition by presenting the greatest gift of all gifts to all
our people?

Race you!

Oh, and help me come up with a name.

Robert Hawkins, 10 January 2008

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1 Unhindered: Having no obstacles or difficulties.

2 Genocidal: Murdering or attempting to murder all people in a particular group.

3 Meted out: In this case, punished harshly to match the crimes committed.

4 Empowering: Giving power or authority to a person or group.

5 Monopolistic: Having or seeking to have total control of.

6 Impugning: Loudly attempting to convince others that a person or group is untrustworthy.

7 Benevolent: Showing kindness or good will.

8 van Allen radiation belts: Rings of charged particles surrounding the earth. For more information, check your encyclopedia.

9 Microminiaturization: The production and use of extremely small (even microscopic) parts, especially electrical.

10 Clandestine: Done secretly, without permission. In this case, done without permission of government.

11 Diverse: In this case, being very different from each other; having many sources.

12 Ethnicities: Groups having similar customs or beliefs.

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