Zebrawood box
Notice the walnut table the box is resting on in the above and below picture. I am still using this table :-)
Zebrawood box
There are two photos below.
The first shows the box with the lid on it. The lower picture shows it with the lid off.  This is a Zebrawood box with the
wood cut on a diagonal to the grain. It forms an interesting pattern.  It was first sprayed with shellac and then sanded
smooth. This was to fill in some of the grain. It was then given several coats of wax and polished by hand.

Click on here to see the "Box Collection."
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This box is made of Zebrawood.
I have another box made with the wood cut vertically can be viewed by
clicking here.
I also made a picture frame which can be viewed here.
Click to see the Box Collection.
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